Thursday, 17 January 2013


 *Crawls in, dodges thrown shoes and hides under a table*

*singing* "First of all introduction, (go down low). Na me wey get toinlicious blog and i been dey run away before but i don come back..." Kai, this my remix no try. Anyways, hey y'all! Happy new year everyone! I love every single one of you guys that checked up on me. You know yourselves *muah* my love for you is like diarrhea, i just can't hold it in lol.

I got razzer (can you tell already? hehe) i even have this Olamide's song on my phone. On my phone people!! hehehe. Razz is so much fun. My vacation was fun. I hooked up with old friends, made some new ones and generally enjoyed myself. In the midst of that, my monkey brother got married. I tested my hate-relationship with alcohol again and let's just say we are not likely to ever be friends. I also spent some time babysitting my nieces. You know them, Princess and Angel (trust me, angel is only an angel when she's sleeping) Let me just come clean here; I'm happy i don't have twins yet...what! did i just say twins? Ahhh my enemies are at work! I meant kids not twins. I don't want twins please. Awon alakoba. So i'm glad i don't have kids yet. They can be such a handful. A typical conversation between Angel (she's 2) and i would go like this:

Me: Angel bring my charger from the living room. You know where it is, don't you?
Angel: *looks with disinterest* (Emphatic) No!
Me: Angel! My charger! Now!
Angel: *a look that says, why is she shouting* Nooo
Me: (deciding to soft-pedal with a smile) Angel PLEASE bring my charger
Angel: (renewed interest) Again
Me: (mouth open) Angel please bring my charger
Angel: Again again
Me: Angel please bring my charger
Angel: Shout
Me: Ah, iyen emi na! (meaning Me?)
That girl is my absolute nemesis and she looks so sweet you'd never guess.

I missed blogsville even though i tried to keep up. I didn't forget my password o. *side eyes @Skykik*. I tried to blog but shame on me for not setting up the email thing before now. I had a lot to say (probably too much) but i just wasn't really interested in putting them up.

So last year was a year of growth for me. I made some interesting discoveries about myself. I opened myself up even more, tried new things, almost got a dildo, ignored my boundaries and cried (oh yea i cried my eyes out) I hit rock bottom. No, that's not right. There was rock bottom, there were piles and piles of crap, and there was me :) I literally turned into water works. Hard core gangster like me. Just a look would set me off and it scared my folks shitless. As it happens, when i break down (which hardly happens), my family breaks down so it feels good to know that a lot of people find strength in me. That realization makes me happy and not in a burdensome i-have-to-keep-it-together-because-everyone-is-counting-on-me way. It is more of a my-existence-is-not-in-vain kinda happiness. Anyways, I'm a fighter. I'm just praying for a drama-free year. I love drama actually, i just prefer it be someone else's life lol. I don't understand why drama follows me around even when i make it clear for drama to stay the ef away #sigh. I guess it's God's way of letting me know he loves me (that's the story i'm sticking with) so enjoy i must.
2012: I lost some friends, one very good one to death; others to circumstances and i made some amazing new ones. I tried, i lived, i loved, i learnt, i hoped, i trusted, i believed, i achieved, i lost, i hurt, i cried, i laughed, i endured, above all, i'm thankful for everything because i'm still standing. God is awesome.

2013: I have no resolution. I'm not going to forfeit a chance to smile today for the promise of laughter tomorrow because no one is promised tomorrow. I'll keep working on being a better, healthier and happier me. With lovely friends (you guys inclusive) who actually care about me and an amazeballs family; what more could i ask for?

So Ginger, i am finally headed to the Nunnery. I was actually on my way there before i got distracted by some lips fellows but this time, no more. I'm sure some monks come to visit sometimes *cough* It is not only in the White House that Scandals happen people lol (who's watching Scandal by the way?) And please don't beg me because i won't budge. Waits for someone to beg Oya you people beg me before Sister Alexis (that's me by the way) starts a scandal at the Nunnery lol.

Have an amazing year ahead and look out for a give-away. I need realistic ideas on what you'd like to receive. I'm in a giving mood so please email ideas to:
A special shout-out to Tizzle babay. Thanks for the award sweetness. Love you girl. Another shout-out to my girl Atoskin who can now officially bang/have sex lol got married. Here's to an amazing 2013. Cheers!

P.S: Could someone get runaway Honeylicious Dame to blog? I know she's jogging to NY busy but she could spare a few minutes for her blog, no?


  1. See your life! You haven't blogged in forever and you're telling us to hunt down Honey Dame?!? lol. Cheers to the better, healthier and happier Toinliciousness :)

  2. I know you're strong and i'm very glad to have you as a friend.*hugs*

    Hey,i'm not gonna email the give-away idea i have,it's no secret.Chevrolet Camaro and it should be given to ME! *huge grin*

  3. hahahahahahaaahahhahahaahah 9ja-greats Comment.. Y`all Gon push a brother with Give Aways ideas.No No. dont do it..

    As for Your 2012 review,i could like relate to most of it,guess its a process we all go through.. What don`t kill us makes Us Stronger..

    Do have A Wonderful 2013 :)

  4. Happy New year sweetie, i am glad you are still standing, 2012 was tough for me too, hey i am right there with you, still is to an awesome 2013 ..muah babes...

  5. Sister Alexis, I missed your posts. You always have me in stiches.

    Lol@ angel, children these dayS ehn

    Thank God you came out stronger. here's wishing you an amazing 2013.

    P.S: I have good giveaway suggestions :D. Expect my mail

  6. Toin Toin TOIN!!!
    how many times i call you?
    this your razzness don dey serious o
    ermmm, for the giveaway, i will like a samsung galaxy tab thank you very much.

  7. Oh my? lol! What in the world has happened to our Toin. Hehe, good to have you back dear. *covers face* I can relate with not blogging in a while. *phew*. Wish you an awesome year ahead... :)

  8. First of all, aunty, you have become razz. What is this ke?

    Wish u a self drama-free year and a year of painless growth. God's strength will most def carry you through!

    Lol @ cousins drive me crazy like that...e tire me!

    Oh so I promised to save the hugs for your next post. Welcome back dear *hugs*

  9. Missed your post but you delivered as usual :-) I'm at the salon grinning from ear to ear, think full laughter might scare folks, I won't be able to explain, heehehehe. Wishing you a fantabulous year!

  10. All this coded information...
    Spill correct gist!!!

  11. Raises glass to your choice for 2013. LOL at getting razzer. That is life, my dear. Sometimes we get tush, and at other times we slide to the razz side of the scale...haha. We love you regardless of how razz you become....hahahaha.

    I don't watch scandal. But whenever it is on, my facebook feed gets filled with scandal, scandal, scandal and I just sigh.

  12. Happy new year ms tonilicious.
    i agree, honeydame come back o.

  13. Welcome back... Happy new year. Blessings

  14. lol Angel reminds me of my 2 and a half year old niece, Georgia. She actually said to me in December "you are wasting my time". Smh! kids of today.

    Have a great 2013! (I just might join you in that nunnery Sister Alexis *wink*)

  15. This your half baked gist...biko spill it oh...Sister Alexis don't go and cause confusion oh.

  16. I just wanna hug u..
    Welcome to razzville... Theres always space for more.
    Happy new 'hear'

  17. I should have your number so I can call and drill for better gist jare. But I love your summary of 2013 and what 2013 holds.

  18. Hmm... The things you put in this post are many o. I don't even know which one to respond to but I saw my name in there somewhere and life is beautiful :) I shall email you as per the give away. Please don't be razz(er) please. Don't get rid of the very little tushness you have :p

    Have a fantastic year and here's to a year filled with more ups than downs and more laughter than tears. No more tears sef so gbo?


  19. Yaay... good to have you back? no? yes? Yaay

    i know how the position in the family feels like, feel really good and helps you find your laughter quick quick!!

    and Yes, you is now razzz oh. *smh*

    anyways have a wonderful 2013 girl..

  20. Welcome back. You sound full of life... Good for you

    Happy New Year

  21. Toinlicious!!! Laughing my head off o. No need to crawl back in jare. Sometimes one needs the break. Nicely interesting/hilarious post filled with learning points. Welcome to the new year-I wish you the best of what this year has to unravel. Always yourself, do keep it up girl. Welcome back.

  22. I'm I the only one that caught the "almost got a dildo" gist??? I have to DM you for more information but meanwhile I 'rebook' the devil in Jesus' name!!!!!. Happy new year hun. Thanks for being one of those that stalked me back to Blogsville! You're amazeballs and I wish you a fantastic 2013.

    P.S: razz is the new...well...razz! But it is fun nonetheless. Keep doing you!

  23. Ehm, ehm,....Sister Alexis , I hope the dildo won't follow you to the nunnery?

    Woop...woop, am shouting it to the roof top, Toin is back and mincing gist. Please fill in the gap in this your post jare, which drama followed you......

    I love the part where you said " I am not going to forfeit a chance to smile today for the promise of laughter tomorrow because no one is promised tomorrow" ....makes sense in a way. However, i think there are times we may have to drink garri today so that we can eat fried rice tomorrow......

    1. " think there are times we may have to drink garri today so that we can eat fried rice tomorrow......" Thıs ıs true Sykık. It's part of the process of maturıty. Forfeıtıng the ımmedıate/temporary for the pleasure of the future. Balance ıs key though- because some people also overdo ıt. Loved thıs comment. Laughıng @the Dıldo gıst.

  24. Toin Tomato! Hehehehe. You've been busy BALLING! Wecome back!

    Seriously tho, getting HoneyDame back to blogging is now a prayer and fasting matter. Someone pls fix a date. Lol

  25. loool! glad u are back! aww, we had a similair year (last year)

    okay go to Nunnery, the list of the hot men I will have will increase then ;) lol

    I wish u a beautiful 2013, and may you always find laughter xx

  26. Toin has killed me with laughter o! My sista, welcome to the razz club, I think everyone has a razz personality so no shaking.

    We haven't approved your enrollment @ the nunnery o, so still hold on to that your name for the time being.

    Honeydame come forth, we are missing you here!!! I should also clear my cobwebs sometime soon.

    Great post as usual, you never disappoint.

    Have an awesome year!

  27. I really don't know what 2013 holds for me. Thank God for all you went through in 2012, I'm sure you'd have a great 2013. You sound really hmmm *whats the word*, can't think of one yet. Like you've found the answer to a puzzle or something. I wish you a blessed 2013 *kisses*

  28. Lmao. Literally rotflmao. Where do i even start from? I had always known you had it in you, Razzomola buruku! As for Princess and Angel., Yorubas say 'eni bini la n jo' in oda words, an apple doesnt fall far feom the tree and u are part of that tree, so, voila, mini you(s)!! H here's to a better year, baby!.
    Only God knows what's wrong with that HoneyDame, she must think she's all that and a bag of chips, keeping pple waiting for months on end, silly girl!
    Did someone say giveaway?!!!!

  29. Yay,Toin is back,we definitely missed you,pls pls share the drama and the scandal.
    Lol@Angel and her being your nemesis,should I say you deserve it..
    And don't bother with the Dildo,when Chris Attoh and Iyanya are still available
    And 2012 was a learning year,at least you know your limits and have moved forward,wishing you a very Happy drama 2013.
    And to Sister Alexis,I want to hear it all
    PS.please toin don't be a lazy blogger,you starve us.
    NB;about the giveaway,I want IPAD,Gucci Bag,hehehehe
    Love always.

  30. blessings and happy new year.....
    May it be all you want and more....

    Life is like that, sometimes you got to step back and do what is needed and then step forward again so welcome back....

    stay blessed.

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  32. You are def razzer, but razz is fun jare. Dis your post get plenty hidden gists. Hmmmmmm... LOL @ Angel, you ain't seen nothing yet. They will show you pepper :-p

  33. You are def razzer, but razz is fun jare. Dis your post get plenty hidden gists. Hmmmmmm... LOL @ Angel, you ain't seen nothing yet. They will show you pepper :-p

  34. hehe Toin, razzer definitely not an understandment lol Happy 2013 and your conversation with Angel is cute children of now adays are too smart sha....Welcome back!

  35. Yo Toin, I bet you won't be allowed to fill the forms... Nun? You?! Haaaaaahaaaaa!

    Have a great year oh jare!

  36. hahaha...razz geh!!
    the media affects me too sometimes...u see me and colleagues/siblings pulling razz stuntz ehn...u wee think it shall be someborry else
    good to have u back lovey...and tanx fr ur kind words on my last post
    now bcos of u, almost evryone calls me sugar sugar...LOOOL
    thats the power u have in blogsville...d power of friendship..
    muah muah muah!!!

  37. Meh... Your life has really been so eventful so far and with the little-little dramas too. Mine has been taking such turn lately. But really, I don't like drama following me everything like chics behind mother-hen. Welcome back from your vacation.

    Immediately I read the title of the post, I knew Olamide's track had something to do with it. Intelligent me, right?

  38. LadyNgo: I'll drink to that ;) and please don't compare me with HD. That girl has to do an iphone give-away if she intends to come back to blogsville :D

    9jagreat: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate you tres much too *hugs* Did you say Chevrolet Camaro? Remind me when you're about to turn 40 ;)

    Didi: My very own twin, don't mind the guy. Tif sombody. What doesn't kill us def makes us stronger. Have an amazing 2013 too dear

    Jemima: Thanks sis *Raises glass* To an amazing 2013. We'll be fine *muah*

    Dayor: You're very welcome sister Dayo. It is the Lord's doing. I missed this place too. I'm pretty sure that Angel was sent to this world to give me a taste of my own medicine *tears* Thanks for the suggestions dear *muah*

    Lue: You didn't call me o. You only typed my name *covers face* Lef my razzness biko. And berra park well. Samsung Galaxy ko. Wait though, leme go see if i can get an Alhaji to fund the give-away lol

    Michael: The tush Toin is still right here representing *huge grin* You should also come back to blogging.

    Feyi: First of all, ayam not razzer than normal jor *covers face* I'll drink to a drama-free year and a year of painless-growth. Thanks sweetie *hugs*

    Bukky Apampa: Lmao You can try to explain o jere. Just skip the dildo part *covers face* Thanks ma'am. I don't know why i don't get your updates on my blog roll. Wishing you an amazing year too. How's our cute lil girl doing?

    T.Notes: *feigns ignorance* My love but but...

    Prism: *raises glass too* Thanks for the love regardless. So you really should start watching Scandal. Like seriously.

    NikkoSho: Happy new year sweets. Please help drag that babe back here

    Brave African: I love your name. I reminds me of a fierce warrior :D. Have an amazing 2013.

    Efua: Wasting her time??? These kids smh. Yay on joining me at the nunnery *does happy dance* I'm thinking of trying to apply as a cook at a Monastery though. Slim pickings at the Nunnery. Imagine us hawties at the Monastery (think kid in a candy store) #naughtymuch lol

    Lara: lol@half baked gist. Leme o *flees*

    Yeva: *receives e-hug* Thanks for welcoming me into razzville :D

  39. Myne: I'll email the number to you but only so i can hear your voice. I might be persuaded for the full gist though :D Thanks for always coming by and encouraging. You're an inspiring superwoman in my head :) Here's to a jaw dropping 2013.

    Tizzle baybay: Did you say very lil tushness?? *in my poshest breeish accent* I know not of what you speak. I am as prim as they come *flips afro...realises no flipping happens then pats afro* I am still awaiting your give away suggestions o *muah* and yes ma, no more tears ma *puppy eyes*

    NR: Happy new year sweets :)

    Okeoghene: An amazing 2013 to you too

    Lukina: Lol thanks jere my loff. Feels good to be back. So i'm sha razz #sigh. Have an amazeballs 2013.

    Nutty J: You noticed *huge grin* That's how i feel. I just have a feeling that 2013 is going to be eventful for me and i truly can't wait to see what unfolds.

    Unyime-Ivy: *comes out from behind the table* Thanks for understanding and welcoming me back *huge grin*

    Cherrywine: You know i love u tres much. Blogville missed you too much too and i trust you to catch the dildo gist. Uber sharp girl. I join you in 'rebooking' the devil o. Raising my glass to a fabulous 2013

    Sykik: Dildo ke? With all those able-bodied men with un-used *cough* equipments? It will be such a waste of space. A gel can take its place biko. I am naughty sha.
    Lerrus leave that drama in 2012 jor. It has kinda kuku followed me enter 2013 but make we dey see sha *grin* I know what you mean about making sacrifices for a greater good but in this case, i meant this literally.

    Hazel: Thanks my darling. *grin* I don't even know for the HD girl again.

    Abi Tobi: Amen Amen Amen on always finding laughter. So we had a similar year but we're still standing, hi5. We're strong *hugs* Babe, berra sign up for the monastery thing. Plenty fishes there o. Wishing you a beautiful 2013 too *muah*

    Atoskin: Friendship mi! Happy married life. Trust you to induct me properly *grin* Oya approve me sharply o. No time in 2013. So come clear your cobwebs and give us gist about your honeymoon.

    CoylyIntrovertedChic: Very smart you *wink* I wish you too a blessed 2013 *kisses*

    Honeydame: First of all, gaaaan update!
    OSB: Thanks for the love. Missed y'all too. Chris and Iyanya ba? Ojigbijigbijigbi lol. Keep your fingers crossed on Gucci bag and Ipad. Leme gaan look for that Alhaji you hear?

    Rhapsody: Amen! May this year be all you want and more....

    Che: Lol As per Angel, pity me na abeg

    MYSU: Kai, so my razzness can't be hidden? Thanks for the wishes dear. Wishing you an amazing 2013 too.

    PET Projects: Hey, i'm not that bad or am i? *grin* Have a fabulous year too.

    Sugarsugar: Present! Yay so almost everyone calls you that *happydance* Sugarsugar is soo cute *kisses*

    Strong Self: Very smart you lol. Eventful o. Hope yours has been eventful too. Thanks for receiving me. Here's to a fantastic 2013

    Adura Ojo: Thanks ma'am :D

  40. Creeping in quietly to read.
    Reminiscing with you..deaths, hair, news, sugar daddies, gbagun-toasters, etc etc
    Cheering up as she reads on
    Laughing contrllably at niece's antics
    laughing uncontrollably at dildo gist..thot you gave your vjay away in a recent post?
    Sobering up and arranging face as per PA to the Pope: Convents do not take vjayless women. What are you then giving up for Christ?

    Now running off. love you darling. Its gonna be a great year Indeed!

  41. razz is the new cool............ looooooool

  42. I love the way you're so sincere in an unassuming kind of way. Will definitely be back for more ;-)


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