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So when I’m about to whine to God, I come across another story that makes me feel a little ashamed of my ‘whiny-ness’. I absolutely love my life and I hardly complain, well, except to God. I know some people have it harder, which doesn’t take away from my complaints. It just makes me more grateful with a thankful heart. I was talking to a friend a while back and he mentioned how bubbly I always seem and how he wished he could be like me all the time. I remember laughing and telling him i have my “off” days and how annoying it would be if everyone was like me. I know my ‘happy’ is sometimes so fierce and bright, it hurts people’s teeth but I’m not even sorry lol. Why should I be? My outlook to life is cheerful. I choose to see life like that. I laugh a lot and i don't take myself or life too seriously unless I absolutely have to. Situations might change in a heartbeat. Do i always see life through rose-tinted eyes? Not even close. Am I always happy? Hell to the N to the O. Do I think life’s fair? I’ve been told all’s fair in love and war. And Life.
Ellie & Oscar

Oscar Pistorious is one man that has inspired me. The South African was eliminated from the 400m 2012 Olympics, finishing last in his semi-final, but his being at the Olympics will always be more important than his feats.  He won the hearts of many and inspired even more. It was the first time a double-amputee would participate in Olympics sprint category. I saw a picture of him with Ellie May Challis. Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorious, 25, was just 11 months old when doctors discovered he had no fibulas, requiring below-the-knee amputations of both his legs. 

8 years old Ellie May Challis lost both her hands and legs at 16 months, after contracting a severe case of meningitis. Ellie has a twin sister, Sophie and older siblings Tai-la, and Connor. Although Ellie was originally fitted with standard prosthetics, the toddler found them difficult to walk with. More sophisticated carbon fiber legs (the kind worn by Pistorious) were expensive, but Ellie's community rallied behind her, raising the $15,000 needed for the replacements. Now, Ellie can go to school with her new ‘legs’ and feel comfortable enough to participate with her peers.

Nick & Kanae
Now imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around someone, no hands to experience touch, or to hold another hand with. What about being born without legs? Having no ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand on two feet. Now put both of those scenarios together: No arms and no legs. What would you do? Well, Nicholas James Vujicic is living the life and making the best of it. Nick Vujicic is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker born with Tetra-amelia Syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Nick now inspires and motivates people from all walks of life, touching lives all over the world. Through his amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life and his incredible sense of humor, he captivates children, teens and adults alike. On 12 February 2012, he married his fiancée Kanae Miyahara.

At their wedding
You really can not prepare for trauma but you can learn to deal with it because when life happens, sometimes, the life you know is over forever. When life happens however; it is who you choose to be after the incident that matters. Life can and will throw you curves but only you can decide what you do with those curves. You can put those curves in tight fitting clothes and strut around like Kim K or drown those curves in horrible clothes like a candidate for ‘How Do I Look’. Make them a barrier or triumph. Entirely up to you.

Oscar, Nick and Ellie are beautiful people with inspiring and amazing stories. What's your story?
  1. Do you wake up each day with a sense of purpose or you just roll out of bed and do whatever comes to you?
  2. When are going to start doing the things you love that make you happy and living your dream?
  3. When will you stop worrying about things you can not change?
  4. When are you going to start appreciating the moment without stressing over your past or future?  Next year? Next month? Next week or today?
If there is something you’ve been meaning to do, just do it. Don’t stay in that rut longer than you absolutely have to. Keep it moving. Every second lost is gone forever. Whatever you do, live life and give 100%. Be amazing. Be strong. Be awesome. Be courageous. Be outstanding. Get inspired.  JUST.DO.IT
I can’t believe it’s mid-month already. Have a BOLT-ed rest of the month. (Lame right? I know lol. I just had to throw that in. The guy’s a legend)

P.S: It’s my birthday tomorrow (16th) Yay!!! Same with Didi. I receive early presents so you can deliver the cars, Ipads, books and stuff asap. Late gifts are frowned upon but accepted too lol. This is going out to August babies: Yellow Sisi & Aseni (where is she by the way?)
P.P.S: I met Rita of Eroinspirations and the meeting was amazing though short. I finally met a blogger :D. Che, ayam no longer jealous of you and Amaka or Even Myne and MsTizzle :D
P.P.P.S: Pray for me people. Ayav been lusting after something I should not even be looking at. This lust is a serious marra o. Sha pray for me biko. Thanyouverymuch.
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  1. yea...we should always be thankful in every situation, Nicholas' story always bring tears to my eys.
    happy birthday to you, Didi and my ex boyfriend I still, sending your gift through DHL sha, August people too dey worry. :p *hugs*

  2. Just the kinda inspiration I need at this time of my life Toin, thanks a million for this....

    May the Lord deliver you from whatever it is you are lusting after o! Amen! ;(

    Happy birthday dahling, may the good Lord protect, guide and preserve you in everything. May you enjoy abundance Peace, long life, Love and good health all the days of your life Amen! btw, when are we seeing some of your azonto moves naa? lol

  3. Thanks for this post. Very inspiring. The excuses we give for many things are sometimes so frivolous that I wonder how God copes with us.
    Happy birthday in advance. Wish you God's blessings.
    Thanks for following back too.

  4. Thanks for this post, one of our staff in the office was in an accident, and his leg had to be amputated just yesterday,boy i have been extremely sad and crying your post was right on point..Happy birthday dear, may God deliver you from those that are stronger than you :)..enjoy your day xoxoxo

  5. Toin thanks for this post..Yes I better get to work cos every second lost is gone forever..Happy Birthday:) :) friendship moi xx

  6. This post was aimed at me. The gist of why, will be a blogpost out #nollywoodvoice
    Happy birthday in advance dear. More grace and strength to you. What card(s) do you accept? Verve, Mastercard or Visa???

  7. a post to pause and reflect over. Happy Birthday Twinny!!

  8. Aww so, so inspiring
    Happy birthday hun
    Wish you better years ahead

  9. Very Inspiring.
    Happy Birthday! Best wishes

  10. I don't know what to say,this a reminder that we should truly be grateful for whatever we have.
    Must say I have been very selfish,see what people r dealing with.
    God I am very grateful and thankful,please don't be tired of my winny and nagging attitude,help me to grateful.
    Tito HBD,GGMUB,LLNP,we love u

  11. Heyy!! Happy Birthday Toinlicious!!
    I wish you a lovely new year and many blessings!

    And thanks for your post. Very timely!!

  12. I should be more thankful to God everyday instead of my constant complaints. Forgive me Lord, I know you love me inspite of everything.

  13. very inspiring post.
    happy birthday sugarpie, hope you got the car i sent you (yeahhhhh........a car!!!)

  14. Lovely one, Tee. Truely inspiring, and am inspired. Thank you!

  15. And what's this lust na? hehehe

  16. Happy Birthday Toin. Wishing you the very best.

    Thanks for sharing this. Very inspiring post.

    PS: U didn't mention iPhone 5, that's the gift i had in mind o.

  17. as in...that Nick guy makes me feel guilty sometimes when i complain
    just like a yoruba elder will say.."ki lo was fe ki eniyen se" i.e if ure complaining abt lil things, what do u want someone like that to do and Yet He still praises God
    it also makes me realize there's no excuse for anyone not to be grateful
    see her mouth...byday gift..loool
    august babes,,wishing u God's best in life. today and always..its u i knw ure gonna hv fun most def
    tanx fr loving the post i dedicated to u..#glad i made u cry#..LOL...just kidding ooo bt al the same....

  18. Thanks so much Toin...i'm inspired.

    Hope you had a beautiful day? So I saw your picture today. Many happy returns hun!

  19. Whenever I see those pictures, I can't help but stare and wonder how they do it. A positive attitude is soooooo important. Of recent, I've been telling myself "YOLO", so just DO IT. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

    Yaayyyyyy, you also met a blogger.

    Oya, stop lusting after that thing osiso. :-p

    I don't need to ask. I know you had a totally amazing birthday celebration. *Huggsssssssssss*

  20. Toinlicious:

    *now hitting you nicely*

    Happy Birthday!!! It is not yet Friday at my end, hence the omission of "belated." I hope you had a very special and fantastic day! One free hug coming your way. That's your gift by the way. Beats an iPad anyday, right?

    Those stories were inspiring, especially the one about the special athlete. Nothing like inspiration to make you appreciate life more, ba? Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't met any bloggers yet, so ... Maybe I will join you soon ;-)

    P.S. I have the remedy to that thing you're lusting after. Here it is: "Meditate" on my Christmas wishlist and begin to devise creative ways to spread the love (to me, of course) before December. Don't worry, you have time. And you're so welcome!

    *skips away happily*

  21. LOL...good on you, it would been nice to meet you and more bloggers. Happy birthday, and just do it! I mean what you've been lusting after. :)

  22. Happppy birthday Toin,
    Many more years of celebration in good health and prosperity...yippe! yippe!....hurrrray!

    Yes, in everything, we should be grateful to GOD.
    I am learning to stop complaining, but be is by HIS Grace.

    Lust??....hmmm, u berra, comot ya eye for there sharp! sharp!...ehehehehehe....THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.

  23. Goodness I actually cried at what I read,look from today I will not nag,this is truly inspiring,now I love u more and more
    I knw am what u r lusting after.
    HBD sugar

  24. This is a very inspiring post. And here I am crying about some things I have lost. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy birthday in arrears

  25. Happy bday to you #
    Happy Bday to you #
    Happy bday dear Toinlicious. Happy bday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu #####

    Ehen....what are you lusting after....mmmm

  26. Happy belated birthday cupcake muAh!!!

  27. Belated birthday wishes. Your posts make my day everytime. Wish you a million fold of the joy and cheer you bring to us on blog ville. Mwah mwah

  28. That's life. One just have to be always appreciative to enjo it; life. Thank you for this. I read it at a time when I was questioning everything about life. Guess, I just have to be a little more thankful for who I am, where I am and Where I will be. Thank you. And happy birthday too. Hope that isn't late already???

  29. Happy birthday! I know, I'm late. But see how it's not just me interested in the object of your lust?

  30. well said... absolutely well said....

    what more can I say... its very inspirational.

    Happy Birthday hun, praying God will meet with you at the point of your every need.

    I pray he will help you through this lusting period ohh... chai.

  31. Thanks for this post, I had to follow the link and share it. So inspiring. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!

  32. Lovely post, thank you for sharing such inspiration stories. I have heard about Nick story, but never knew about the other guy.

    I hope you had a Bless & Lovely Birthday! God Bless :)

  33. This is very lovely... It reminds me of a lot of things I take for granted. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey...I'm praying for you that thou shall not lust... God is in control

  34. Madam is it Happy birthday in advance or belated birthday...this post is really inspirational...hope the weekend has been good.

  35. No time like the present. Life is so short.

  36. true...that you're breathing alone is proof that hope will always be there!

    Happy belated birthday!

  37. Blessings....., tomorrow never comes.
    The truth is we all have something, some of it is visible some of it is not. Some have the infinite durability of spirit to overcome (something we all need to cultivate) and live beyond measure; some have more difficulty getting over the hump.

    We must remember no matter the challenge in life we are worthy of the opportunity to excel at our destiny.

  38. Toin... You just upped my doses of inspirational reflection...thanks for this....

  39. hmm this is so true. If Nick can have a happy life then i do not have a choice not to be happy, live my life and achieve my goals. Lovely post

  40. This post couldn't have come at the right time. Wow if Nick can do it then so can I! Very inspiring! :)

  41. Happy belated birthday!!!

    I love the last picture and am so in awe of these people who strive on despite their absence of some limbs!

  42. Choi! I missed August by 2 days. Happy belated birthday darling and I would love love love to meet you!! Lemme know when u r in Lagos jo (big hug)

    I rebuke the spirit of lust I'm your life o. DON'T DO IT!! *insert upside down Nike tick here*

    Thanks for the inspiration hunnie!


  43. Gret: We should always be thankful shouldn’t we? Nick just amazes me. He’s a strong man. I’m still awaiting DHL o *side eye* and yea, we August babies just rock :D

    Priscy: You’re welcome dear. I’m also inspired. As for your prayer, a big AMEN o! Thanks for the birthday wishes and im still trying to perfect my azonto moves #wink

    Feyi: You’re welcome Fey and thanks for the birthday wishes xo

    Jemima: I am so sorry about your staff’s situation but he’ll be fine. Hope he’s beginning to adjust. You’ll be fine too *hug* Another Big amen to that “those stronger than me prayer o” They want to displace the halo on my head and na lie them lie o. This halo stays firmly glued to my head.

    Gold: My very own ‘friendship’, glad you were inspired by the post and thanks for the birthday wishes.

    CherryWine: Glad the post spoke to you and waiting patiently for the blogpost that explains why :) I accept all the card o. Even cash. I know y’all are going cashless but im still very much ‘cash-ful’

    Didi: definitely worth mulling over right? Wish you same Twinny *grin*

    MsJB: Thanks dear.
    Kehinde: Thanks for dropping by

    Prim-not: Thanks my very own darling sis. You know I love you right? Never forget it xxoo

    31st Chain: Thank you.
    Northern Girl: Thanks a lot dear and you’re welcome xo

    Kambili: You and me both Kam.

    Lue: Thanks sweetie. I’m still waiting on the car o. I trust you to deliver #wink

    Anon: Thank you too :)

    Atary: Thanks ma’am. Glad you enjoyed the post. IPhone 5 would fall under my ‘stuff’ na. Waiting for it o. Trust you have my address :D

    Sugarspring: Nick is just awesome. Im waiting for my birthday gift o han han.
    This babe is wicked. You’re glad you made me cry ba? It’s alright. I loved that post. Thanks again. Amen to the birthday wishes. Love you right back.

    Dayor: You’re so welcome. I did have a beautiful day and yea I have been exposed *covers. face* Thanks dear.

    Che: I’m all for YOLO o. glad you enjoyed the post. And yay I met a blogger *huge grin*
    My sister, that lust en smh. I will not fall for temptation even if I have to borrow extra hands to press that halo firmly on my head. It is not even funny.

    Relentless: Thanks ma’am. Nice geographical save lol. Er, where can I send that hug back too and replace with iPad? No where? Alright then *grudgingly accepts the hug* Better than nothing.
    Glad you found the stories inspiring. Hi5 on meeting bloggers. All in good time.
    Lmao @"Meditate" on my Christmas wish-list. You are just something else. That could work if I could just concentrate enough to read the list but that lust won’t let me. Smh4 myself.

    Myne: We’ll still definitely meet. Ah! Myne don’t encourage me o! That is totally undo-able ma’am. Lets just concentrate on keeping this halo where it is o, on my head that is.

    Niyi aka Simply Me aka Ibhade (yea, I know it’s you): Thanks for the birthday wishes. Momsy, I dey try comot my eye but the thing hard o (no pun intended *cough) THE LORD IS truly my STRENGTH.

    London boy: So happy you were that touched by the post. And thanks for loving me sweetie *muah* Lusting after you bawo? You wish lol

    Atilola: Thanks ma’am.

  44. NIL: Thanks for the birthday wishes blogmom. About what im lusting after, erm erm you see…*runs away*

    PET: Thanks sweetie. Missed you around here o. Oya update biko

    Ginger: Aww, thanks you Ginger *blushing furiously*

    Strong Self: Glad my post resonates with you. Belated wishes are good too. You can send an iPad as late as October and it’ll be accepted too *grin* Thanks for the wishes.

    Igbophilia: Thanks for the wishes still and for the books (which I consider my very own birthday gift) That lust something en, e get as e be my sister.

    DOHK: Hey girl I’ve missed you no be small o. thanks for the wishes dear. As for helping me through this period, I’ll say the lord is Good all the time lol

    Joy: Thanks for sharing the link ma’am and you’re welcome.

    Poeticjourney251: Thanks for the birthday wishes and I’m glad you found my post inspiring.

    Nutty J: thanks for praying o. I need it baje baje. Glad my post made some sense to you. We all need to be reminded sometimes.

    Lara: Thanks dear. Welcome back to blogsville. Missed you around these parts xo

    Adura Ojo: Life indeed is short

    MsNana: Thanks girl now please get blogging.

    Afronuts: Thanks man and yea. A lot of people still need oxygen masks to breathe.

    Rhapsody: So true @ we must remember no matter the challenge in life we are worthy of the opportunity to excel at our destiny.

    OddNaijaChic: Amen girl! You’re always welcome and welcome back!

    Ibifiri: Thanks for your lovely comment. Indeed we don’t have an excuse.
    WorshipandSwag: Glad the hit the right spot with you.

    a.eye: Thanks girl. These people are just all kinds of awesome.

    Mstizzle: Thanks for birthday wishes sweetie even though it came late *side eye* I was going to vex before but I’m not vexing anymore. So yay on my next trip to Lagos
    lmao@ DON'T DO IT!! *insert upside down Nike tick here* I’m still actively rebuking it myself o. Thanks love

  45. Great post. It's so easy to get caught up in our own sometimes minute life struggles that we fail to look at the big picture. Stories like Oscar Pistorius's definitely inspired me. We thank God for inspiration and the blessings that we take for granted.

    BTW, Happy belated birthday babe. And it's good to be happy. I definitely do not mind happy people at all.

  46. amazing things happen when we refuse to be held down by our limitations, but than God for reminders like these that help us re-fuel just when we feel like throwing in the towel.

    Glad I came by here :)

  47. inspirational posts like this makes one reflect and think back on the things to be grateful about
    thanks for sharing

  48. He is always inspirational. You have asked great questions

  49. Loved this posted, well said/written...especially this part, "Life can and will throw you curves but only you can decide what you do with those curves. You can put those curves in tight fitting clothes and strut around like Kim K or drown those curves in horrible clothes like a candidate for ‘How Do I Look’."

    Pray that lusting issue has been dissolved, if not I pray that God gives you the grace to overcome and conquer it!

  50. The Paralympics was soooo amazing and inspiring. Lovely post! That Nick James Vujicic is a testament to the statement ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Especially with God! Amazeballs!

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great one. Did you get the car I sent you? Lol. ;)

    Thanks for swinging by my blog. I'll be back to blogging soon. Life's just gotten so busy of late.



  51. This was really u plenty-ALP *wink*

  52. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toin(in arrears)....

    I must say I love your sense of humor "chineke"...bin a while I visited your blog but decided to officially stalk you today. This is a very insipring post and teaches us to be grateful for life. Waking up every day is a miracle. Now i'm gingered in my spirit....Thx babes. I should stalk u some more

  53. True talk. Just before i came to sit and read this, my mind was running around the thoughts of "How i am not where i want to be". I guess sometimes everyone feels this way no matter the Alagbara one tries to form :). Thanks for this posts, it made my head lighter.

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