Friday, 23 November 2012



Hey people. I hope my American folks had a wonderful thanksgiving. Please forgive me for not replying comments. I'll get to that asap. So while i was drooling all over Emeli Sande yesterday (i just fell in lust with her songs) someone sent me this:
"Dunno how true this is, but better to broadcast as to be more careful and cautious :
Did you hear the News? Just saw it ΐϞ one of τ̲̅ђe online media network too!!! We as Christians should stop using the word "Lol" as it originated from the Devil worshippers Α̲̅πϑ they become happy seeing τ̲̅ђe world using it because when they pray they say "Lucifer our Lord" in short "Lol" so they think we are saying the same thing as them as τ̲̅ђey gave it τ̲̅ȍ τ̲̅ђe world, so a piece of advice, don't use Lol ever again Please. it's for your own safety. You may ßε̲̣ worshiping τ̲̅ђe devil unknowingly. John8:32 says "Α̲̅πϑ ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" D̶̲̥̅̊̣̣̥̇ŋ't hide τ̲̅ђe truth from others,Ɣøû know ђã†̥ τ̲̅ȍ do"

My response: Abegi! Small time now another person will say 'smh' is 'satan my husband' Long hiss

1) I hate those fancy characters, especially those that you have to crack your brain to decipher.  It annoys the sh*t out of me (pardon my French) Do us both a favour, don't use it and everything will be fine with the world.
2) While i understand the need to be careful and cautious, 'lol' though? Really? Seriously? Smh

I have finally given up on being a girly girl/lady/woman. I stumbled on the above make-up tutorial that lasted for all of 15 minutes yesterday and i could not believe my eyes! What the actual F3%$? Primer? Brow powder? Make-up setter? What are these things? because it's beginning to sound like i need tutorials on how to be a girl O_O. I seriously salute those who do these on a daily because the end result looks pretty good and almost effortless but darn, i just can't! I do not have the energy. The very talented lady used 24 stuff altogether (yea, i counted) The pimples i have are usually one at a time around that time of the month. The occasional hot red or fuchsia pink lip stick, lip gloss, eye shadow and a couple more stuff are all i've got. 15 minutes of this? Naa, i give up. Does anyone need a vjay? cos i'll give mine right up right now. Someone please get  me a phallus something else asap! The video actually reminded me of Sugabelly's performing femininity post

Back to Emeli Sande, I'm totally sold on My Kind Of Love track. The video reminds me of My Sister's Keeper movie because it had the same effect the movie had on me:) I guess it's because of the hospital setting and wig-wearing. Check out the video below and the lyrics here. Shout-out to a certain sweetie. This video is for you. You know yourself :*

Oh, was anyone expecting a follow-up to the last post? Well, fingers crossed *wink*


  1. Hehe I was about to say the exact same thing about lol... mscheww, some people just wake up in the morning and conceive ridiculousness. How is it a worship to satan when the person saying it intends it as laughter? taa gerrout

    At the makeup bit, lol. I fitn't... 20-what items? mbanu

  2. heard that lol thing too, wetin we no go hear again eh? lol @ 'satan my husband'abi o. lol

    Have an enjoyable weekend dearie... Best wishes!

  3. And some people will actually believe this thing? Smh
    No be only lucifer our lord, na living our lives. Still don't understand how people think of these things, type them and then take time to send them to people.
    Anyway, please, you know the story I'm interested in.........don't keep us waiting. Xoxo

    1. Ohh, and the makeup thing is just too stressful.

  4. Lol, lucifer their lord ko, Satan their husband ni...hahahaha

    Better person, abeg don't give up just yet o. We are kinda in the same league. My big sister took me to a make-up store a couple of months back and stocked my make-up purse all because my sistahs were trying to make me ladylike. I tried o, I was using them all for months. Now I see the make-up bag and it feels like I wasted money. Its just too much hardwork, on the days I'm heavily made-up all you'll see on me is the red lipstick. Shikena. I can't come and go and die.

  5. Toin o. Were you angry when you wrote this post? After Happy Thanksgiving I got scared like I don't want to mess with her right now.

    As for me and my house we shall go to makeup school one day just to learn the basics cos I find makeup very stressful. After my foundation and powder and liquid liner and eyeliner and (mostly) lipgloss and emm... ehen eye brow pencil, that is all. It sounds a lot abi but it takes me less than 10 mins every morning but we should know these things jo. We are wonder women! Wonder women know everything *insert cheesy grin*

    As for LOL, I'm at a loss for words abeg. I refuse to live in that kind of bondage.

    Is the Emeli Sande song for me?? Awww boo, you shouldn't have... (((Big hug))) and kiss.


  6. p.s- I love the song and the video. Love, love, love 'em.

  7. Na wa oh..there's nothing we would not hear. Some people are just jobless.
    Lol @ 'satan my husband'...

    Ah, and I thought I was the only one that can't stand those fancy characters.

    Still waiting for you to finish your story oh.. :)

  8. "LOL"?? Its so ridiculous *sigh* Whats wrong with people? its like the joblessness is hitting them below the belt *Lonnng Hiss*

    LOl @ selling your vjay,Lets auction it ;)

    Me too oh!! I absolutely love making-up but sometimes i just can't keep up, i mean... Its so stressful.

    i throw on some lip-stick/lipgloss, do my eye brows and i'm out the door. occassionally, i indulge, like go the whole 9yards.

  9. I refuse to believe them. My Lol is different than theirs.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. heehehehe, love Nollywood's response " some people just wake up in the morning and conceive ridiculousness" God must have a good laugh over the things Christians come up with sometimes.

    me self, I love the finished product but just darn too lazy, my bio-oil is doing wonders for now jare, by the time I finish shinning my face with it, even me know sisi don arrive :-)

  12. @ mstizzle, wait, wait, all that long list na basics? what will people like me and toin now call the lip gloss and white powder we use. Please give us tutorials biko...... cosmeticology 101, how to know the names and differentiate eye pencil from lip liner.

    Toin dear, abeg, small, small jare don't give up the vjay just yet. It has some usefulness... it can make your prince charming give you the pin to his ATM card.

    pls come and finish the story jare..why are you starving us of gist.

  13. Read the lol thing and yeah, some people wake up to conceive ridiculousness. But imagine the world without silly people - booooooring!

    I hate it when I search for a contact on bbm and I can't cos they've redesigned their names with silly xters.

    First time and I like it here!

    Some people don't be having work to get on with!

  15. LoOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOoooooOoOL Lucifer indeed LoL

  16. I got the message too and just wondered.
    I really want to be into makeup if it will turn out natural looking and I will not use up to 20 different things to achieve the look.

  17. I can't with this people and LOL @ "satan my husband". Some people need to relax and think thoroughly.
    Re: makeup...I totally understand you. I must say though, the end result always looks fabulous and even though i love makeup, i know all the one i do is amateur work.

  18. As someone said my own ℓ☺ℓ is different from 'theirs'. Kapish

    And yes!I am peeking for a followup to your last post.

    Too much makeup has never been my thing. If I have to spend more than 5mins on my face,am already doing too much. Ma thots.

  19. LOL at "laughing at lucifer" Too much time!

    My dear, you don't have to worry at all, you are not alone. Most of those things are just time wasters. I don't know where the likes of MAC went to pray, some girls can like to help people fulfill their dreams at the expense of theirs, I just can't be bothered.

  20. Heeeelarious!!! How can lol mean lucifer our lord?, Do these people know what acronyms are? lol could as well mean love of my life, it depends on how u interprete it. shei!, people sef! :))

  21. LOL! Wahala dey. Toin. you sef smh indeed.

    My dear, you are not the only ungirly girl. I have three lipsticks all over two years old (come, lipstick dey get expiry date??) and an eyeshadow set of which the only colors i use are blue and pink. Sue me.
    *singing* We are amazing just the way we

  22. lol, people will not kill someborry. A couple of my friends have also posted the LOL satanic thing on FB.To say that I was shocked they believe such crap is an understatement.

    As for the make up/performing femininity, I don't blame you abegi. That is just too much work and money. All these make ups and primers aint free...haha :D

  23. You have good taste....I'm loving Emeli Sande at the moment. She is my kind of woman

    Regarding the dear! ilic (I laugh in Chinese) mmm

    Regarding make up.....i wonder what job this girl does.

  24. Hahahahahaha You want what?! You're just something you know.Meanwhile,you better learn how to use those make ups and stop wanting something else.LOL (It means what I want it to by the way).Thanks for the song,I love it.

  25. Lol.. no be only lucifer their lord. Like Eya said,mine is different oo

  26. Rolling on the floor laughing... infact I had to even clap my hands too..

    Lol @smh u made up.. oga oo... we cant say a word and everything will be turned into demons, devil etc.

    nawhooo... anyhooo Emile sande is really good with lyrics and a great singer..

    Loves o HEAVENS I wait with good intentions and couple of others. xxx

  27. If we listen or pay attention to those broadcast,I swear we won't have a single friend or family,even spouses will be suspect,na dem sabi.
    I really would love to know the simple makeup tricks ,at least to have a correct eyebrow and Sexy lips will do for me.
    Sombory help!!!

  28. Lol @ lucifer our lord. That's the most riduclous thing I've heard all year. It's so ridiculous I couldn't but laugh at the person who conceived it.

  29. We should learn to take the really important things important, like the fact that this beauty we are so bent on keeping will fade, and it doesn't even keep a man - ask Halle Berry.

    Look good, but don't kill yourself on it. It is not worth a dime in the end.

  30. Sweerie mine!!!!!!
    At this juncture, u have made me laff todae wen I felt a lil down. Love u hun!!
    Will try and listen to d video wen am on lappy..
    And as fr d artists and crayons with a face used as canvas, I don't just knw how to do those stuffz..ppl have yabbed me etc but to me,and wit so many oda things to do, "lives to save"(lol) et al,I can't just find myself sitting fr that long bcos of makeup...if there was some kinda magic wand that wud just do abakadabra and tada....'U can come out now and look @how ur face has been transformed'. Then I won't mind. Even wen I think of salon as my hair gets untidy,I feel like I'm going thru some phase of difficult times....hehehe..loool..lazy geh like me ba? By God's grace,I pray fr improvement.

  31. Really, there's nothing as nice as light make-up but I guess one can't help it in some cases. Sometimes, just the lip gloss and powder looks quite great on ladies.

  32. SMH!!! When Chinwe- (not her real name)- friend on facebook first started to post updates with those ridiculous characters I thought her Blackberry had a coding error. How was I to know we were meant to decipher them? Bad enough they barely speak good English now we are forced to struggle to read too. It's ANNOYING to the nth!

  33. lwkmd @ satan my husband, a colleague told me about the new meaning of LOL and i think its ridiculous. Nigerians can so come up with silly ideas....smh.
    I also think make up is just too much stress jare.

    P:S. i'm expecting a follow up on your last post o!

  34. hehehehehehe Satan their husband! looool! Pls dont give up on being girly o! it makes u feel lighter inside (don't know where I got that from:)

  35. I laughed when I read the latest meaning of lol, such arrant rubbish. I think some people do not just know how to channel their creative energy to better uses. Mshewww!

  36. I do admire women who know how to make-up and look glam! 15minutes using 24 different items? that looks fast to me...a pro touch i say.

  37. If 'Lol' now means 'Lucifer our Lord' and 'Smh' means 'Satan my husband', then I bet soon they'll say LWKMD means 'Lucifer will kiss me deeply' and LWTMB means 'Lucifer will tickle my belly'. What rubbish line of thoughts! People are sooo damned jobless o!

    Abeg o, don't give up on being girly o! The tomboys are already taking over from the real boys and we can really do without another boy-girl. Lol. I salute you ladies sha! Making-up (in the fashion sense) is one hell of work. Sometimes I finish reading an entire newspaper during the time my wife does the thing! Lol. Oh sorry, I meant 'hahahaha'. Smh!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Matthew24:5-6 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,a’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
    2Timothy4:3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

    Need I say more? Na from clap dem de enter dance.

  40. Lol...seriously? Seriously!! Mscteeew....smh

    As for make up... I just do the lipgloss and lip liner. The wahala too much to do the rest

  41. You and Geebee have finished me o, LOL...

    As for that video, I'm sure it took more than 15mins o, there was fast forwarding. I no fit.

  42. If you are not happy now and here then you never will be. We always have a lot of reasons to be grateful and happy. Thanks for the simple reminder. One should not take all the good things for granted. Acknowledgement is essential for happiness.

  43. I had a good laugh at LOL! Lol! We need to know how not to fall for crap. C'est tres important.

    I feel you on the make up thing but you can apply make up in 5 minutes if you are so inclined. I hardly use any make-up but when I do I keep it simple.

  44. I love Emeli Sande... her voice is incredible and she sound so awesome live..

    with the make up! me I give up

    I cnt believe some girls actually go through that everyday..
    My make up wear is left for Sundays and occations.. even that koraa is only foundation eyeliner blusher and lipstick..
    its too much money tchaa I cant be bothered

    p.s SOrry for my MIA lol I cnt promise to change anymore lol xx

    Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl

  45. I got the message too on WhatsApp, I just ignored it. Only an unintelligent person will favour such a broadcast. I once did a post on this kind of thing here;

    There was a time that it was the public-panic-broadcast of don't-put-on-anything-red.

    For the makeup, God knows I wouldn't wait for a woman to apply all those when there is something else to attend to!

  46. Nollywood REinvented: lmao@ conceiving ridiculousness & ta gerrout. Hi5 jere. 24 items o babe. That was how me sef jejely kept moving. I fitn't arrall

    Priscy: Just when you thought you'd heard it all ba? Hope your weekend was fabulous too.

    Lue: lol@living our lives. It's those rebroadcasting them that amaze me. I mean c'mon people arrggg! So what story are you talking about sweetie :D and hi5 on the make-up ish. I just can't deal

    Dayor: lol, pele. I feel you though. I just don't have the energy.

    Tizzle: I was actually sorta pissed when i was typing this *covers face* So you can tell when i'm angry hmnmmm, okays :D So i shall follow you and your house to the make-up school although i don't think you'll be needing it cos girl, i think you have it on lockdown already. Hi5 on being wonder women
    You know i had to declare my love for you on here lol. The song just tripped me so i had to *goes on one knee* ok, i'm not proposing lol
    AY: I'm tired too o. And to think i had deleted all these sorta people from my contact list. I really really really really (ok, you get the point) hate those fancy characters. I see you use em, consider your ass judged! So what story were you referring to?

    Tomi: I have no idea what is wrong with these people o. Yay on the auction!! I'm in!!! let's do it! I wonder how much it'll go for since girls been giving it up so easy these days.
    On make-up, i can't keep up too and what you do is exactly what i do *wails*
    Eya: Hi5!!!

    Bukky: NR is spot on ba? I think so too. I can just imagine God cracking up like "goodness! these kids" lol. So we all love the finished product but can't be bothered to try. So bio-oil ba? Correct.

    Sykik: Please ask Tizzle o. Lol @ cosmeticology 101. I'm so in! So you mean there's a difference between eye pencil and lip liner? O_O As for keeping the vjay, *cough* I'm hearing you and agreeing all the way hehehe.
    And what story are you people talking about o *innocent face*

    Omotee: The world would truly be boring without silly people. At least they initiated this post. As for those contacts, i just rename shikena. I refuse to keep up with such foolishness. Yay and hi5 on liking it here. Do come back *muah*

    T.Notes: Like seriously

    Didi: Indeed. Don't mind them.

    Okeoghene: I want the final effect too sister but not with 20 items please.

    Nikkisho: I'm with you on relaxing and chilling the f out o. y the way, i love love your amateur work o. It usually looks so fabulous

  47. Writer's block be gone! Inspiration cometh from Tizzle baby. Check blog. *grin*

  48. Tamie: My own too is different biko. So what follow up is that *dodges shoe*

    MsJB: lmaooo@where Mac went to pray but it's true o. Those people must make tons and i just can't be bothered too

    Beulah: People can be mind boggling o. I have just had it with people's silliness ah

    Ginger: But you know now lol. So i'm not alone in the ungirly girl business. Thank God! Lipstick get expiry date o. I discovered one time when one i had gave me rashes on my lips. Very wicked something. The thing wanted to spoil my lip wrestling runs hehehe

    Prism: Lol, i swear. Plenty money o

    NIL: Hi5 on our mutual love for Emeli. Girl is amazeblls. Lmaooo@Ilic hehehe. I wonder what she does too o cos that's just wayyy too much time and items

    9ja Great: Yep yep, i wana give it up but i'm considering the auction Tomi suggested lol. I'm not learning jor. Berra come and teach me buck stuff.

    Becqui: Hi5!

    DOHK: Hehehe i had to make it up jere. I was too pissed like who really really makes up stuff like that en. I'm currently crushing on Emeli :) Her album is just it

    OSB: I tell you. Even if silly people send them, must we be fooled en? O sumi jere.

    Foye: I'm telling you. Like, what the actual f*kc mshew. Yeye people

    Atilola: Tell them o babe. I remember i did a post on that earlier in the year.

    Sugarsugar: (i remixed your name lol) My love yay, i am glad i made you laugh. Love you right back sweetie!!! lmaoo@crayons and canvass hehehe. Lets explore that abakadabra and tada ish cos i don't mind the transformation ( not that i'm bad looking o lol)

    Mike: That's what i do most times o. Whoever doesn't think my hotness is enough can like to do the miracle themselves :P

    Pawpawandmango: lmaooo @coding error. Hi10!!! You feel me 200%!

    Atoskin: This follow up post again? I don't know what you people are talking about o *flees*

    Nonye: I tire o my sister. I love been a girl too much to give it up actually *wink*

    31st Chain: hehehe

    Ivy: serious arrant rubbish ba? You can say that again and again. Longer hiss

    Simply Mee: Serious Pro touch o but i wish :)

    Geebee: lmaooo @ reading entire newspaper! Hey, we're wonder women jor lol. ROTFLMAO @ 'Lucifer will kiss me deeply' and 'Lucifer will tickle my belly' this guy won't kill me. Nonsense and ingredient hehehe

    Brave African: Na from clap dem de enter dance o

    Nutty J: Yea, seriously! I'm soo happy i'm not alone o

  49. Myne: Can you imagine. Fast forwarding again ba? It's just crazy.

    Tamal: You're very welcome

    Natural Nigerian: hehehe @ not falling for crap. Vraiment tres important. I try to keep my make-up light and simple too

    Ms Nana: !st, i love you so you're forgiven but please don't run off again. I'm soo proud of you sweetie. hi5 on our love for Emeli. She's awesome isn't she? You do the make-up thing really well though. I look up to you when it comes to doing it well. Gotten a few easy tips from you

    Strong Self: You've said it jere. Silly people. I read your post. Pople can be so ridiculous.

    Tizzle sweetie: Thanks soo much! You just made my month *cheesing* I'll do the needful asap!

    Adura: Emeli is just yum!

  50. blessings....
    Say here (Emeli) for the first time yesterday i think the sound was beneath your beautiful. I enjoyed it.

    thanks for sharing.
    hope all is well with you.

  51. i LOVE Emeli Sande - she is beautiful, her voice rocks and i dig her music!

    As for make up - i gave uo ages ago. LOL I just stick to the basics - powder, eye shadow and blusher..

    As for lol, a friend sent it to me as well... it stands for whatever you believe it stands for! LOL really though!! na wa. The last i checked there were no acronyms in the bible (correct me if i am wrong) so all these this stands for that is all mind games in my opinion.

  52. You gotta try.. Its big stress being girly!
    Try blogging more often for my sake...
    I kiss u... Bye!

  53. I think Christians need to look to God and his word before making this assumptions. Nothing is good then if we look to where it originated, the bible is clear that it is in the motives that actions find their strength. If I write lol for worship of the devil then God detests that but if it is to show my reaction to something that is wholesome then I see no wrong it. Just as if you help someone for praise and pride then God hates that but if it is to sincerely help that person then God see it as a good deed. Let's all remember the power of motives and what God thinks about that. That's just my take on that.

  54. hey babe!! just saw d vid...and it was so awwwwwwwww.
    thats the expression i have for it..
    much hugs and kisses
    i saw ur handiwork in funkinizing my name o...hehehe
    afi sugarsugar..LMAO!!!

  55. You this girl, since 23rd of November. Oya don't do the assignment again. Just come and say anything that's on your mind. I've missed reading your posts jo. Somebody will just be refreshing and refreshing.. Mscheeew. *sulking*

    I'm the person trumping up your visitor stats,looking for updates!!!

  57. For the LOL being satanic, Mschewwwww, silly people with their ignorant statements. LMAO @ your anger about the makeup thingy. 24 different items, hmmm. I love to makeup, but don't have the patience to do all that. I use just the basics and I'm good to go. Happy New Year sweets. Sure you had a fantastic celebration.

  58. Ermmm, madam... you have cobwebs everywhere.
    Come over here and clean up joor. Its a new year o.loool

  59. I saw that 'Lol' story sometime ago, and just hissed. It can mean anything to anyone with an active imagination (e.g. Love Of my Life - minus the 'M'). Don't even bother.

    Meanwhile, I used to check out makeup tutorials on YouTube a while back. They're quite helpful if you have time, but I am a fan of simplicity, so 24 products is out of the question. Unless, they will attract 24 different men ...

    Oh yes, Happy New Year madam. Thanks for all your support in 2012. May 2013 be even more amazing. Cheers!

  60. iya!!!...bawo ni
    kilonsele? wat is all "thix"
    oya...u can see d parole wey ppl b doing fr ur blog so come n post and stop letting us push cobby away fr u..
    and like u wud say...Hian!!***
    happy new year sweerie mine..wishing you the best in 2013

  61. Happy new year dear.

    Hope you are good..abi you have forgotten your blogger password ni? Please update oh.

  62. Happy new year Toin, where are you o, please don't be like me and show your face !

  63. The only thing assuring me that u are ok is your activity on other people's blog. Please come back here. I miss you.n*sniff sniff*

  64. T.Notes, my newest blog love, thanks for keeping the stats up my darling.

    Tizzlebaby, you know i love you for real for real right? I really honestly truly do *muah*

    Jemima, i'll try not to be like you so i can show face often but you sef, come and redeem your image o

    Skykik, i did not forget my blogger password o lol. Lets just say i was enjoying the break too much plus life kept happening.

    Sugarsugar, this babe hian! I must confess that i was loving the paroles on my blog o. #feelingloved

    Relentless, 24 different men ba? Darriz what ayam talking about. Anythang less just aint worth the stress. Happy new year sweetie

    Dayor, the cobwebs sef too stubborn. Inches thick o. See me trying to clear every *wipes brow*

    Che: Sweetie, you have no idea how much i miss you. i'm proud of you sweets.

    Ibiluv: Always a pleasure to have you drop by

    Milex: Thanks boo

    Unknown: I totally agree with you

    Chacha: You do know i do make a girl feel good *batts lashes* Thanks love. I def will try. I kiss you back :D

    Angelsbeauty: Emeli is just so great. I'm stuck on her.

    Rhapsody: She's amazing


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