Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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First things first, Happy New Year Peoples!
Since this post has refused to finish itself (it's 2014 please so somebody needs to make that app asap...and the one that downloads food as well), I have decided to put it up anyway. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season. A lot has happened and I have been trying to keep up. Ginger is married and expecting, Tizzle is next #Faithing and New Dawn aka Simply me is back! Even MissBuki is back! I'm loving it all.

Contrary to popular speculation (side eyes Naijawife) Single Nigerian did NOT pound my yams. I'm not even sure the guy can make...oh wait, he can. I've seen pictures of his legendary culinary skills so yes he can but I digress. Let me get to the gist.

I met Honeydame and Single Nigerian!!! Whoop!!! Oh boy!! To think HD sniffed me out a day before our first meet-up. Crazy stuff I tell you. You can read her recap here. The second meet-up was with Single Nigerian! I'm on a roll abi? When I picked SN up, I almost crashed my car due to over-excitement loool (is Naijawife reading this yet?) Yes, I picked him in my car. We were alone and things :D I am such a minx. So much for staying outa drama in 2014. #sigh. Anyways, he is kinda cute and he definitely has grab-able cheeks (pun intended) Don't ask me how I know these things (tongue in cheek). However,  *cough* feel free to email/dm me for more details *wink*

Did I mention HD has the softest butt? Oh dear mama! The lord is good! Very soft and cushy something. From now on, anytime she's around, I shall no longer be talking about my ikebe. Yea, she complexed me badly. *sigh* Oh and of course she's pretty with dimples. Wizkids's "she carry front, she carry back, she too package, I can't leave her" song is apt :D
Let me now set the record straight: My nyansh is not catfish :p She is probably comparing our ikebes which well, honestly is not fair because hers is like extra extra and mine is shekem compared to hers *deepsigh*

Quick question: If somebody has stretch marks on somebody's ikebe, does that mean the ikebe will one day be robustly robust? I'm of course asking for a friend's friend. ^_^

Have I mentioned that I'm a paparazzi? Yes I am but HD and SN kept shying away from my camera. I got some good ones though *huge grin* besides, when HD was trying to get ice cream, she unwittingly backed me and I got a very nice picture of the overload nyansh hehehe. You can of course DM/email me for details as well. A girl's got to make money somehow this year.

I almost forgot, HD almost made me touch SN's kini o! Ah! Let me tell you what happened. So I was scoping somebody's abs and I went closer to touch the said abs. That was when HD said: let your hand go lower!  Lower bawo?? Alakoba babe. The meet up was really fun and I can't wait to do it again and again :D Those two are definitely a handful. I kept saying 'behave' for most of the day. SN's Hangover 4 movie reference sounds about right.

It feels good to be back. I rested well and had some fun. I did babysit my nieces which was no easy feat. Herculean task really. I'm just praying for strength for when I have mine. #TeamNoTwins. The 5year old is such an adult with a truckload of questions but the 3 year old is so much like me it's uncanny. Oh, and my twin 2year old nieces sing and dance to Katy Perry's Roar. Tim actually goes: "...dancing through the fire cos I am a champion..." I don't even know what to say. I mean they were born like 2 minutes ago and they can already say words like "awesome!" #ShakingMyHead.

I finally saw Game of Thrones, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I usually don't like starting new series with only one season but somehow, I did and I'm loving Witches of Eastend, Devious Maids and Orange is the New Black. I actually hope to download less this year and read more #SoHelpMeGod. I think I read about 18 books last year. Not good enough but I'm working on it. Thanks to those who keep the books coming *kisses* I read a review of "I Do Not Come To You By Chance" by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani on Cherrywine's blog and I sent the link to a friend (we're always on the lookout for good books) and he got it for me. I loved it. I'll probably be reading it again in a couple of months. I honestly can't wait for Adaobi's next book. The editor in me would of course have loved to change a few things but for Adaobi's first offering, it was really good.

Another book that fell for was Diaries of a Dead African by Chuma Nwokolo. The book was an impulse buy but oh goodness, it was totally worth it. I haven't laughed out loud like I did while reading that book in a while. It is a novel in three diaries written by Meme Jumai (farmer) and his two sons; Abel (failed writer) and Calamatus (aspiring conman). Hilariously funny. I should probably do a review. The book is definitely recommended.

So this year, as much as I know drama follows me around, I'll try my best to stay out of drama. I'd try to blog more too (yea Atilola and MsJB, I picked my sub) I miss all the old bloggers like PET Projects, Unveiling Gold, Stelzz etc. I guess life happened and a lot of people went on hiatus. This post is getting too long even.
2013 was a good year. Although I don't do resolutions, I have already started making some changes. I hope to take better care of myself. I'm trusting God for several major things this year. I know it's minor to Him, but they are majorly major to me. To everyone who reads this blog and comments, you're amazeballs. For those who keep checking up on me, You have no idea how awesome you are. Thank you so much. Let's all keep living, laughing, loving and learning. Life is beautiful. As for Nigeria, just when you think it can't possibly get worse, it does. Fingers crossed. 

I hope we all have an even more amazingly amazing 2014. *blows kiss*


  1. You had me in stiches, Toin. #naughtygel. That's why I always love visiting...humor, warmth, sincerity...plenty gists. You 'sounded' like you had loads of fun and I'm sitting here gradually turning to green...ok, I'm back.

    Wish you a very beautiful 2014 and may all your dreams, major and minor come true.



  2. Boooom!!!! It is out :). I should also download less and read more. I have like 400 books I want to read.

    Wait what? What is kini?
    HD's ikebe sha... *runs off*

  3. Welcome back!!! You and Ikebe sha..LOL

  4. Looool. I miss the 'laugh' I get from this blog.
    Have an amazing 2014!

  5. Looool. I miss the 'laugh' I get from this blog.
    Have an amazing 2014!

  6. oh dear seem like u had a truck load of fun during the meet. yes pun intended lol. have a wonderful new year. and better meet me this year too. plus please go put back up the comment u deleted on my blog yea? have fun x

  7. Yaaay!!! Toin is back wit plenty gists :)! Was really hoping you would follow in Gingers stead and include pictures na *winks*!

  8. Thanks for the shout out sweetie.
    Glad you heed @tilola's clarion's call.
    Humph! No let naijawife catch you oo!
    So you met HD?,,,,,I want to see the pics am so sending you an email!

  9. Too much enjoyment. I think i quit until some of you people move to the US so i can do meet-up meet-up too!

  10. Happy new year...a lot of excitement up in here...good for you! lol
    I also like Devious Maids by the way, not a fan of Game of Thrones though :-)
    Yes and more reading this year too...hopefully. :-)

  11. Ahem....I am reading o...and I'm just side eyeing you left right and center

    1) Single Nigerian has Abs?!

    2) Then HD made you almost touch his kini? Don't touch his kini o! That's how SN tweeted to me and chocoholiclady that "condoms are expensive", so by all means AVOID HIS KINI.

    3) Forget that stretch mark theory. Don't ask me how I know

    2) I am still waiting to hear who pounded your yams. How can you write such a long blog post without revealing the only thing we all want to know?! You better DM me the answer sharp sharp

  12. LMAOOOOOO. Toin,
    What's this?!
    Take responsibility for your aactions woman, I didnt ask you to touch his kini o, or did I? My memory is hazy.
    I do admit though, it was a lot of relaxed fun.
    Just let me get wind that my photo has changed hands.....and see what will happen to you and that your opelenge self! Mchewwwww!

  13. LOL. Welcome back.

    Always a delight. :) Happy New year

  14. Toin , I will tell your mummy for are attempting to touch someboris "kini" .....

  15. Soooo... Was it SingleNigerian's 'kini' you and HD contrived to touch or..... :p

  16. Hahahahahahaha! Toin Toin! I've missed you mehn! You're too much!

    Happy New Year! May 2014 bring many bloggers back! Lol. ;)

  17. LMHO. I always feel your energy in your posts. Happy new year

  18. Both of you ehn....I don't even know what to say again. Sha take it easy lol
    And you read 18 books? Geez I need to get my game on big time!!

  19. Loool!!! Crazy nutter! Welcome back babes:)

  20. You this girl, you are just a case.

  21. Happy new year and welcome back. I have a feeling that a lot of interesting things will come your way this year.

  22. Ah, Miss Toin, talk about drama queen. Lmao!
    And stretch mark doesn't do zilch for extra ikebe o,take it from one who has friends of friends still holdning on to that hope for 6six years going now,no results..
    Happy new year dear,do blog more.*smiles*

  23. LOOL! Oh what would blogger be without the trio of Toin, HD and SNM?!

    There are so many questions I want to ask haha!

  24. Hmmmmmmm I am really suspecting you this gurl.Are you sure it was HD's idea to take your hand lower or your hand 'wandered' there on it's own? *suspicious look*

    I woulda said you were naughty,but then you might just laugh right into my face.Nice post dear,as usual.

  25. LOLL!!! Toin, really, you say the darndest things! I would love to meet you too o. Come to New York.


  26. Lol no subs darling :)
    But you've been trying nah
    Ok let's wait for what you have for the 14 for 14 challenge first, before we conclude hahahaha

    My little cousin loves that rry song as well
    She takes my tab and goes straight to YouTube, I feel scared before the mum thinks I'm throne feeding her with overgrown things. She's just 6

  27. Lol. Happy new year Toin. Wishing you the best in the year ahead.

  28. Happy New Year, and thanks for the update, I almost missed Ginger's news! As for your meetup with HD and SNM, no comment till I see pictures.

  29. blessings...just ducking in to say hello and wish you a happy weekend.

  30. been laughing throughout especially on you and HD's meetup. you two are just something else, and am more than sure you guys painted Ibadan BLUE BLACK that day lol! good for you guys!!! Happy new year to you and a blessed weekend!

  31. Happy NEW Year boo.
    Sorry for the late message o.
    I was meant to reach out ages ago. I guess I have no excuse.
    Here is to great and happy 2014.

    Keep being AMAZING love. The world needs people like you to continuously cheer us up. xxxx

  32. Lol! This is hilarious!

  33. Happy New year and month to you. All the best always!

  34. Happy new year to u too. Okay i jealoux too i want to met all my fellow bloggers too :)

  35. thanks you for sharing nice blog and article

  36. Lol! I'm laughing seriously, you should get your *ikebe* back to the blogville. Thank you for stopping by my blog & your honest comments.

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