Wednesday, 17 April 2013


My guilty pleasure

Hello beautiful people. First of all, there is an amazing give-away happening at Oroque's. He is giving away a whooping sum of 150,000 naira for his blog's 5th anniversary. Head on over there to grab it. All the best. Second of all, the gracious Relentless Builder nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Yay me!!! I wonder if i can put this on my CV? I can right? Like, somewhere under "Additional achievements" maybe? Anyway, Relentless aka Kiishi is passionate about Education, Nigeria, gospel music and so much more. You should head on to her blog and enjoy the awesomeness that she is. Thanks a lot Relentless. I appreciate this. You know it rocked my week right? You didn't? Well, now you do xo. It however comes with rules so let's get to them.

The Rules:
1.      Display the award logo on your blog- check
2.      Link back to the person who nominated you- check again
3.      State 7 things about yourself- Ok
4.      Nominate 3 - 7 other bloggers and link back to them.

1. Hi, my name is Toin and i'm a confirmed sapiosexual! Yep *nods head*

2. I met this guy who was all kinds of cute and then some but he sagged! Yes, it's a crime. Why in the name of Quadratini Vanilla wafers, Berryblast and everything that is amazing will you be sagging in this age en? You're not 9years old, Whizkid or Chris Brown so pull that thing up. He was so cute and spoke so well i was tempted to get close and pull the pants up myself so a girl can properly crush but it wasn't to be. A girl can't even crush in peace. Such a waste of cuteness. #sigh

3. You remember my dream about being Beyonce's bestie and all yea? Well, i'm there! Ok maybe not quite but almost there. Please don't tell me almost doesn't count. Brandy doesn't know what she's talking about. Are you ready to know who i met? Wait for it... *drumrolls*I met Denrele! So you see! From Denrele to Beyonce. See how i got there? You don't? Me neither but i'm sure there's a connection.

4. I met tons of young, intelligent and amazing people at the Future Awards Symposium last weekend and darn, it was fun. Ebuka is as cute in person (Mo said to "do" him for her, mad girl) He was such a good sport. I would have met Sugabelly too but she couldn't make it. I'll dedicate a post to gists from that trip.

5. Hi again, my name is Toin and i'm addicted to Scandal. To think i actually thought about passing the symposium event up because i didn't want to miss Scandal for a day. Who even thinks like that? Apparently, me. I am addicted people *wails* This addiction is real. #sigh. I hope i'm not the only one who is irritated by all those breaks they keep taking. I need my fix badly.

6. So i've been feeling a little restless lately and i would like to volunteer my services to a cause. I'm interested in advocacy for females, kids and health related issues. Let me know if you have any going on.

7. I got me four new crushes, male and female. Ask me no questions and i will tell you no lies. #flees

Now to nominating people, If i stalk your blog, it must be that you have content i am interested in. Feel free to grab this award.

I hope you've been keeping up with blogsville drama. If not, Madame Sting has a pretty good re-cap. I sorta kinda miss blogsville people who have all refused to update, my friendship UnveilingGold, My love T.Notes, BSNC, PET projects, Janyl, Northern Chic, Honeydame, Abi Tobi, Michael Onobote, 9ja's great, 31st Chain, Cherrychatter, NIL, Prism, Dayor, Coy, Feyi, MsNana, Rita etc. #deepsigh. Time for smoking out.


P.S: Thanks to Sugarspring for yet another Liebster. You rock girl xo
P.P.S: Has anyone shopped from Jumia?


  1. LOL! I dislike sagging to.. Huge turn off.

    Naughty girl.

  2. Good stuff, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations sistah!
    Addicted to scandal huh?..ahahhaha
    Hold on to your might come true!:D
    O yes! Sting is keeping the blog gist alive.

  4. You're so funny... Congrats on the award.

  5. lol please i'm very interested in number 7, better come back here.

  6. Toinlicious dear, sorry I haven't been here lately. Not ignoring you o. Dramatingz can be distracting. Enjoyed reading your post sha, fellow sapiosexual:)

  7. Sapiosexual...saw it first on naijalines, now here. I like to learn new words :) I thot it was a dirty words, but it's actually not. lol.

  8. Congrats on your award my gist partner of life!! You know you did well today ba? Lol :-D

    Lol @ "You're not Whizkid" :-(

    *sigh* @ Denrele and Beyonce bla bla. Warris all this now?

  9. LOL. I've still not been bitten by the Scandal bug. Despite my love affair with Kerry Washington, I don't have any desire to watch. Though i'm sure if i did watch i probably would get addicted too

  10. I have shopped at Jumia, twice now and I don't have any bad reports so far....are you one of the promoters.....

    I see you your dream is coming true...keep it up and very soon you will be having dinner with Bey .

    Congrats on your award.

  11. Hahaha I'm the only one allowed to stay from blogsville for so long ok? You are too funny to be keeping us waiting on all these your gists
    Thanks for checking up on me, hun. My MIA bout has been rectified already. Btw you know this post is unfinished right? Come and fill up all the blanks :)

  12. I love Scandal, but that affair sha has over lasted. Congrats :)

  13. awww thank u! but I recently just posted something last weekend :p I LOVE SCANDAL!.. Olivia pope.. I have a crush on Olivia pope lol

  14. Need to look up the word sapiosexual.

    I haven't started watching scandal yet, I will wait till it ends before I start.

  15. Congratulations Miss Toin on the nomination! I wish I could crawl into your brain and have a raw feel of your creativity. 7 things about yourself and you came up with what I will call 'amazingner' than amazing! I also proudly embrace my sapiosexuality! Thumbs up chic!

  16. Lol! Toin, see you repeating your name like say we never hear am before. Hehe! You're so welcome. My pleasure!

    Ewo tun ni "sapiosexual?" I haven't heard of it before o. Need to look it up.

    From Denrele to Beyonce? Oh Lord! It is good to dream ehn ...

    For the bloggers who haven't updated, forgive them abeg. Life happens ...

    Fun read as usual :-)

  17. Hey Toin. Congrats on your award. You deserve it and much more jare! Your sense of humour is unending and I'm soooo attracted to you (in the sapiosexual sense o! Make my wife no break my head for house. Lol).

    WTF! How old was the guy you said sagged? Like, really? In 2013? Now I totally agree with you. Such a waste of cuteness. Been a while I've been here and I totally had fun . . . As usual!

  18. Congratulations @ number 2

  19. I saw 150,000 and I got confused for a while.

    Toooooiiiin!!! I've missed you!!! I really have!! You are one of the blog-fam members I kept thinking of while I was in Singapore (hehehee)

    I just jumped on the Scandal wagon and so far so good.

    Sigh... I see no change in you denrele to Beyonce?? :s I don't get it.

    Anyway I have to run now. Have an essay to write.

  20. Congratulations on the truly deserve for Mr. Sagging, words fail me...I hear Ebuka is really cute, glad to know you had fun.

  21. So I came to pick my I'm updating soon. I promise.

    Congratulations on the award, I see your Beyonce dream is coming on real well :D

  22. Congratulations on your award. You're really funny.

  23. Hahahaha, congrats Toin. I was laughing as I read your post. Interesting and humorous as usual. You are not alone in this addiction matter o. I love to watch Scandal and Rhythm City.

  24. Congrats dearie. I don't like sagging as well

  25. Toin oooo...loool...funny geh!!! iwo omo yi shaaaa ati drama e
    chai!! i can totally understand that sagging waste of cuteness...i will just be vexing fr d guy sef..#hiss
    yea..we both know i rock#biggrin#
    Scandal, oh Scandal!! what have you done to my swithart oooo ehn...everywhr Scandal, is it that intriguing?
    muah^^^ and be a good girl

  26. An award well deserved... congrats and all the best with your project.
    You are still on this your dream thing? lol yooo, just say me well to your bestie if you finally geet to see her through Denrele!. lol

  27. Toin you are just so HILARIOUS!

  28. Lukina: Dislike is very mild for how i see it. Naughty ke? *innocent face*

    Surprise: Yay! He graces my blog. Thanks man.

    Blogoratti: Thanks a lot

    Simply Mee: Thanks ma'am. That Scandal en, it's just something. I'm holding on firmly to my dreams o.

    AY: *huge grin*And how was the Jumia experience? Good right?

    Beautiful: *cough* erm er *strolls away again* By the way, where can i get my own personal SM mbok?

    HoneyDame: Lmaoooo Ashewo bawo? I don't know what you're talking about. 'Bhet' you know variety is the spice of life ba? Some people even say the more, the merrier *skips away*

    Adura Ojo: I know you weren't ignoring me. I saw you were pretty busy with all the drama. Hi5 on being sapiosexual.

    Madame Sting: Lol@dirty word. I knew what i was but came across that word earlier this year on twitter when a friend described me with it. I love to learn new words too, only, i hardly use them.

    Feyi: Gist partner of life mi lol. I know i did well *pats self on the back and grins* My mass communication training is finally paying off nicely lol. For Whizkid, i know he sags and i cam forgive him cos he's an entertainer who's still battling puberty *shrug* but you have to support this Denrele/Bey thing biko

    LadyNgo: The Scandal addiction is real although, i'm actually getting a lil tired but let me keep my reasons to myself before i spoil it for you.

    Sykik: Yay for dinner with Bey. You're definitely in the spirit. So your jumia experience has been amazing so far? Cools.

    MsJB: You are not allowed to stay away for that long else, you'll attract a huge fine. I'm barely evading the fine as it is. I have so many gists and i will try to update you guys more. By the way, this post is VERY finished. *whistles away*

    Myne: I know right, a la affair. They shouldn't overplay that affair o. I'm still hooked anyway.

    Abi Tobi: I had no idea. I saw it after you mentioned it. Scandal is just the ish. Lol @your crush. I totally get it. The quivering lips and all.

    Atoskin: Sweetie, it's a very smooth word. Love it. You need to start with Scandal o. Don't wait, especially if it's going on 10 seasons.

    Fredilia: Thanks dear. This your wash is complete for the month. I shall stop bathing because i feel squeaky clean.

  29. Relentless: Thanks for the award again sweets. I had to repeat that name so y'all can get it right na lol. I trust you now know the meaning of the word. Good dream ba? I knew you were in the spirit hi5.

    Geebee: Been ages o! Gens gens, don't worry, you're safe. I should be the scared one cos my face might not be very pretty but i'm managing it. I will not want any acid-ing biko. That saggy guy thogh, i was just sad that i couldn't crush well. Agbalagba for that matter *smh slowly*

    Abiola: Thanks jere. It was a sad day indeed lol

    Tizzle: My darling baybee, i have truly missed you on here too. That money is plenty money o so yea, i get how confused it made you lol.
    Kai, you this geh, so you messed with me and i chopped it, hook, line and rotten bait. You owe me a trip to Singapore for that. Ok, my mouth is wide. I'll pay for myself.
    So you don't see the Denrele/Bey connection o? I was really counting on you to find it *deep sigh* I'll get there.

    Lara: Thanks dear. Ebuka is tres tres cute :D

    Dayor: *hands the sub over* lol. I'm excited about Bey too lol

    Green Biro: Thanks a lot. I see you're a new follower. A wonderful welcome to my crazy funny world. Do come again.

    Unyime-Ivy King: First of all, please what does your name mean? I really have been meaning to ask. Thanks for showing here. It's been a while though, I hope you're fine. Good to know i'm not alone in this addiction. I should try that Rhythm City.

    Ibifiri Kamson: I really like your name too. Please what does it mean. Thanks for dropping by. Sagging is just wrong.

    SugarSugar: My baybee, eezz nor me o. People bring drama to me ni o. Imagine that agbalagba sagging. I was tempted to point him towards the belt section sef but he would probably have shot me daggers with his eyes lol. You know i'm always a good girl (at least i try)

    Priscy: Thanks dear. I refuse to let such an important dream go o. Bey will love me. I just need to give her the chance to meet me.

    Kemi Filani: My dear, thanks a bunch. I've missed you here too.

  30. Blessings just popped in to say hello and touch base.

    hope all is well and life is treating you kind.
    stay blessed.


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