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Hello lovelies. So i did a post for the3six5ng project which was posted on the 15th of June, 2013 and i thought to share here. It is a project that hopes to get 365 Nigerian views about the Nigerian life whether writers are resident in Nigeria or not.

The post should have a maximum of 365 words, including an appropriate visual which you have created. The intent is to create a crowd sourced diary, so it is important that your post reflects a day of your life and to give our readers a sense of ‘you’.

Here's my post:

Cute shoes, yes?
I have a high school graduation to attend at Adesoye but i'm feeling lethargic. My friend called to ask about my trip. He also asked if I had breakfast and I said no then he launches into a story about how his wife made moi moi for breakfast and he wanted to take one only for her to say she made just enough for her and the kids. She figured he always took care of himself besides, "Toin (that's me) should sort you out."


See, a wife who thinks i'm 'sorting out' her husband is very worrisome. Even more so because we don't have that kind of relationship. I never 'sort' him out and I don't know how my name came up in that conversation. What is more worrisome is, a few days ago, his girlfriend (yea, he has a girlfriend) who is getting married in November to a guy she says she doesn't feel anything for, asked him if he has feelings for me. You see, she feels insecure and is wondering if he is already trying to replace her with me. *RME*

A wife is worried about her husband's ordinary friend when there is a legit girlfriend she should be worried about and a girlfriend is worried about an ordinary friend of her married boyfriend. It would be funny if it wasn't ridiculous. Nollywood all the way, no?

See,  I generally mind my business. When I see you entering a ditch, I tell you and if you insist on sinking, I let you sink. After all, it's your life. Mr. Married-guy made some moves a long time ago but I shut it down and consequently and firmly brother-zoned him.

I remember him saying he would get a kiss, probably when he does something mind-blowing for me.
Me: In your dreams.

What worries me now is that I hate drama in my life. In someone else's life, totally but not in mine. How do i even get myself mixed up in these situations?

I'm not complaining about my shoes. It can be fun...mostly but this isn't quite funny anymore.

Time to lose the closeness.

Another day in my drama filled world. #DeepSigh 

You can check the post out here too. To be a part of the project, check here and here for more details.

Kisses. I'll be back.


  1. Hahahahahaha! Toin 'gboko-gboko' lmao! Some women be tripping! That's how I was unable to sleep last night cos the wife of a messenger in my cousin's office, got hold of her number and kept calling to ask my cousin if she was "Ayo wey dey "friend" Mustapha'!!!! My cousin's name is not even Ayo! Sigh!!! If I say I should swear for her for frustrating my sleep now...anyway, funny post and extremely cute shoes.

  2. Hmm this just validates 9jagreats cheating story.. Stay outta trouble Twinny!!

  3. Looool Toin leave the married man alone and stop sorting him :p

  4. That man's world is really topsy turvy! Lol Please keep your distance abeg before the wife will really see you as a threat and the girlfriend who is seemingly confused will go diabolical on you. (I have seen one too many African magic movies)

    Really cute shoes you have there btw.

  5. lol, the sorter!!!!

    It really isn't funny, especially when there's no funny to it... do i make sense?

  6. Toin, run 440 oh before the wife starts asking him to meet @Toin to set him out in the bedroom department....which kain wahala be this

  7. Toin! Toin!! Toin!!!
    How many times did I call u?
    Pls I don't want nobody messing with you o.

    One of the many dramas in Toin's everyday life...:D I love the shoes between.

  8. Start avoiding him sharp can't afford to have all that drama in your life.

  9. HA! What is this? I'm more concerned about the fact that the woman thinks you're 'sorting' him out; the day gbege go burst and she will go and call your name ehn...-

    Please try stay out of of trouble o.

    P.S: I have those shoes in black and your pink is gorg!

  10. LMBO. Why is it always the person you have absolutely noting going on with that everyone assumes you're fooling around with? Been there myself.

  11. To to funny!! I'm about to write the script for some Nollywood producers!!

  12. AH!!! See twist oh.. So Nollywood. Just be careful girl..

    Its funny until its not funny again, really be careful..

    Love the shoes... not exactly loving the story walking in it tho'


  13. I cant even laugh abeg.
    They all have issues; the wife, the girlfriend and the husband.
    Toin Toin, the "sorter". lol

  14. As in, oro Toin ti su mi! U just had to add Deputy Madam to your appellations, didnt you?!
    But seriously sha, I dont get people sometimes. That's how a married colleague asked me if I brought him food the other day...I didnt even know what to tell him because we hadnt even started working together for up to a month at that seriously, bring you food that what happened?! Osi ile pako!

  15. I totally know how it feels to be suspect of something you're totally innocent of.

  16. Nice shoe.. Please stay out of madam and confused assistant madam's way oo before trouble go shele.... Lolz

  17. You have emotionally gboko of another woman, I am sorry for the wife oh. Instead of her to take of her home, she is leaving it for another woman she assumes is dating her man. Her eye will clear when some officially takes her husband

  18. Toin, this is not a laughing matter at all o. I think you should just stay away from this love triangle. You have no business with that man, abeg.

  19. Nice one Toin, but to echo everyone else' sentiment, please give that man a wiiiiiiiiiiiiide gap before some deluded somebody starts thinking about how to ruin your fine skin for future hubby with some nasty substance. God forbid.


  20. Hey sweetie. Run away o before hot oil spills on some one don't know who #lol

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  22. wow, please stay away

    for Celebrity, Fashion and Lifestyle update

  23. Toin dear. I really laffed at the part where you said you brother-zoned married dude. Good one tho, I friend-zoned a very good potential suitor and the guy was probably confused on where he actually belonged for a while. When i told him i was planning a trip to see my oga at the top and it was gonna be on his birthday, meaning i wont be available, he turned red(he is very dark o). I felt bad but abeg we have to call a spade one and not digger. Friends we will always be.

  24. I forgot to mention your shoes are cool. Ok, you caught me the anonymous.*coversface*

  25. Hi Toinlicious, I loveeeee your shoes! It's better you stop your friendship with the guy. It's not worth it. x

  26. i say, carry on babes!!!Life is sweeter with every complicated turn....If that even makes any sense at all.
    Lol...shoutout to #TEAM365NG.

  27. Hilarious. Your life truly is drama-filled with these 2 women eyeballing you when their gazes ought to veer elsewhere.

    Be careful though. Men sometimes come with too much wahala.

  28. see drama o .....abeg waka leave these people and their drama o

  29. You are sorting who?? Oh dear dear. These wives that love finding smoke where there's no fire. Mschew.

    Loving the pink :)

  30. You are sorting who?? Oh dear dear. These wives that love finding smoke where there's no fire. Mschew.

    Loving the pink :)

  31. Nice write up. But I must say, why friend zone him? he shouldn't even be your friend at all. Married and has a girlfriend? Oh wow, the heart of man!!!! And the wife knows your name already? hmm be careful!

  32. I read this in my email as I subscribed to 365 and I laughed so much! LOL...

  33. Toin, please be careful because his wife is probably thinking sorts in fact judging by this post, she is. Maybe you should 're-zone' him.

  34. What a mix up. Just be careful Toin. The man must have said a thing or two to his wife which made her suspect you. I think the man himself has the hots for you. Just avoid them all totally. The truth always emerges in the end. The wife will know very soon. Ignore them jare. They sound mixed up.

  35. You go fear drama nowww. Sigh. Just be careful my dear. The guy is a very crazy human being and I feel sorry for his wife. She knows he is cheating just doesn't know the lady involved. I want your shoes.

  36. Hey dear, I changed my blog url to Thank you so much for your comments.

  37. CherryWine: Agbaya nie Cherry lmao. The story is one long thing ehn and i can't even deal. Thanks boo. I love me my shoes too.

    Didi: Ok twinny :) I'm trying my bestest

    Beautiful: Ayam not sorting anybody o! Ma koba mi. He is very very very 'left alone' in fact

    Ema Leecious: I know what you mean about the Africa Magic thing. Ema you have no idea how topsy turvy. I left out a lot of details because of discretion. I'm certainly keeping my distance. Thanks dear.

    iNyamu: Kai, ayam not the sorter o! I think i get what you mean definitely isn't funny.

    Sykik: Bedroom kwa????????? Ah, Sykik don't add that one for me biko. In fact, i'm Usain-Bolting even. Awon alakoba.

    Dayor: *hands behind back and head bowed* You called me 3ce ma. I don't want anyone messing with me too. You see what i say about drama ba? #VeryDeepSigh. Thanks a la shoes

    AY: I honestly can't afford this particular brand of drama.!

    Feyi: I honestly don't even know what "it" is. I just know i'm having none of whatever "it" is. Make nobody even call my name inside the madness.

    Feyi: Gist partner mi, so kindred shoe spirits huh? I knew there was something about you :D I actually thought about getting the shoes in black but my heart went with this. Hi5

    LadyNgo: You know you speak the truth. Not fun at all

    Adede: Lmaoo As long as we're making cool money, please write away babe.

    Akibo Tomi: Serious twist even. Thanks a lot sweetie. I'm being extremely careful.

    Lue: Every single one of them have issues jere. I can't even deal. Biko, that sorter tag is not fun

    Honey: Oro temi gan sumi. Biko, i haven't added any assistantship/deputy to my appellations o. I said i brother-zoned him se. Calling him brother and things. Mio le was daran. That one in your office is gaju. Brought him food? Serious osi ile pako. One month and he is already feeling over-familiar. People can like to find well kept trouble.

    9ja's Great: It would be amusing if it wasn't annoying.

    Becqui: Thanks sweetie. Lol @madam and confused assistant madam's way. I'm totally and absolutely out of their way.

  38. Lara: Choi Lara, where did you carry this to na? I did not emotionally gboko anybody o. I feel sorry for the wife too but since there are 3 sides to every story (in this case about a gazzillion sides) I am minding my business and staying on my sane lane.

    Atilola: I don't think it is a laughing matter either madam. Like i wrote, i'm very away from them because we def do not have that kind of relationship. This is why i am confused. We work together, otan o.

    Abiola: Wider gap coming right up even. God forbid rotten poraros o

    Dee: My darling, Usain Bolt got nothing on me at the moment.

    Chizy K: Sweetheart, i'm staying as far away as work would permit

    Olufunmilayo: Lol why were you hiding under anon na? Serious brother-zoned o not friend-zoned. If I start embarrassing him with "brother mi" shay he won't behave? Brother lagbaja forever he shall be lol

    Spynaija: I love those shoes too lol. I can't even deal with all that drama. I didn't even realise there was drama until he mentioned them. I am very chilled and i run away from drama like a plague.

    T.Notes: Lmaoo. Why am i not surprised? I'm craving peace atm so i'm letting this drama go. Maybe a more fun drama #wink and yea #TEAM365NG.

    Nouveau Transitioner: Don't i know it. Careful is now my official middle name. @ Drama-filled, you have no idea...

    Jemima: Automatic Johnny walker lomo at the moment lol

    Ginger: I'm not sorting anyone o! Serious smoke where there's no fire. Thanks for the shoe-love :D

    Anon 22:16: Not friend per se o. Brother-zoned. We work together so i can't totally avoid him but i'm being very careful.

    Myne: Ah, you're laughing at my dilemma *mock tears*

    Missy Tee's: I am just tired even. I hope wife is not getting ideas o. I honestly can't deal.

    Unyime-Ivy: I'll def be extra careful. Thanks ma and congratulations on your Bella Naija feature. So proud of you (can you tell i'm famzing? lol)

    Lily: As in, serious something. Lol, i could be nice and send the shoes to thanks for the shout out on your blog and for letting me know. I've updated my blogroll now xo

  39. Blessings....
    Be mindful to not allow yourself to be coopted into a relationship with this "Mr. Married." in fact I would go so far as to suggest you put some very long distance between you and him, and your communication. Mr. Married as very obscure boundaries with frayed lines, be careful.

    have a blessed weekend.

  40. k the girl friend who is getting married to someone she has no feelings for is really not serious. and this married man should mind his business. just stay away from him. let him deal with his baggage. my blog is now a website. please check it out and dont forget to subscribe.

  41. Definitely lose the closeness

  42. LOL. My dear its not only you that suffer these things, I suffer it as well

  43. awww ya, for peace sake back off

  44. Steer clear clear clear clear clear away!

  45. Biko, your face is too pretty for acid o. Let Mr kiss-chaser take his lips to his wife and his soon-to-marry girlfriend that I smh for. Make them sha no use them reggae spoil your blues.

  46. it really ain't funny though but this dude and his pple are drama filled freaks,though its cool to talk about pple u know or like but not to d extent of d wifey feeling threatened,obviously he talks too much cos only God knows what he has being ranting about u oo toinlicious for d wife to ask him to 'go get sorted' hmm.
    Even dis wifey too (and i laf....) so even if her husband is sorted outside is he still not entitled to breakfast? taah!
    Den this girlfriend really need some spanking getting married to some1 u dont have feelings for?*smh* u go learn abi no b till death do u part *LAFING*
    buh alas! how will there b a toin without the drama na...(ko jo rara)


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