Friday, 11 May 2012


 I got tagged by DHK,  Ibhade, Sugarspring, Cee and Lady Ngo in the Elevens. Luckily for me, DHK and Ibhade have the same questions. I might have to edit this to answer Cee and Lady Ngo's questions. *whew*
*Post the rules*You must post 11 things about yourself*Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you*Create 11 questions, then choose 11 people and tag them to answer your questions*Remember to let them know you tagged them*No tag backs*Let the tagger know when you answered their questions*
11 Things About Me 
1.      I don’t do favourites.
2.      If I could, I would remove all the pain from the world.
3.      I love math. Believe that and you’ll believe anything lol.
4.      I don’t think alcohol likes me very much which is fine because I’m not a fan too.
5.      I’m a perpetual laugh-er. I just love to find the humour in everything. I wish I could get paid for laughing or sleeping. Sigh.
6.      The glass used to be half empty but I think it’s half full now. I’m learning to always be grateful for what I do have and focus less on what I don’t.
7.      I watch a 1000 ways to die and some people think I’m morbid. I don’t think I am. It amuses me and makes me realize simple everyday mistakes we make that could be deadly. I also don’t watch it religiously so you can breathe too :) 
8.      I used to dance…a lot. I don’t anymore, well, unless I see food. I know I don’t have shame.
9.      Yea, I love food that much. Sadly, I don’t eat that much. I try though #kanyeshrug.
10. I love to sing. You should see me doing some Whitney-type ish. Even my bathroom walls agree. You better encourage me to go on one of them idols shows so I can become the next Carrie Underwood.
11. I absolutely can not stand it when someone squeezes paper in a bunch and throws it at me. It irritates the hell outa me. Plus, I find it rude and disrespectful.

Questions from DHK and Ibhade
1. What hairstyle are you currently rocking? A straight weave.
2. How long did you spend in primary school? 5years
3. What is your naughtiest moment? hehehe, I am the queen of naughty so I don’t even know which to pick. I’m always up for mischief :D. Let me just share one of my sane moments. My sister (Prim-not) was the class captain in her primary 5 and the class donated for her to get a gum for the class. My dad stopped to get this gum on our way home on this fateful day. As soon as we got home, I took the new gum and my sister’s Common Entrance practice book (Ugosi Ugo) and I gummed the book, page by page. When I was eventually discovered by Prim-not, she put both hands on her head and burst into tears. She then looked at me in horror and screamed “Gum class mi!” (My class gum!) Needless to say my dad had to get another gum on our way to school the next day. In case you’re wondering, I was not beaten for it :D
4. How do you express your anger? Thing is, it depends on how angry I get. I love the silent treatment. Sometimes I take a load of crap because I just don’t want to believe that you’ll know something will piss me off and you’ll do it. So most times, I’ll give you enough rope to hang yourself. I can also be a fireball and go off for about 3 minutes non-stop and then stop and walk away or laugh. I have a friend who gets on my nerves just to hear me rant and then he laughs because he says I look funny which makes me madder. I don’t fall for his bait anymore though.
5. What would you spend your last penny on? Anything that catches my fancy at that time.
6. When was the last time you treated yourself to a niceeeeeee warm food? This morning.
7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? A friend who said he hated me :D
8. What is your favourite take away dish? I really don’t do favourites.
9. How do you eat in public, spoon, knife, fork or hands, loud, quiet, slow, fast etc? It all depends. I can represent with fork and knife or use hands. I prefer hands with solids though. I also prefer to eat fast because I get bored easily. If I do it slowly/drink water, chances are, I won’t be full but it’ll bore me so I won’t finish it and I’ll be crying hunger the next 15 minutes. I don’t gobble though.
10. Do you polish your shoes? When I have to.
11. What are your thoughts on after life? There has to be a better place than here. This can not be it.

Questions from Sugarspring
1. Who on earth do you think loves you most (apart from God) My family. Of that, I have no doubt at all.
2. If you were to sacrifice your life for someone, who would it be?
I really don’t know. Anyone deserving I guess.
3. Have you ever had a crush?
Oh yea. Currently crushing on Boris Kudjoe. Guy is smokin’. He’s married though. Sigh
4. What’s the naughtiest thing you did as a child? I don’t want this post to be about how naughty I am so I’ll refer you to #3 above but I tell you, you can do a series of at least 4 seasons on the stuff I have done.
5. If today was your last day on earth, where would you rather be, what would you do and who would you want to spend your last hour with?
I would want to spend it with my family relieving fun times.
6. If you were given a second chance to begin life again, would you rather be someone else or the same YOU? I love me and I do me really well. It’ll be too hard doing someone else.
7. What are you so passionate about in life?
8. If you were told to sing a solo for someone on the radio, who would it be going out to?
Hmn, leme think and get back to you.
9. If you were told to make a shout out to just ONE person on TV, who would it be going out to?
This is easy, Mo and trust me, I’ll be doing some Jenifa-type sharouts.
10. Have you ever cried for a friend? and why?
Me cry? For what now? *side eye*
11. If Jesus was coming today, would you be ready?
Are we ever truly ready for anything?

My Questions: 
  1. What’s the one question you would ask God if you could?
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  3. If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?
  4. If you could say one thing to the current pope, what would you say?
  5. What’s the one thing you wish you could "un-invent" in d world and why?
  6. What’s the most terrifying moment of your life?
  7. If you were to be recognised by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for?
  8. What colour best describes you?
  9. If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit?
  10. If you had to name one lesson of love that took you the longest you learn, what would it be & why?
  11. If you could be guaranteed one thing besides money, what would you want?

You must have noticed that i have a thing for breaking rules (kanyeshrug) so my 'tagees' are:Miz-cynic (Special tagee :D)
7. Cesca 
9. Mamuje 
10. Gretel


  1. Very naughty girl. Thank God I did not have you as a younger sister, else you wouldn't be alive today

  2. Boris Kodjeo is just too fine joo. I find it hard to do favorites too but sometimes, something breaks through.

  3. Coolness..:) You sure are naughty

  4. Hmmmmmm,niceeee.I know it's me you'd sing on radio to.Yeah,you love me like that.Hehehehehe Nice post!

  5. I would have skinned you alive, if I was your sure were one naughty one.

  6. Now, that was extremely naughty..gumming your sister's book lol, and i also see we have a mutual love for food *big grin*

  7. Lol. I totally enjoyed reading this. But you are naughty oo.. Beautiful post hun.

  8. now thats my twinny.. we have somethings in common :P

  9. I practically died and woke up again that,my class Gum and my common entrance book,I dint even think of beating her their was really nothing to beat,I just wondered the demon that entered her to make her do this to me

  10. saying "gum class mi" made me laugh
    Good read.

  11. Thank you for playing tag!
    Was laughing at some of the you 'love' maths like me abi?....gum a whole Ugosi Ugo book???..m-e-hn! i would spank your bum-bum well wellif i was your sister!.

    Weldone...liked your answers.

  12. Nice read madam trouble....... your wahala was too much ooh, ur crush on Boris shows you get eye for good things o! Lol

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  14. I forgot to mention this was one of the sanest thing she did to me,I have the mango story,charcoal story,the missing bag,the provision story,the most dressed girl story we call dat one Yora parry,I also remember daddy guess what story and the little girl trapped in d cupboard story.
    Yes she does not knw or understand math 1+1 is easy for her yes but try 8+17 she will go blank.
    She loves food die she will just up, no shame at all
    I berra keep shut at this point o
    I love u toinlicious I won't have u any other way except the Gum story
    Yay am almost forget the new year eve u had practically all clothes dirty and mama said she will kill you if u don't wash dem all.
    Have said too much already,if I make it with dis I shall be back loff u all

  15. So u were once naughty too?

  16. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
    omg!!!!!!!>....looooool..heheheh..Gum class me...heheh...omg!!!...and with all the additional naughtiness that Prim not added, i think u shd be called Baby Loki!...heheheh...u were so nutty...
    did u ever lead a troop of nutty children at one time,...LOL
    u remind me of Denis the menace or Home alone..hehehe..wat diff dez it make, those kids were a whole bundle!!...just like you.
    thanks fr answering my questions...xox....luv d answers i guess

  17. lovely! enjoyed reading this...

    u didnt answer number 7 o from sugarspring's questions...

    Oya answer :D

  18. LOL @ Gum class mi
    Loved that! Classic...but I thank God you were not my little sister.
    We would have been fighting everyday LOL
    Hope all is well

  19. I had cool fun reading..
    Tags sure can really be stressful so I give you kudos for giving yours..
    Hope you're good?
    Take care love!

  20. bLESSINGS.....
    My post is up. I have selected 5 people to pass on the award to.

    I have been tagged by simply mee but i see someone got to you before I so I'll pass on tagging you.

    have a good day.

  21. I would have wringed your neck if I was sister...lmao!!! I can only imagine how she would have burst into tears...
    Bahdt girl!!!

  22. lol, that was a classic reaction she gave... now a perfect one would have been jumping on you and doing whatever horrible thing big sisters do to little sisters for being horrible.

  23. Naughty you! LOL! Prim-Not must have been mad at you. Please go on them Idols thing jare make we vote for you for blogsville. Nice to know you more. :-)

  24. Naughty lomo latile! lol
    U wicked when u small o. haha

    - LDP

  25. lol.............u were so naughty. you sister is so nice she didnt kill you

  26. Awww. I was just about to tell u that i tagged you too. Oh well you can still check it out on my blog but you are/were very naughty oo ;)!

  27. Oh my! Mixture of mischief with a great sense of humour! Thank God those days have passed but we need to confirm from your sis whether you have really changed.

    My dear, can I pass on this one? Before I owe you response for one month. My plate is full until July (for now)...

  28. I have completed my Elevens ooo...xoxo

  29. You're hilarious! LMAO @ your lack of shame, dancing for food, crushing on Boris Kodjoe (his wife is a vampire o! Beware, lol) and where in the world did you unearth some of those your questions from? Mehn, it's gonna be tough handling them o. Nothing dey happen sha. Thanks for the tag.

  30. Gum class mi!! U made my whole unit glare at me. I literally laughed out loud! You were (are?) a naughty somebody.

    So I've answered your questions and I've posted your book. yay me!

  31. Loool Toin, ah ah, you were naughty oh..

  32. lool.. love it..

    naughty girl...glued all the pages with gum lol.

    Gum class mi.. I cant laugh..


    I enjoyed it. xx

  33. hahah noo i got tagged. okay i can do it lol. I enjoyed reading your elevens. i can see you are sort of a trouble maker lol.

    lemme go start mine. Thanks for tagging me, its been a while i did this.




  35. answered your questions!!

  36. OMG...that's a long list of should sing for me, someday

  37. Atilola: lmao. There wasn't much to beat then cos i was skinny with this very deceptive sweet face.

    Myne, he sooo is #drool

    UVG, oh, i am. I can't even lie.

    9jasGreat: hahahaha er well, we'll see how you're gona like me singing Barrister to you on radio *grin*

    Lara: lol I would have skinned me alive too :D

    EyesofTruth: Guilty as charged. I just love the sight and smell of food #sigh

    Lily, thanks girl. I was more than a handful o

    Didi: Twins for life *wink

    PrimNot: hahaha I'm not sure i even apologised. Oya pele loff. You see, this is one of the reasons i know you guys love me too much. If you didn't, you would have just strangled me *grin*

    Nikkisho, thanks girl lol

    Simply me: Yes ke. Best friends with math hehehe. Thanks for the tag. I enjoyed answering the questions. Spank me?! *coversface* i truly was naughty sha

    Priscy: I know right. And i wasn't even sorry.

    Chris: Thanks for dropping by. I can see that i've been listed :)

    PrimNot: *feigning innocence* I absolutely know not of what you speak. *side eye*
    You know, i was already planning how to kill you for opening my bombom outside like this, i was even thinking of ways of banning you from commenting on this blog but seeing as your lil girl has taken after me, i think that's punishment enough *wink*
    And i repeat, i know not of what you speak. That's my story and i'm sticking with it *grin*

    Atoskin: did you say 'once'? hehehe if only...

    Sugarspring, oh lawd i was and i had this sweet/innocent face. My mom keeps praying that at least one of my kids will take after me and that scares the crap outa me sometimes. I just hope and pray my hubby will be chilled so my kids can take after him. I can't even deal.

    Aloted: kai, you got me *coversface* I shall answer in a bit. Thanks for reading lol

  38. NIL: hahaha I was too cute so you would not have a choice but to love me. I wasn't that bad though *pout* ok, i was a lil worse actually but in my defense, i must have taken after one or both of my parents na

    Chacha: Thanks for stopping by love. I actually got tagged by 5 people. I don't know if i have the energy to answer more though.

    Rhapsody: Thanks ma'am. I'll check out yours in a bit.

    DammyJewel: lmao. You would have killed me a thousand times over. I was such a minx smh

    Fantasy queen: hahaha. Thank God they didn't kill me. I was such a cutie though. You just didn't know what to do with me. I was always up to mischief. Always.

    Michael: Oh she was mad and helpless too. I have shown that girl plenty pepper smh4me.

    LDP: It wasn't me o lol. I probably put the N in naughty

    Lue: lmao. That's how i know she loves me. She was so responsible.

    Cee: thanks for the tag. I'll check and maybe answer them later :)

    Rita: I have changed o *cough* (checking to see if my nose is growing longer yet) Ok, so a leopard can't really change it's spots but i'm older now and i'd like to think i'm more chilled *sideeyes* I'll let you off the hook this one time. I'm not letting you escape this easy next time though:)

    GeeBee: Oremi, i gat no shame at all. I so can not wait for the answers to my questions *grin*

    Mstizzle: lmao i still am a naughty sombory o. wait, did i just admit that? lol And you posted my book? yay!!!!

    Coy: i was *coversface* Still am actually but so evil anymore :)

    DHK: lol. Don't mind lil Toin. Glad you liked it. You asked to open my bombom outside.

    BSNC: Troublemaker: Guilty! Looking forward to yours.

    Da Injurer: Will i be required to make a speech for this prestigious title? if yes, yay! I have a feeling you were worse than me as a kid actually :)

    Baroque: yea, i'm kinda like a ruler breaker like that. I've reduced the list a lil tho. About the singing ish, it could happen. All in good time *wink*

  39. Toin: Thanks so much for tagging me. I have answered your questions o, so please check out my responses.

  40. Toin: # 1 - I don't do favorites either. It's hard to pick one jare.

    # 5: I love to laugh too. We need to find a way to pay you to laugh and/or sleep. If you could do BOTH at the same time, it wouldn't hurt either ;-)

    # 7: 1000 ways to die ke? Biko, let's watch 1000 ways to LIVE. I hear it's a lot cooler.

    *You didn't answer Sugarspring's Question 7 o.

    And your sister's gum story? T-O-I-N! Somehow I am convinced that is not the naughtiest thing you have done. I should ask you the same question by December.

  41. Answered your questions oooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  42. I saw the "I love Maths" part and I was like this babe is strange" lol... and then i saw the rest. Hahaha.

  43. I loved it. LOL at the maths comment and your sister's book's story.

  44. hahaha..toin you had me laughing at the maths comment too....and ooh i love Boris sure have a eye for good things....will be answerin ur questions on my next post...can't wait!!! sori for being awol...

  45. Just answered your thought-provoking questions dear...

  46. lol...dancing cos of food? reminds me of one of my sisters...Thanks for the tag - will respond asap.

  47. I have answered your questions...

  48. Were is my earlier comment? Can not find it...not fair

  49. Lool! Prim Not has given us a few more details about your naughtiness... sounds like you had a really interesting childhood! Please share? Thank you :)

  50. AlthougWhat hairstyle are you currently rocking- a fringe
    how long did u spend in primary school- 6years
    what is ur naughtiest moment-pushing a car (no parking brakes applied) with a friend to the next car park with the owner coming out to look for his car being so sure he had parked his car there.
    how do you express your anger- same as u but i dont laff
    what would you spend ur last penny on - practically food otherwise a nice semi-designer bag.
    when was the last time you treated yourself to niceeee warm food-dis evening
    who was the last person you said i love u to-my husband
    .................e still remain.....abeg release me....but shei i tried for someone that wasn't taggedh you didnt tag me here goes......

  51. Okayyy! That Number 11's Answer to SugarSpring got me oh! .. Truly... "Are we ever ready for anything" deep Egbon.. Bloody Deep.. This geh haf Sense well shhhaaa.. iTrip :)


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