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So my sister, Prim finally relocated to another continent and I miss her already.  I miss her twins, my adorable Timberly and Kimberly; Tim and Kim for short. Timberly sounds weird right? I know but trust me, the name exists. I googled it lol. I actually gave Prim the options of Trisha and Keisha or Kimberly and Kourtney but my other sister, Prim-not Shecrazy, the crazy one said Timberly sounded better since it flowed more with Kimberly so we agreed on Tim and Kim. Prim hasn’t agreed though but in my head, those are their names. At least we didn’t suggest Harper Seven and Audio Science (yea, Audio science is a real name. I googled that too lol) I just hope these ones call me ‘Aunty’ because my other nieces don’t and I know it’s intentional. Each time their mom says “it’s not toinlicious, its aunty toinlicious" My adorable lil monster niece would say "No, its toiiinnlicious" so I’ve basically given up. I’m gona miss my playful and toothy Tim and my divalicious, chatty and smiley Kim so much.

I’ve been feeling all sorts; mixed feelings mostly. I’m extremely happy then I’m sad, then I’m giddy then I’m wary. I’m mostly happy though. Prim’s always been the adult in the house as far back as I can remember; always the big sister despite the fact that she's just a couple of years older...ok, more than a couple but who's counting lol. I remember she used to give me her money during break and she always told me to bring back her change even when pops gave us same amount to school. Hehehe. There was this hot and delicious pie I usually bought with my pocket money as soon as popsy’s car drove off. I was a handful back in them days. I also used to pity her when she had to teach me math. I was just never interested and I was very vocal so you can imagine, rebel like me but she never gave up on me. She must have loved me because I wasn’t easy.

Anyways, Prim has always been the prim and proper miss conservative with a lil streak of crazy. She was always good at dishing out duties and making me mix butter and sugar when making cakes, telling me to shut up when my chatter got too much (like I would shut up mshew. You're stuck with me for life mehn. I mean, if I wasn’t talking, the whole clan would be worried there was something wrong with precious toinlicious). I was actually a lil in awe of her for a long time because I always thought of her as perfect. Perfect looks, perfect scores, perfect course, perfect job, perfect babies, perfect everything. Med school didn’t give her a lot of free time so we didn’t have a lot of bonding time but we tried as much as we could. In the last couple of years, especially the past year, we have been seriously bonding so you can imagine how I felt when I realized the count-down had started and she had to leave. I spent as much time as i could afford with her and my cutie twins.

There’s a Yoruba saying about 20 kids not playing for 20 years, too true. It's just weird for me that I can’t just pack my bags and give her a call telling her I’m coming for the weekend. I told myself I wasn’t gona cry. I mean, how could I cry, emi big gurl with lots of attitude. In fact, I was the one telling everyone to 'park well' o. I wasn’t gona entertain water-works at all. Prim is our ever ready water-works. You can just snap your fingers and the tears come flowing, every time. I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E. I harassed my parents too; no tears people! My dad especially (he cried when two of my siblings were going for service at the same time; Sokoto and Kebbi. Don’t mind the yeye NYSC people. They just placed them in the far north, side by side)

So at the airport, when she was finally about to board, I didn’t watch her go. I met a school mate that I hadn’t seen in a while and the guy kept up a steady chatter that I didn’t pay much attention to but was good for a diversionary tactic so I didn’t see her leave eventually. I had to keep up my rep as the ‘iwin’ (bush baby) who never cries. I was feeling so proud of myself for not crying when I saw Prim-not with teary red eyes and I almost lost my rep. When I got back home, it actually hit me. I mean, this is it. She’s not coming back after two months. I mean, thank God for technology and all and i know I’ll go visiting but it’s not the same you know. So I let a few water works loose sha can u imagine I didn’t even take any of Prim-not’s stuff which is veerrryyy unusual for me. I always stole took something from her. It’s like a tradition.

I’m gona miss Prim, especially our conversations.
Me: Aunty Prim, how now? (I never call her aunty lol)
Prim: Who’s your aunty? Why are you calling me aunty?  What do you want? Whatever it is sef, I don’t have” hehehe. Smh.

Stealing her stuff was so much fun.I wonder who’s gona be getting me out of trouble. Crap. Means I have to grow up. Most of all, I’m gona miss her cooking. She is hands down the bestest cook everrrr. Maybe 9ja foodie shuld cook for me sha so I’ll be entirely sure. I have issues with food but when she makes them, I shock myself with the quantity I eat. I don’t know if she’ll read this but I did not cry at the airport o. *tongue out*

P.S:  Eh! See epistle! This was supposed to be a short post o. Sorry people, I love the babe ni and I’m gona miss her.


  1. eyah, sorry oo! I know that feeling sha. dont worry eh just go visit anytime you are feeling lonely, better still do an activity that you enjoy it will help you I guess. cheers dear.

  2. now ure making me cry *wipes face with handkerchief***lol.
    thank God for technology, you can call them everyday...thank God for glo infinito.
    pele, sorry............
    its time to grow up real

  3. awwwww. thats soo cute. tryna act like you dont care when you care privately. it good to know that you are family oriented even though u put up your tough exterior

  4. Pele, hopefully you'lll be going to visit them soon. I sometimes miss my family so much too.

  5. Awww this was sooo cute. Definitely reminds me of the kind of relationship that I have with my older sister. Don't they rock? :-D...sharrouts to Prim, I'm sure you will see her soon.

    Meanwoos, wow...Audioscience is really someone's name? O_O

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    1. Awww! How nice.. She commented :) Oshey! Now i am all Mushy Mushy :)

  7. Awww you guys musta been so close! i remember when my sis first left for uni in Texas, i cried my eyes out! you'll be fine *hugs*

  8. Awwww.... pele dear, it is well with you . I will make you whatever you want, NAME IT!!

  9. Eeeya sorry o. Life sha. You sha want to form bigz gals, u berra cry amd let it loose. You will both be fine

  10. Long epistle? Just like the whole clan would be worried you don't talk, we would be worried if it's not a long post!

  11. @Priscy, thanx babes. guess it'll take some getting used to.

    @Lue, lol. *bighug* i dnt use glo tho, wats Glo infinito? &yea, guess i av to grow up. growing up sucks. Your blog is one of my "happy places" tho #wink

    @lovelifeforsale, dnt mind me, i jst like to pretend i'm tough but my family is d bestest!

    @Myne, thanx babes. *hugs4utoo*

    @Mbeks, lol, thanx 4d sharrouts. we're just so mafia-like. no secrets. as 4d Audio scinece, i actually did a double take when i confirmed it. like who seriously names thier child dat? azin, "mama audio science, omo yin ti yagbe o" wth! hehehe

    @Prim, aww, so u been stalking my blog too. i know u miss&luv me too, muah. #straightface# I c we have agreed on Timberly & Kimberly ryt? cool. So hw are Tim & Kim?

    @Kitkat, yea, we kinda were *hugsback*

    @9ja foodie, thanx & yay! *moonwalk* she was d 1 dt told me about ur blog actually. leme go think&get back to u *stilldoingmyhappydance*

    @@tilola, i can like to form bigs geh na #coversface

    @Emeka, lmao. i promise my next post will be short (Amen lol) thanx for dropping by.

  12. BTW, I just gave you the versatile blogger award in my latest post. Check it out and please pass it on.

  13. I also just passed the versatile blogger award to you, please check it and pass it on dearie.

  14. Awww...thank God for sisters. She'd be missing you too.

  15. Oh dear...I know the feeling of loved ones leaving and being so far away... :( pele my luv, at least you have me and the rest of your blogging family...*big hugs*

    also to let you know that I got rid of that new format thingy (what was I thinking) so you can follow m blog now..kiss kiss

  16. aww,now I feel like crying,I have only one brother and he's outside the country and we were too close for comfort,people said I was his gf,sometimes I miss him so much I refuse to talk to him so I don't spoil my lashes with water works,better grow up oh,else yawa for you,you'll come around *huggs*
    now following

  17. Prim-not said....
    Can't believe I cried,of course who won't miss her with ever smiling Tim,and Divalious Kim a smaller version of Prim.
    But toinlious look at d bright side we can do all those acts and she won't catch us,or look into our eyes that would make us feel real bad,you know what am talking about.
    Moreover we get d chance to go for vacation and spend quality time with her,can't wait

  18. Please note,its d talky part of you I love,so go on as long as I get to sleep while u continue.#tongueout#

  19. Awwww.... U soo love her...I can almost hear you gushing. When we had to relocate to the states and my dad said for mys sister (d only i have) to stay back for a few months, I told him point blank...ko joo! If she stays, I stay. I just couldnt bear the thought of us being that apart. Iwonder what i'll do when she is set to wed!

  20. There's nothing as cute as a family that's closely knitted in love!

  21. What a sweet tribute to your Sister and family. And I can see from the comments that its reciprocated.

    I'm already thinking of the reunion and how you'll all be talking a mile a minute catching up. Try and cheer up.

  22. @Myne, Thanx 4 d award.
    @Adura ojo, Yea, she apparently is too
    @Duchess, thanx luv. yay! me got me a new sis :-)
    @Gretel, aww, pele *hugs* for u too. and thanx for following
    @Prin-not, u know she's a detective, @least she wont b gicing us the knowing looks lol
    @Honeydame,you soo feel me.
    @PET, yea. very cute but we can soo get on nerves
    @Ginger, thanx sweetie.

  23. awwwww, am sure Prim misses you too. You just dey form like say you be hard gal. :-)

  24. Eh yah reminds me of my sister and I so much. I'm just a year and 10 months older than her so you can imagine, no atom of respect She says, "we're fairly twins" LOL
    But trust me when it's time, everybody will remind me that I'm the older one so I always have to remind myself to watch out for her before anybody does :)
    Stubborn eh?! But why are the younger ones always like that? sigh!

  25. @Che: heheh, dnt mind me. appraently, i'm a closet softie

    @Mrs JB, we're not stubborn jor. We're "interesting" i'm sure you wont want her any other way...keeps things fun

  26. Awww So Toin Has a Heart and a Mushy Mushy Side?!! oh wow! ayam in Shock! Asin Nepa Wire and Electric Boiler kinda Shock oh!! cause as you see me so ehhn! A neFer hexspeRRed eett Sam sam :)

    You know yeah Toinlicious.. This post just made me all mushy mushy inside.. Cause we never really understand and appreciate the value in the moments we spend with our siblings, till we have to go away... a long distance and for a looooongg time.. Awww Toin.. You are different shades of Amazing for Days faaa.. I likeyy! xx

    So this comment is just so you know my Happiness.. That be you far.. be you away.. be you not writing.. be you in a different continent... we love you.. and we will keep reading you.. cause you make us Happy Toin.. You Really do.. Oya Mushy Mushy e haf finish! PUBLISH my comment sharp sharp.. Who knows nah.. The Emotional part of me could win me a geh friend.. Oya PUBLISH OOOOHHH!!!!


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