Friday, 3 May 2013


Hello beautiful people and happy new month. So someone Honeydame-ish who sneaked off MONTHS ago finally sneaked back in. Still 'Yimu-ing' at that non-post update she put up. (could someone please translate yimu' in English for my non-Yoruba readers?)

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So there was a time in my life when i saved my phone contacts with weird names depending on who you are and how mean/lazy i was feeling at the time. If you didn't know me well and picked my phone in trying to check a contact, chances are, you'd be sorely disappointed/confused. This was fun until something embarrassing happened. It would probably be the most embarrassing thing next to throwing up at work before getting to the restroom :( Malaria is the devil

Anyways, I had Joker. I met the dude during NYSC. He wanted to keep dreads so he decided the best way to do this was to stop combing his hair and to tangle his hair himself until he arrived at some kind of locks but not quite dready. He also grew his moustache long enough to pull. I actually wondered if girls kissed him. It looked more insane than anything. To think he was on my case *shudder*
Animal/Grumpy is my friend who was so grumpy when he was hungry you would think he had been starved for ages. Other times when he isn't, he is always on the prowl for the next 'meat' *shakes head*
Crush was a cutie who had a crush on me for the longest time ever. The guy used to stalk my classes despite the fact that we had separate faculties (too cute).
Chucky's bride was another cutie whose boyfriend was nicknamed Chucky. Made sense right?
Maniac always talked about sex and how he doesn't mind being my teacher because sex is something i should know a lot about and practice before settling down. How magnanimous of him right *side f*cking eyes* Teacher indeed. Mshew
I also met Spiky at NYSC camp. He had hair all over and they were like spikes (i promise i didn't name him Spiky. One of my friends did lol). I  had a lot more weird names but an incident made me stop for a while.


There was this guy who applied for a job in the company i work for and he came around to check what was going on. What struck me about him was his very black lips (i thought he was a heavy smoker and i was right). I told him the appointment list wasn’t out so he requested for my number. I am usually leery of total strangers calling and trying to form fast friends so I asked for his instead and told him I was going to call him when the list came out. I saved his name as 'burnt lips'. (meanie-me right? I know) A few hours later, he came back and asked to use my phone. I was busy with a customer so without thinking, I obliged. He made the quick call and returned my phone.

I closed from work much later and i wanted to redial a number i had dialed earlier so I checked my dialed call list and saw his name (burnt lips). I wanted to swallow my head. How much more could this foot be down my throat. He apparently dialed his line from my phone, saw what i saved his name as and said nothing. I felt so bad and embarrassed. He called me up later and asked if his lips really looked burnt and swore that he was going to quit smoking. It apparently hit him hard because according to him, he never realised how his image must have shut several 'doors' just because he was a smoker. He then proceeded to "Set P" lol. He still calls from time to time to refresh the "P setting" course lol but i learnt a huge lesson. Never give your phone out to strangers. Good lesson, no?



  1. Looool. Good lesson indeed.

  2. Girl your foot is permanently in your mouth and you dont give a rats ass

  3. Lesson learnt all around. Lol

  4. It is funny at times how we learn our lessons the unusual way. You must really have been so embarrassed. Chai... Pele.

  5. Omg. This is so embarrassing. Real lesson learnt.

  6. lool! that's funny! and btw, some girls get attracted to long beards oh, like some are attracted to pot belly.. yikes! but difference strokes right

    u know interesting people lol

  7. Hahaha..toin! Sure lesson.

  8. God I was just laughing all through, almost had a sore throat. Lesson properly learnt surely. Burnt lips lol. It's Autotastic

  9. Rule no. So never give out your phone to a stranger...lesson learnt oh.

  10. Mean girl, 'burnt lips'....well you motivated him to change.
    I actually put 'low battery' for a guy whose calls I never used to pick. Yet he would call me till my battery went down. Insane if you ask me...

  11. I loved this piece. Very funny.

  12. LOOOOOL............. burnt lips... funny..

    well @ least you helped him as in he has learnt really...

  13. hahahaha toin oooo
    if twas me too, dont know how i wud feel
    the topic hit the post anyway
    funny u motivated him to change#grin

  14. Looooolllll. I am so laffin at this. But I am happy that you were able to minister to the guy with ur embarrassing mistake. Lol.

  15. Looooooooooool. This is soooo funny, I can't stop laughing. Interesting lesson learnt.

  16. Lol....I learnt that lesson a looooong time ago. Awkward moments

  17. Toin tomato, you are one funny babe......what if someone was to save your number using a weird name what will it be ....*winks*

    You saved a soul and I am sure the guy will forever be grateful to you and your phone.

  18. lollllllll.
    will like to steal your phone sha

  19. But it kinda paid off, if he really meant quitting smoking! Lol!!

  20. This is too funny toin, honestly i would love to be a fly on you wall. Meanwhile what does "set P" mean, i am completely lost...

  21. "Burnt Lips"? Toin! You could have used 'Job Seeker' or something even less obvious. lol!
    This is having your leg down down your throat proper. hahaha!

    Yeah, what's "Set P"?

  22. Very funny but yet interesting post with lessons to learn. Keep it Up

  23. Lol lesson learnt indeed.

    Same thing happened to my Auntie..

    She saved the lady who picked up her kids as "Fat Woman" and one time when she went to pick up her kids from the lady's house, she leant her, her phone as the woman could not find hers.

    The lady typed in her number and fat woman came up, she was so upset, she refused to pick my cousins up from school for a week.

    LOOOOOOL Lesson learnt


    Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  24. Oh dear! lol. Well, if you have managed to make him change his bad habit then your work is done.

  25. Hello and happy new month!

  26. Hmmmmm I wonder what you saved my own name with.Cutie with a goatee? Goateecious lepacious? *shrugs* Oh well!

  27. Original Mgbeke10 May 2013 at 04:11

    LMAO. Toin you are HILARIOUS. I always say this. Only you would save people's names under such funny nicknames. eeyah, poor burnt lips. Hahahaha

  28. Hazel: Lmaooo. I still have Rat, Maniac and Gbenga Shoes. Those are legit names no?

    Lorlah: I know this *mock tears*

    Okeoghene: Oh yea lol

    Strong Self: Oh, yea. I was so embarassed, more because if he knew me, he'd know it was not out of malice but just something i did :(

    IbifiriKamsom: I know right! I hardly do it anymore though.

    Abi Tobi: Oh, i know so many interesting people you have no idea. I should do a series post on that even lol. I don't even know how i attaract them.
    Long beards isn't so weird but long moustache? Naa. Keep it away from me.

    Tamie: Babes, sure lesson o

    Olumide: Lmaoo pele on sore throat. Don't mind my mischivious self. The lips was really really really burnt though *covers face*

    Lara: Serious rule oh lol

    Dtruth Uncensored: I'm not a mean girl jor. Ok, maybe i'm a lil mean lol. Lmaoo @low battery. You see now. Welcome to the mean club. I have those too smh

    Beautiful: My fav girl atm, i know right *face covered*

    Kitten: Thanks Kitten :)

    DOHK: *mock tears* But i helped him so i'm not so bad *sips jiuce*

    SugarSugar: See, i like you. Looking to the bright side. I was very embarassed sha o

    Atilola: Stop laughing na :( It was tres embarassing. I felt bad for him sha

    Atoskin: Lmaoo. Oh yea

    Sisi Yemmie: Very awkward mehn. I wanted to swallow my tongue

  29. CherryWine: Wo, shit happens jor *tongue out*

    Sykik: *innocent face* Ah, it'd probably be crazy or weirdo or smiley or cutie lol. Most likely cutie or smiley actually. My sister (Prim) saved it once as Iwin *wails*

    Lue: Oh, now why would you wana do that? I've repented o ... almost :D

    Ugochi: It sure paid off. I can't truly confirm if he has stopped though. He says he has but you never know. I truly hope he has.

    Jemima: Ah, as fly on my wall, i promise you will be entertained! My life is something i've stopped trying to figure out. Too much drama. I swear, if i put up half of what haponens to me on a daily, you guys won't beleive me. I should probably start a relaity tv show. Kardashains who??
    "Set P" = ask out

    Tomi: :D

    Enkay: I'm telling you, my leg was way down my throat o. Job seeker would have definitely saved my a lot of embarassment but you know i like to learn the hard way. You would think i would have stopped saving names with such but no. Toin is a hard learner :(

    NaijaBizCom: I will try. Thanks for dropping by

    Ms Nana: Oh lord no! Fat woman? :( The lady must have been so upset.

    Ginger: That's the consolation. I consider it my good deed for his life :D

    Blogoratti: Happy new month to you too sir!

    9ja Great: Oh baby, that's for me to know and for you to wonder about lmao. Don't worry, i'm not going all meanie on you. I do like the sound of Cutie with a goatee though. Rhymes even lol

    Original Mgbeke: *face completely covered*

    Lohi: Thanks boo lol

  30. Burnt lips....dudette really? I used to call a guy


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