Tuesday, 3 July 2012


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So, this is a short post. If my friend sees this, I’m dead for sure. I hope I come back here alive though because I’ll really miss you guys.

Do not read this at work. If you are at work or a public place, close this window and step away from your computer or phone now! I repeat, DO NOT READ THIS!

Now go ahead and read hehehe.

I read Honeydame’s last post where she shared one of her most embarrassing moments. I thought it was hilarious, so I sent the link to my friend (lets call her Posh) who in turn decided to tell me about hers.

Posh: I was coming back from somewhere one day when I was about that age, then shit was catching me. I was sha tryna hold myself. When I was a few houses away from mine, I couldn't take it any longer
Toin: Oh oh!
Posh: There was a lil bush beside a family friend’s house & i quickly squatted to do my thing
Toin: Berra
Posh: Dunno where this boy sprang out from. He was a year ahead of me in primary school
Toin: Nooooooooooooooooooo
Posh: He chased me with half the poo dangling out my shithole and my pants down my ankle
Posh: He chased me all the way to my house
Toin:  rotflmao Tears
Posh: I ran like a common criminal
Toin: hahahaha
Posh: Needless to say by the time I got home, I didn't feel like shitting again
Toin: I swear, I have tears in my eyes
Posh:  It wasn’t funny o. My brother nearly died of laughter
Toin: I’m dying here. Water is coming outa my eyes and nose

Now let’s pray she never ever sees this. Fingers crossed.

Please share your embarrassing stories in the comment section. (It can't be as bad as Posh's or can it?)
To my new followers, thanks guys and welcome to my crazy fun space.
Happy new month y’all. I’ll be back #wink


  1. Omg ..you this babe..you are just a criminal..you are dead for sure...lwkmd!

  2. Blessings....
    Oh my, that is something I would not have shared, or maybe i would, dang.......she was so scared she didn't even have the presents of mind to pull up her panties/pants.

    Thanks for the laughter.
    have a blessed day

  3. laff haff kill me....chai!!!!!
    cant even remember any embarrassing story now, i'm still busy laughing

  4. LMAO,... U already know how I reacted to this story....Let her catch you.

  5. lol! omg! nothing beats this i swear!

  6. you are seriously in trouble for sure... haven't had such a good laugh in a long while..

  7. looooool...... funnnnyyyyy.... as innnn.. ewwwww as well... hahahahahah.

  8. omg!!!.#covers face#...very embarassing!!!!
    shakes head...lol...i dont wanna laff, i dont wanna laff...bites my lip and still shakes head
    you're a criminal Toin!!!..just pray she doesnt see this or you're done for big time...LOOL

  9. Lol!!!...if she catches you ehn

  10. LOL ... :D. Chai see embarrassment. I wonder how your friend reacted the next time she saw the boy.

  11. Yaaaaayyyyy. Now this is what I call embarrassing. That guy is meeaaann.

  12. chai...why evils now...this is crazy, laughing so hard...if she catch you ehen, it haff do be that oh...LOL

  13. all work with out play make jack a dull boy!tnks 4d entertaiment at least,i laugh to bed

  14. Lol. Really bad experience, geez!

  15. chai...that is worse than embarrassing ooo! I wish I had taken note of ur warning, now my boss is looking at me funny.

  16. hmm now thats something..Lmao.. there are crazier ones you know..

  17. Ehya... lol | A lesson never to 'shit' in the bush anymore.

    - LDP

  18. Oh no you didn't!!! I'm definitely telling on you!

  19. Gosh, that boy is mean mehn. That must have been so embarrasing!!!

  20. It is only you that can post this kind of thing (shaking my head) oya share your own first.

  21. Toin! How could you? Hahahahaha. I sorry for you if your friend cash you ehn.

  22. There is always a "little bush" conveniently located for these *ahem* emergencies. Poor bush! Posh is going to finish you for sure. I already shared mine in the Elevens tag, remember?

  23. LMAO....Hilarious but also ewwww. The guy no try sha ahnn ahnnn. Y would he interrupt her like that :-D

  24. Lol!

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  25. Hahahahahaha I can't laugh o, my weave is tight! Did she even tamba? Maybe I'm asking for too much when she's already embarrassed. Lol :D

  26. LMAO! This is too hilarious! LOL she was running with half shit dangling.. loool for the world to see her ass and shit! LOL I dont think any can beat this.

  27. Uh oh. Careful now, posh might not be a happy bunny when/if she does read this. Lol

  28. oh gawd, that is hilarious! I'm laughing at my computer at work, not good :-) :-)


  29. Ew!!!

    I once gave a speech in front of a group wearing a white linen skirt. I didn't realize until I was finished that my fem protection had not collected all it was supposed to and I had a very large red spot on my backside.

    It was horrible.

  30. @all, good y'all had a good laugh and i see you skipped the sharing part *sideyeye* i'm still here thpogh so i guess she hasn't found this yet. Fingers crossed lol

    @Prism, hmn, i'll stylishly ask her. I womder where the boy is and if he still remembers. I also wonder what'll happen if they re-connect somehow :D

    @DIDI, please share pretty please. Do DM. I promise it wont end up here :D

    @Ebi, don't you dareeeeeeeee

    @Rita, share na

    @Kishii, oh yea i remeber the "yiware pada" episode lol.

    @Worshpandswag: tamba ke? when she didn't evem pull up her pants.

    @a.eye: Oh lawd. I think most ladies can relate thho. Aunty flow has a way of showing face when we least expect

  31. OMG i cant even imagine this. I am laughing so hard.

  32. @a.eye - how did you walk out of there? What?!

  33. When I finished my speech, I noticed the stain as I walked to my seat. One of my colleagues had noticed it as I sat down and told her. She ran to her office and got a sweatshirt for me to tie around my waist. I didn't stand up until everyone was done with the after celebration greetings and walked out with it wrapped around my waist hanging over the stain.

    It was horrifying!

    Afterward no one mentioned it to me, but I know it had to be seen. Bright red on top of crisp white linen - stain about 5" in diameter when I looked at it. So much that it got on my fingers when I tapped to see what I must have sat in to make my rear feel wet as I walked away from the podium.


  34. Hahahaha. Ewwwwwww...
    The picture in my head is just wrong.....
    I'm laughing like an idiot here....

  35. oh no ohn oh no!!!...i am like poo down her butt...she must have been so embarrassed...

  36. Lmao! I'm laughing so hard right now! She said she's running like a common criminal! Ha!

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  37. One question, did that half poo ever hit mama earth during the chase??

  38. Omdzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thot i had seen this post before. ROTFLMAO! *Tears* My most embarrassing moment has something to so with this shit business and i promise, i'm never sharing!

  39. It was a wonderful piece. Difficult to control oneself from laughing it out.

  40. This is hilarious!! Umm... My most embarrassing moment... Chai, not sharing biko.

  41. nice post. most embarrassing moment was when i farted in an elevator thinking i was the only one in it.

  42. My most embarrassing moment was at a friend's wedding. I tried to be relevant by helping the ushers out with some ushering work, the first tray of breakable items I held just landed on the floor, every single glass broke into pieces and when I looked up from picking the tray, all eyes were on me...

  43. Toinlicious, I have shared my most emba moment. You are invited to follow me back.

  44. Hello,

    Very hilarious although I feel for Posh's misery. She was in a very difficult situation and I was surprised at the boy chasing her. I enjoyed reading this post. Best wishes,

  45. Dee: Hmn, well she said dangling so i'm guessing er...na, i can't help you there lol

    Hazel: Lmao. I can just imagine. Please share na prettty please *puppy eyes*

    MsTizzle: Oya now please

    Mykey: OMG!

    Joy: Ah! At a wedding for that matter. All those accusing eyes staring at you.

    Joseph: Hey, it's been a while you've been here. I trust you're doing alright. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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