Friday, 27 July 2012


*Ignores cowebs* How have y'all been? Well, Posh hasn't discovered my last post yet so everything is alright with the world and i'm awesome (*eyes 9jas Great) I know y'all missed me. I missed you too (please don't burst my bubble). Can someone uproot Coy Introvert and get her to blog? And Honeydame too plix. I'm guessing she's under YY someone's Abe abo still.....

So i have been skittish about posting my creative work's on here (poems and short stories) but when Da Injurer asked me to do a guest post, i decided to write fiction for his blog. So please check it out here and show your girl some love let me know what you think ;)

A friend sent me this and i'm sharing. I wish i could take the credit for this but i can't. Only the words in italics are mine.

Smile: It makes a world of difference. It’s the most beautiful make-up ever. Mine is usually measured in mega-watts :D
Dance: who knows when you won't be able to. I know all about this. Trust me on this one, life might not always play the music you like but you should dance anyway.
Cry: Holding those emotions in is bad for you. Sometimes we need to cry to be able to see clearly again. I don't mean you should turn into water works though ;)
Kiss: Kisses are the most wonderful things in the world. (ask Gretel about this one lol)
Laugh: What's the point in hiding happiness? It’s the most wonderful feeling ever. Share it.
Frown:Why not let him know you're unhappy? (Him huh? They're usually the culprit. No? Not always though) Frowns give you ugly lines on your face unlike the fresh ones you get when you smile or laugh. Frowning is such a waste of time and happiness.
Apologize: You don't want to lose friends. Make that call. Send that SMS. Reach out. Apologise. Hang out. Make time. Live life. Enjoy it. Don't leave it until later. Just do it
Hug: There's no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love. Just Hug it out. It's free, simple, means a lot and it feels wonderful. I’m a serial ‘hugger’ :)
LIVE: because life is truly beautiful and all you have is the here and now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I'm giving a sharrout to MsTizzle. She did a give-away for her bloggerversary earlier in the year and i won Myne's book: A Love Rekindled. I'm still excited. Thanks girl. *hugs*

Have a fantastic weekend. Love y'all muchos
I'll be back

P.S: Each time i get a new follower, i dance azonto :D


  1. Congratulations Toinlicious! Any tips on how to win? Nice post, but the winning of the book is the highlight.
    You are invited to follow back my young blog. Thanks.

  2. True words I really loved the dance part.
    LOL @cobwebs, I'm guilty too :)

  3. In the words of the great poet, Rebecca black

    kicking in the front seat
    siting in the back seat
    gotta make my mind up
    which seat can i take
    cos its friday, friday
    gotta get down on friday...

  4. Lovely. Still expecting a response to your mail

  5. @Toin, so u dance Azonto too? Nice
    @ilola, still awaiting your email.

  6. I love hugs too.Will go checkout your post..Trusting that u rep wella :)

    p.s this twitter bizness still confuses me sha dats y I dont have o..Friendship mi

  7. Nice. LOL @ you being a serial hugger.

  8. Blessings......
    Just keep it real and be you. I express myself by singing and getting my laugh on, those good deep down belly laughter.

    Keep it righteous and stay blessed.

  9. Lol! Most of us are guilty of the occasional disappearing act so feel free to not feel bad and yes we kinda missed u. Emphasis on kinda 😝

  10. You better stop eyeing me.Mtchewwwww

    *Hugs* Let me still give it to you cos i planned to.

  11. Your cobwebs no reach mine, I didnt miss you so much thanks to twitter. I should repent too.

  12. :D always happy to see you in my blog, though e don tey when you update. Tnx.
    Ha! when posh catch you, i go just dey watch, becox, how you go tell her shit business like that ehn?....still laughing...yeah, am missing HD, and Coy,

  13. True words o... great advice :)

    - LDP

  14. nice. i like the cry part,its a bad bad idea to keep all those hurt locked in.
    seems you're on a winning spree. rock on girl

  15. long time, i love the smile part, i can smile and laugh for africa even when there is nothing nufn funny happening, i love it tho, its just like a reflex action. welcome back, and where the hell did coy introvet disappear to, havent even been seeing her tweets

  16. Thanks for the sharrout. Lol.


    P.s- I met Myne :D

  17. Very very nice of you! But some of us don't like to be reminded that it is Friday *Eyes the pair of scrubs on the wall irritably* Lol :)

  18. Hi guys...
    It’s nice to be a friend with you.
    But may give you somethings special.
    You should to try it. It’s free, friends.

  19. Your posts always crack me up. Love your happy vibe. I'm definitely all for laughing, and I say that it is the secret to my everlasting fountain of youth :-D

  20. ℓ☺ℓ so I need to learn how to dance more,oya come and start the azonto lessons.

  21. I like: 'smile...its the most beautiful make-up ever.' True dat! Have a lovely weekend, dear.

  22. Dropping by to say I'm still keeping my eyes on u from across the atlantic!


  23. Blessings....
    Just ducking in to say a hearty hi, hello and to wish you a fabulous week.


  24. Sweeetie, it haf tayd ooooo. Where @ thou? Your faithful followers & frnds haf missed you. Oya, time to update. Hope you are good dear.

  25. LMAO! U!!!!!
    I am fats becomming a serial hugger these days myself. So tey, YY is discussing quota on hugs..

  26. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#125

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.
    Enter in international giveaway

  27. I hope you are doing the Azonto now??? (*winks*)

    This is a lovely post... imma copy and paste and print out and glue to my wall so I remember why I should do the things I some times overlook

  28. Good to see you my sweet.
    I'm short of hugs and kisses. pls send me some.

  29. Joy: Thanks ma'am but i was just lucky i was the first to read her post :) Thanks for the follow and your comments. Now following you

    MsJB: Beautiful innit?

    Bumight: I can just imagine my cat grooving to this :) Thanks for dropping by

    Atilola: Ayam sorry ma but i have done this apology in camera. Thanks for putting up with me ;)

    Da Injurer: Man, you don't wana test me. I am a hot stepper. The hottest thing since MJ *side eye*

    Gold: Friendship mi is also a serial hugger? Cools lol. I totally feel you on the twiitter ish. I had to have a personal tutor when i opened mine too but i'm a bawse now though

    Che: Oya madam, go and blog and lets know wasap with you. Missed your gists biko

    Dee: Thanks babe *takes a bow*

    Rhapsody: I do that too. Totally liberating. Thanks for your comment

    Mstizzle: Kinda right? I'll take it lol. Kinda/Sorta/Maybe, i'll take em all. Something about half a loaf is better than none :) Thanks for the book again. You're awesomeness

    A-9jas-great: hey, i was just hailing you as the resident Mr. Awesome lol *taking the hug*

    Atoskin: Thats true o> Those your cobwebs should be about 5 inches think now. I forgive you though my ever ready twirra buddy :D

    Simply Me: I go run come your side ni o. You be my blog mummy so you no just they look me o. Na to help me o en en. It's always lovely to have you here ma'am. Thanks for dropping by

    LDP: The resident blogville prof. Thanks sir

    Lue: Winning all thanks to you but this one was a long while ago. Just got around to appreciating her. Bad Toin *coversface*

    Your's Sincerely: I know i been MIA. You too for that matter. Coy finally showed face. I am a serial smiler/laugh-er too mehn. I can so shine my 32. i think it's a special brand of disease. smh4me

    Sugarspring: Thanks dear

  30. Worshipandswagg: I'm sorry but i'm not sorry at all. Ok maybe a lil bit *hugs*

    DOHK: You're very welcome

    Original Mgbeke: Thanks girl *battling lashes* I'm definitely tapping into that fountain of youth. I can so laugh for days. Imagine wht world without humour *horror look*

    Tamie: Anytime you're ready o. I'll even throw in salsa lol

    Adura Ojo: Thanks ma'am.

    PET: Hey, where have you been hiding across the atlantic?

    Che: My darling sweetie. Ayaf come back o and i miss you too. Mbanu, when you sef go update na biko.

    Aeedeeaee: Yes ma'am. *Coversface*

    HD: I trust YY lol. No dulling. Who doesn't like good something. I bet he's making you give them side hugs sef, not the full frontal type #wink

    Didi: Thanks twinny

    Hina Naz: Thanks for the follow and i've checked yours out too :)

    Nutty J: Copy and paste and print and stick and do all of that. We need constant reminders like this (even i)

    And i am doing Azonto, Alanta and moonwalking all at the same time lol. Thanks for the follow

  31. I'm definitely stealing this nd pasting somewhere I can see, I like d dance part, we'l def dance ┐('⌣'┐) (┌'⌣')┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ azontoo together, I have some moves to show u..ALP


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