Friday, 18 May 2012


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You know that feeling you get
When you prepare for an exam and you read everything you can. You cover all the basics and tell yourself you’re fine.
Then you enter the exam hall and relax.
Then you see the question paper and heave a sigh of relief because you feel good about all five questions and tell yourself, you’ve got this.
Then the examiner tells you, you have just 2 hours to answer all 5 questions and you look at him like he’s suddenly grown horns.
Then you scramble for your pen and start writing, with that annoying voice in your head telling you not to bother because you know there is no possible way you would finish.
And you try everything to shush that voice.
And you write twice as furiously just to prove that voice wrong.
And when you’re nowhere near done, you’re told to hand in your paper because of course, time is up.
You hand it in while mentally throwing daggers at the examiner.
And you get terrified of what the results would be.
Then you start over-analysing all the words you wrote.
And you discover you really should have written ‘this’ or excluded ‘that’.
And a little voice in your head tells you should be fine but that other annoying voice says “please, you didn’t even finish”
Then you have to wait endlessly for the result.
In the meantime, you try your bestest to squash the negativity.
And you think of several ways of consoling yourself.
And you finally get the long awaited mail.
And pow!
You passed!

Yea, this is exactly how I’d been feeling lately. But oh, the joy of knowing you passed. You’re so giddy, you can’t think. The world is at peace again and you can breathe. Again.

Lately, God has been coming through. I'm not exactly where i want to be but i definitely am not where i used to be. And for that i am grateful. I have been feeling like i'm God's special project. He is definitely on my case. I constantly feel like doing some Stephen Boss aka Twitch moves (from So You Think You Can Dance) and dancing to the songs in my head. (groovy songs)
And the songs in my head? Try this: God in Me by Mary Mary (Can i crump to this?)

 Or this: Ara Ile by Simi

Or this: Thank You by Mary Mary feat Kirk Franklin

And that picture of Twitch? Yea, i just like to ogle him. Cute huh?
Have an amazing weekend.


  1. Am so happy for you,I feel u die,God I want to be your special project.
    Just always trust God,he may delay but he surely does the best


  3. Congrats o. Success is a sweet thing

  4. Congrats on passing, though im not sure what exam you passed exactly.... hmmm, lol but congratulations all the same.

  5. I rejoice with you my dear for passing out with flying colours.

  6. COngrats Lady! :) This is just the beginning...

  7. Well done gf!! And thank God for you..and ur success..wish u better things ahead sweerie!!!
    Wow..toin is sounding so strict and seriious here..and then she goes ogling twitch and am like LOL...
    Love ur post

  8. Success at the end of the day. Thats all thet really matters. Congratulations boo...

  9. Congrats miss toin! More to come by God's grace!

  10. WOW.... Smiling for u hun.. Smiling for u..

    That is exactly how I felt for some exams I wrote for undergrad. As inn... the negativity was too much but God came thru stronger for me... I love u for dedicating this and appreciating him.

    May his project continue upon your life. I pray he will continue to extend his grace to the rest of us.

    AMEN sis...


  11. Congrats Toin, that's great news!

  12. mehn i have been rili praying as i cn.....jst pray my mine ll c answered soon.AMEN

  13. I have been away from school for too long too have this feeling...I plan to go back to school soon and I really hate the whole exams feeling.

    Glad to know you passed.

  14. Congrats dear.Though i'd given this in camera,but i'm giving it in 'opendential'.

  15. congrats totally dancing with you

  16. well done babe, big congratulations!

  17. Congrats darling, this is a good way to start my week!

  18. I had real fun reading.. This is good stuff.

  19. Happy for you dearie. Congrats! Nice songs too. Love them all.

  20. Congratulations girl! E no easy and I definitely know the feeling. God is good :-)

  21. Blessings....
    That negativity, doubt, mistrust of your own worthiness and degrading of your confidence, thats the devils work girl. Good you squashed him. Hellaujah.

    Keep on keeping on and be magnificent.
    rhapsody (join me?)

  22. Hey congratulations! And thanks for dropping by at my blog, cheers*

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  24. wow... I love your blog!!! Take about inspiration! can we follow each other....? Check me out and follow if you want to, I am soooo following you!!

  25. lool very cute... you are lucky to get your results.
    I am waiting for mine, so scared but i know God will not disappoint me x

  26. Awww congrats babe!! Really ove your blog! It's so lively and bubbly and warm and cute and all sugary and spicy. :D

    Anyway, all the best with the new project.


  27. Congratulations! I know that feeling... at the moment I am at the I should have included/excluded that phase and waiting for the results.

  28. Congratulations!

    And yeah, Twitch is definitely cute!

  29. I certainly know that exam success feeling Toin. Thanking God for your successes. You go girl!!

  30. I am at that post exam phase.I pray I pass...depression is eating me up slowly...Congrats sweetie

  31. Pow! You passed! lol
    Congrats. Me too o... can't stop dancing and singing lately. God is awesome, I tell ya. Arent we all unfinished projects? He is constantly at work in us and with us both to do of His will and good pleasures.

    - LDP

  32. Congratulations!! I can totally relate with that sinking feeling, only to be surprised beyond measure. God is good!!

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  34. Congrats! For realz I know that feeling :)

  35. I tagged u! check out my blog

  36. I'm just hitting you nicely with a big congratulations; and you sure know some nice songs to celebrate with!

  37. Congrats, sista. Nice layout, nice blog. I love Simi's track.

  38. ThoT I SHOULD say hello hun.. hope u are well.xxxx

  39. congratulations! let me do the oversabi thing and say "i had no doubt you'd pass"...:)

    P.S: i'm way finer than twitch, ogle me anyday.
    P.P.S: we should add each other on facebook (about time)

  40. i am inspired by this and grateful to God foryour life as well as mine!

    The day of the wedding and honey moon is a beautiful thing its the activities prior and after that raises issues ---->

  41. Yay.. glad you replied.

    Pele hun....( sticks out lower lip).. pls do come back with your cheerful attitude and positive mind (nods head in agreement).

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Sorry about Nigeria and its ways. hope you snap out and come back.. xxxx its not easy but anything to help...

    be strong and never give up... HUGS..

  42. Blessings....
    Love Mary Mary......
    Hope you are well and enjoying life.


  43. This is such good news, to know that there is hope even though you're not where you want to be. I appreciate your frankness, and am doing those moves with you.

    That "Thank You" song brings back memories. Good ones.

  44. :-) You know I am extremely happy for you

  45. Thanks everyone. Y'all rock *kisses all around*

    @LLFS: i know i wasn't specific :) It's intentional but thanks hon

    @Sugarspring, lol. I can be very serious o. Twitch is soo delish tho *fans self*

    @DOHK, he's my all and i owe it all to Him, hence the dedication. How'v you been though?

    IAmhairs, you'll be fine by his grace. Making a mental note to say a prayer oon your behalf

    @Mike, Simi is such a hit but this is the only song of hers that i know.

    Rhapsody, oh i squashed him alright. Thanks ma'am

    Thanks Cindy. Following yours already too :)

    Ms_Nana, don't sweat it. You'll be fine xo

    @Reine_Laglace, aww, you're making me feel all giddy. Thank sweetie, you're sweet, yummy, delish and adorable too luv xx

    Angelsbeauty, All the bets with it dear.

    Vera, he is, innit?

    Dee, how's you? pele, you'll be fine too. Saying a prayer for you too

    Filipa, I'll do that. You can follow mine too:)

    @RG, thanks for the vote of confidence hon. Cuter that twitch? That's my twin *muah* we should unveil, shouldnt we ;) need to ogle ome fresh stuff

    @Relentless, good memories right? love em too


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