Friday, 24 May 2013



So i'm ranting today. It totally gets my goat when i hear someone whine about a particular decision THEY made and then blame SOMEONE else for. I flip because i just can't. Like seriously? So you made some poor choices that you feel ashamed about? We've been there. We've made choices we're not too proud of but putting that blame on someone else is just plain cowardly. Who made the choice? You! That's right. You made the choice. You! No one else but You so why not just suck it up and deal? Own it and move on but don't place that blame elsewhere. Lay it squarely at your feet.

Yes, you asked A and B for advice, you swallow what they tell you hook, line and rotten maggot, the advice didn't work out for you and you turn around and blame them while properly absolving yourself of any responsibility? Please sit it all the way down in the corner right there.
If no one puts a gun to your head and says do this, you can't hold anyone responsible for your life choices. If you ask friends for advice, the onus falls on you to sieve whatever you get and make responsible decisions to the best of your ability. By all means, seek advice but please think about the pros and cons before settling on a path

Sometimes i want to slap people for making that "if it wasn't for so and so, i wouldn't have done bla bla". That right there is the reason you are an adult with a brain. You thought it was there to keep your skull company honey? Sorry to disappoint you but no. It is there to be used efficiently and effectively. You're welcome :D

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility"-Eleanor Roosevelt

See, i even found a corny quote to prove my point.
#end of rant

How are y'all doing? Awesome i hope.
P.S: Who has seen NIL
P.P.S: I went on Verastic and saw an oyinbo chic singing naija songs and i instatly fell in lust. Watch her and tell me you don't think she's coolness + awesomeness = Amazeballs :D

Have an amazing weekend. Like Priscy would say, Peace, i'm out :D


  1. miss Toin, I agree seriously with your rant jare. same way when the advice is given and it works, credit is not given to whoever gave the advice.

    LOL@ the ending...have an amazing weekend yourself. the oyinbo babe try well well.

  2. On point ma'am. Hit the nail on the head.

    Have a gorgeous weekend dearie :-)

  3. On point with this rant. We are responsibly!!

    Have a lovely weekend dear.

  4. "The brain is not there to keep the skull company. Use it" That is all LOL

  5. totally agreed...that upsets me very much too!

  6. The dog caught my attention. Great cleaner!!!

  7. You sound very pissed. I hope you have calmed down now

  8. I agree with you. It is high time we started taking responsibility for the decisions we make. People often forget that what makes humanity cool is ability to wear responsibility clothing. Thanks for posting this.

  9. So true! i guess its easier to play the "blame game" than accept responsibility for our actions :(!
    Anyways i don't envy the person @ the receiving end of this rant/post... Heads off! lool!

  10. Hi, this is my first comment on your blog post. Though, i have read every of your piece and withheld my peace. You made your rant sound so easy and sainty thing. I must tell you that most of us, even you (may be) may have found ourselves in this position. Responsibility is relative, blame game is totally another different topic. Taking responsibility may not be easy especially when it backfire but there are some situations that you require wisdom to pass it around (not shifting blame) and there are few times that you have to take responsibility for what you have not done. What i am saying is, just look at it the other way round. Coin has two sides. . . you know what am saying?

  11. Blessings.....
    It is always easier to point the finger at someone else that take responsibility for oneself and ones actions. That is one of the realities of life, you have those who will be accountable and you have those who will refuse to be.

  12. That picture is so funny. And I do agree with you.

  13. How about people who flat out throw their responsibility on you and then tell you you're irresponsible for not being responsible for their actions. I tell you, there are crazy people out there.

  14. It's easier to blame others,it works for me,and am sticking to that.

  15. Toin , may I not offend you

  16. The picture got me laughing hard. Shey o ti calm down?

  17. Breathe, baby breathe......:*
    Only God knows where NIL is hiding....

  18. Wow, I thought of NIL just as I was typing your address. I Hope she's fine.

    Who annoyed you like this? LOL!! You've gone to give someone bad advice and they've turned it on your head abi? HAHAHAHAA!!

    Pele dear.


  19. I just love the dog sweeping the street, but hey you spoke right on point. Longest time dearie. how be?

  20. Priscy: Thanks boo. The oyinbo seriously babe trip me o.

    Feyi: So my rant made sense ba? Thanks gist partner. Hope you had an gorgeous weekend too?

    Tomi: Glad it resonated with you.

    MsJB: Lol. i know right. People acting like it's there for decoration.

    Jemima: Like seriously. Even if it happens, please to whine to me about it. Just keep it to yourself please.

    Eya: Oh yea, the dog looks real responsible. If a dog can do it...

    Kemi: Lol. I'm not tomato though. I'm more caramel than tomato so Toin caramel lol

    Atilola: I actually was pissed and as soon as i was done ranting, calmness settled *assumes yoga pose*

    mr&mrs talklovealways: You're welcome and i'm glad i made sense to you. We really should learn to take responsibility. Your name is kinda like a mouthful though lol.

    Cee: lmaooo. *face completely covered* I'm not that bad #flees. Welcome back though. Missed you around these parts.

    Tomisin: Thank you so much for commenting. I know it isn't easy but as long as no one is forcing you to do what you don't want to do, then you should take responsibility for your decisions and actions. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game is cowardly and childish. I don't think responsibility in the context that i explained it is relative. Maybe you should give me an example please? Thanks a lot.

    Rhapsody: I agree with you. Thanks for coming.

    Myne: I love the picture too lol.

    Real8: You said it, crazy people lol.

    OSB: It's easier but that's the reason we're adults :D

    Sykik: Lmaooo. I'm not that bad jor. Don't worry, you can handle it.

    Atoskin: I just had to use that picture. Oremi, mo ti calm down jere :)

    HoneyDame: *breathing* Thanks dear. I finally saw NIL's comment on a blog so i guess she's alright.

    Tizzle: Lmaoooo You this babe are just a case. Don't let me catch you o. Please, *looking haughty* I did no such thing. *shakes small ikebe outa here*

    Dorcia: I'm great. You? It's been ages

  21. This post has so much venom.Who got you so upset? Easy ma! LOL

  22. I understand you is an understatement. What! It is infuriating when people do that. "Hellooo...why blame me? I aint your brain you idoit!" Ooopss!!! That's a modicum of how angry I get when such happens. Awemazing write-up! Personal Blogger

  23. swithart of mine!!!!!! u have spoken well
    need i say more? NO!! cos uve said it all

  24. i sooooooooo forgot to say this!!!!!!!!!
    the white chick's singing is sooooooooooo cute...heehehehe..i enjoyed watching it///how come she knew all those lyrics?!!!

  25. Lol at the picture, if only! People should ask themsves this question before asking others for advise, do I have sense? Lol you have to learn to sieve or live with the consequences.

  26. A-9ja-Great: Lol @venom. I know right. I was major pissed :)

    Fredilia: We're totally on the same page with this, minus the swear words lol

    Sugarsugar: Sweetie, thanks jere. Yea, that girl rocks. Even i don't know most of the lyrics but she so does.

    Angelsbeauty: Where have you been ma'am. Lmaoo@ do i have sense but you're so right though. More importantly, "does my brain work?", "maybe i should use my brain for this" #deepsigh


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