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Oh, you think I wana give you tips and how to do your hair? Hahaha you’ve got to be kidding. I have absolutely no clue. In fact, I need help with my ‘chicken scratch’ & if you call me that, imma kee you.

A lot of crazy interesting things have been happening in my life. See, I try to be normal. I swear, I try but these things just keep happening to me. I think I'm nature's idea of fun. Someone must be sitting or standing up there, pointing and laughing their ass off at my life. (God, no offense)

So this is the story of my hair. My hair has issues. In fact, it’s always had issues. My hair has a mind of its own and bad*ss attitude. Sometimes it grows & I'm so shocked but I don't say nada because I don’t want to jinx it. Other times, it just assumes that annoying “grow? Yea right *rme*” or "grow ko, grow ni mshew" attitude. My siblings named it 'chicken scratch' because it’s used to be scanty.

I love my hair. It is very soft and beautiful. I just wish it would listen to me sometimes. I am allowed to only retouch like 3ce in a year.  When it's very due, I can still comb it with ease (without profanities). And about 10 minutes of Olive regular gets it retouched. It used to be about 5 minutes of Dark and Lovely Regular but I had to switch because, apparently, it was too tough for my hair.

Around this time last year, it started breaking badly after I did some Rihanna-type style that required serious bonding. When I took the weave out, I freaked because half (not exaggerating) of my hair went with the bonding thing. I stared in horror as more and more hair kept falling out. I could not cry at the salon although the lady doing my hair totally saw my despair. Knowing my hair the way I do, what I kept thinking was: what if it never grows back? #shudders. When I told Prim, she told me my new nickname would be baldy. So I ended up cutting my hair really low. I also made a mistake of telling my mom that I was thinking of going on short dreads. Let's just say, she totally spoilt it for me. Something about “why would you like to copy a mad person” smh for her. So after retouching, I was advised to leave it for a few weeks to let it breathe then try matting/corn rows for a while (didi olowo) so I got some wigs.

I usually leave the wig in the car; 1 less thing to worry about it the morning. I succeeded until one fateful morning when I had gotten half-way to work only to realise my wig wasn't in the car. Long story short, I rocked that hair to work like that o. I kid you not. Some of my male colleagues told me it was cute & my scalp was nice so I shouldn't worry. One actually said I should do more hair that shows my scalp cos it was sexy. #nawash. Anyways, that was that. Oh, you want to see a picture? Alright here:
This is the kodak-moment hair i took to work :)
After several years of fasting and prayers, it’s finally stable and I’m hoping it remains stable but I still need help. What kinda stuff do you think I can do to my hair so it doesn’t break or recede? What can do to give it more body and strength? Biko, help a sister out.

P.S: I’m officially jealous of Lady Ngo and Jemima’s hair.

P.P.S: Thank you all so much for the encouraging words and suggestions about my friend. I really appreciate it. May God bless and keep us all.


  1. Why don't you consider going natural for a while. After you hair regains some body and strength, we can then talk.....

  2. Can someone tell this babe to wake up,u just don't have hair,no amount of weed u put,just get use to to going bald heheheheheh.
    Apari babe,hope u dint insult Goldie

  3. LOL, sexy scalp? Thats one i've never heard but snaps to you. i mean, who else is foxy enough to get compliments about their scalp??? LOL.

    Anywho i don't really have anything in the way of tips except braiding causes breakage, improper weave removal can cause serious damage (as you've already seen), constantly pulling your hair back causes damage to your hairline, and you shouldn't flip-flop between braids and relaxers regularly (that last one may have been a lie my stylist told me so she doesn't have to deal with my naps *kanye shrug*)

  4. still have more hair than I hair is annoying, despite no braid for over 1year in India, the hair still chop oh. I don't even know what do and going natural is not even a choice for me.

  5. Couldn't help laughing at some point. Your hair look lovely to me, i wish i had your hair! seriously o! My front hairline don chop finish! So sorry oo, i no get tip. I am looking for one myself to 'beg' my front hair to grow. :D

  6. Honestly hair has a mind of its own so I just let it be... And I'm so wrong because I'm addicted to cutting my hair ( Anita baker type thing) and every time I get a fierce cut I always want it long again :(

  7. looool... told my sis she too she laughed.. lol.

    U do have nice forehead btw.

    I am glad u rocked it with all the love.. xx

  8. I like the 'deedee' you did at the end. I also have problems with my front hair receding. Watching your space for tips

  9. *sigh*
    I loved your colleague's comment LOL

    Seriously though, I do feel we (black women) worry so much about hair. I believe we all have different hair types so what works for one may not work for another.

    I have friends who leave braids in for up to six months and still have a healthy head of hair. I wouldnt dare. We are all different.

    I bet there's something you've got that some other lady wishes she had????

  10. I think you should stay off ghana weaving and fixing weaves that require bonding. Didi olowo really helps the hair to grow so i think you are in the right direction.

    Don't worry too much about it, your hair will grow and that is a prophesy, receive it by fire!

  11. lol. i can dash you part of my hair (yeah, i'm generous like that)
    i heard somewhere that the matting style helps the hair grow so you should do it more.

  12. I feel you jare on the hair issues. Right now, I'm also rocking "didi" but always wear a wig when I'm going out. Thankfully, I've never forgotten mine at home. Your "didi" fine, see as your skull just dey shine :-p.

    You can check out this blogs that I discovered about hair growth:

  13. it afari or apari kolodo we used to call it scalp huh....yea....yimu!
    i agree wit atilola...go natural for a while and look back and see the wonders your hair can might be surprised after a while

  14. You mean that wasn't you in the first picture? *runs off to escape Toin's wrath*

    LOL! I also have scanty hair (always have) so I kinda understand. Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations for your hair. I will leave that to the experts.

    And the wig story was funny. Plus, now I have the background story to the "dreads comment" you left on my blog some months ago.

    P.S. I hope you didn't have to endure the "market woman palaver" to get your hairdo.

  15. Blessings.....
    Perm damages your hair! Not to mention how brutal the chemicals are to your scalp an overall health. Don't you know that? I don't matter how "soft" it make it, ultimately it make it soft and gone! In its natural state (no perm) your hair is at its strongest once you perm it you are taking it from its strongest state to its weakest.

    You see people assume that people of African lineage have tough hair but in truth we have the most fragile hair that is prone to breakage due to dryness. One of the key to maintaining health African hair is moisture, i.e. leave in conditions etc.

    You say your hair doesn't grow. I challenge you. Try locking it yeah as in dreadlocks (you can groom it in neat strands) and you will see how that hair will grow. It will grow so long you would be able to sit on it. Once you have groomed nice strands you can style it in all manner of designs including twists and up dos. Don't believe me? Take the challenge. Have you ever seen a picky head (short) dread who has been locking for more than 5 years? Never not unless they deliberate cut it.

    My sister always use to cripe about how my hair was always longer than hers and like you she was of the notion that it couldn't, wouldn't grow until she did as i am suggesting to you, and boy did i ever have to live with "my hair is longer than yours," crap for years until she opt to go bald, yep I did say bald as in shiny like a mirror bald, thats the style she's rocking now.

    Do you know why people think braids grow our hair, because they have no awareness that it is not the braids per say but its that we are not messing with our hair everyday yanking at it everyday, so the scalp is able to relax from all the combingb distress, the scalp comes out of shock and allow the hair to really grow.

    have a good week.

  16. aww you're jealous of my hair..aww don't be, everyone's hair is different..but this is how i care for my hair..i retouch only once in three of four months never sooner, i try not to braid or use weaves all the time and when i do i don't use if for long. I don't really believe in fancy hair products, i just use a good hair cream and good shampoo and conditioner that all..i think full and long hair is a gift really..i bet it would still be like if i didnt do anything or not i don't know..its in the genes..but your scalp is shinning babe seriously..:)

  17. Toinlicious!!! you bold my sister. Walahi I would have called in sick and it wouldnt have been a lie cause i would have been sick to my stomach with embarassment.
    Dont mind us 'weaveon brainwashed African women. Its sad really. I remember the 1st time i wove my hair here in the UK. I was hiding it under a wig (hated the whole idea of wig) till my friend Dan saw me without the wig and went 'oh you look like an African queen' lol, did i tel you flattery is the way to my heart? That was how i started rocking my African weaving and it was liberating!!
    Silevr and gold have i not, but what i have ii give to you - prayers for your hair to grow :)

    p.s. the things some boyfriends and husbands see in the night...smh..lolssss

  18. Okay, I know this is a question for the ladies but imma answer you from a guy angle too.

    Firstly, for me I don't use hair cream. Why? It spoils my hair. Ive tried all sorts, Dax, sporting waves, that indian hemp hair cream, etc. Thing is my hair is tough so usually doesn't look nice when I leave it to grow.

    Since I left it to be, it has never been better. I think in your case, I'd say, stay natural and rock nice wigs for a while.

  19. I think you should go natural...if u can. Your hair doesn't look in that "didi olowo" pic

    True@ your scalp..yours is so clear

  20. hahahaha, I am laughing at your hair. Reminds me of that of my sister. She got tired of it and went on low cut, but rocks it in a stylish manner. You could rock your low cut, dye it red or gold or blonde or honey. Rock a new look, its your hair. :)

  21. ====>, been long you dropped by.

  22. er...
    I hear "igbo" helps.

    Dont ask me whether you should smoke it, cook in in jollof concotion, pound it in petroleum jelly and smear it on , or just plain chant Bob marley's 'kaya now' at it for hours.
    I dont touch that least thats mmy story and I'm sticking by it.


  23. ps: I'm liking that natural do.

    now I'm offcially day dreaming of the feel of running my fingers through that scalp...


  24. Best idea will be to go natural, stop applying relaxers and you'll be amazed how healthy it'll turn out. I'm a living witness to that.

    Also dreadlocks will make it grow longer than you can imagine. You'll see it grow almost every week and within a year you'll be amazed.

  25. Trying not to be jealous...that hair is beautiful. I could do anything to carry those weaves just that my face is so small, I have been warned not to make myself look like a 16 year old.

    I think you can reduce the retouching to 2 times a year and use children's relaxer. Then see how it goes.

  26. I be man abeg, I no get idea. lol

    - LDP

  27. My hair is thick and sometimes I wish it weren't, LOL... And yeah, I think some men love to see and hopefully touch their ladies scalps so it's sexy for them :)

  28. It is true that your hair is sexy nau.LOL

    But it's cool though,no kidding.

  29. Thanks for your comment lol n lecture will try it

  30. Toin, this is tending toward Gorimapa last last oh! (hides under table)

    But honestly, i think you should consult @ilola for haircare tips. Im not saying go natural but you should learn ways of keeping the lenght you have right now and possibly improving on it.

    Good luck dear, i shall try and fast for you LOL

  31. Blessings....
    just checking in, I trust you are enjoying your summer.

    stay blessed.

  32. Chei, I am not an expert in this field. However, I will suggest that you do the 'rubber thread' style of the old. This I believe was one of the means by which those women in those days kept a 'full' hair. I am just saying o...

  33. lol @ forgetting the wig.. lol maybe the hair wants you to be proud of it.. so didi it away, give them different styles at work without the wig ;)


  35. Atilola: i'm begining to consider that actually. We'll see

    @PrimNot: Oh shut up! You're one to talk mshew. My hair's begining to grow o.

    LadyNgo: I was confused about the scalp thing too o. Guy was probably tryna get fresh #kanyeahrug

    Lara: What??? And i tought mine was the absolute worst. The hasir in that picture was since last year o and it's grown more. Well, seeing as you'v skinned yours, i guess there's nothig else to discuss lol but you have nerve sha. I don't have the liver to skin mine cos i have a small head

    Simply me: don't laugh at me na *covers face* So we plnety for this boat? Nicee. MAke all of una fomr club sef. abi?

    LovePaprika: That's probab;ly bcos you have natural healthy hair. Thanks for stopping by

    DOHK: kai, see you both laughing at me. Gime tips jor. Are you sure you're not stylishly yabbing my 'opon' lool, Babe, i rocked that hair o. No choice at all

    Stelzz, you and me both dear. I'm def waiting for tips.

    NIL: I guess you're right. maybe my megawtt chrming smile? or my amazing personality? or my ridcuously long legs? or the dangerous junk in my trunk ;) hehehe #vainmuch

    Atoskin: My luv, *kneels to pray* I receive!!!!!!

    Lue: pls dash me o. i need all the hair i can get. SO matting huh? alrighty then

    Che darling, na so my scalp dey shine o. Fingers crossed on never forgetting the wig o lol. You're the bestest though! those links are amazeballs. Love you muchos xx

  36. Sugarspring: en?? Emi ni afarikorodo?? *shakes fist* Tin ba mue e. I'm seriously considering natural though...

    Relentless: You mean you recognised me in that picture? And i thought i was looking scruffy with all the hair *touches hair& sighs* That was me just 2weeks ago (in my dreams of course but if i catch you en).

    No market women palavar o. I sit in the comfort of my house and a lady does the miracle :D

    @Rhapsody, now that you mention it, dreads really do grow. I almost locked my hair once and i am seriously considering it now. One thing though, is it possible to 'unlock" it after say 3 years? I don't know if you'll see this so i'll email you. Thanks ma'am

    Jemima: I'm, still jealous though but thanks for the tips. I also don't retouch often. I do like 3ce in a year

    Emeh: Thank you

    Ginger: Hi5 sister! I'm all for liberation too. I woulda called in sick but it was one of them days that i just could not. Anyroad, i will take those prayers o. Could you by any chance join the 7days fasting for Toin's hair? God bless you mightily sister :)

    Mike: Lol. It's not only for the ladies o. Your sisters and girlfriends might have kept you in the loop :D. I'm not sure my hair would take kindly to the no-cream thing. Natural is sounding more attractive. Thank you for the tips kind sir.

    Dayor: Another naturalister...okays. Blushing at the compliment :D

  37. Your Sincerely: Don’t laugh at my hair now *pouts* So low cut huh? I'm scared it won't grow back ni. I know Lara has gone on low cut and i commend her boldness but I’m mot sure I want to. Lets see how it goes although I’m liking the idea of colour.

    ManCee: Lol, I know you said not to ask but you see, I have a thing about rules. I don’t really like them so I’m gona ask anyways. Am I supposed to smoke it, cook in in ‘jellof’, pound it in petroleum jelly and smear it on , mix it with efo riro and iyan, or just plain do azonto to Bob Marley's 'kaya now' at it for hours? So what’s the real story anyways. Whisper it to me and I’ll keep your secret ;)

    As for your dream, oya officially wake up biko :D

    Atary: So it’s between Dreads and natural. Okays then.

    Rita: That picture was actually from last year so it’s a little better now. Don’t be jealous though. I don’t want to cut mine for the same reason.

    Myne: I wish mine could be thick. You really don’t want feathery hair o, trust me.

    9jas Great: So it aint washing ba? Ai then *proceeding to blush* :D

    LovePaprika: You’re welcome swts :D

    PET: Gori-what!!! *pulls shirt off to fight*
    Leme alone jor. Alright then, I’ll probably take Atilola up on that offer. I’ll take that fast too. Merci

    MyKey: Rubber bawo? So I won’t be able to laugh again enh? Mba, I shall manage hehehe

    Fragilelooks: Shea butter sounds good. Thanks for the tip.

  38. OMG, my hair is so similar to yours. My sister and mother have...for want of a better word...healthy mane-like hair. My hair has retained its JS 3 length. It does have the occasional growth spurt, but I have advised myself that should I ever cut my hair, it will eye me in scorn and to punish me, it WILL NEVER GROW AGAIN! My advice: earnest prayer. Lol.

  39. *Points and Laughs!*
    *Pats down my amazingly long and full hair*
    *Reads Post again, holds laughter*
    Ermmm... Okay, oya sorry. Natural shea butter has and will always be my secret weapon.
    I steam my hair once every month using shea butter, over-ripe avocado, egg whites, honey... Try it


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