Monday, 3 August 2015


I've missed all you crazy people that make me laugh :)
First of all, Lets do some news rounds.
Yo! Sykik is a mom y'all!!! We have born Boy!! I'm making myself godmom! *shakes ikebe*
SisiYemmie is now a mommy too with a mini-Bobo. Congratulations guys *muah*
Honeydame is backk!!!! Ok, not really but she posted after one year so that should count for something, right?
SingleNigerian showed his face briefly but he's back in hibernation too.
My friendship, Unveiling Gold is back too...uhm, well partially. At least she's reading and leaving comments. Baby steps people.
I still miss Beautiful and her gists *sigh*
Sting is now a Doctor!!! Whooooooot!!! We need to pop something, yes? Let me go and complain to her about this headache sef :D
Atilola, You're the real MVP. Constantly blogging ain't beans.

HD's culinary skills is something that is receiving scant attention. For those skills, I could marry her. From Edikaikong *stomach rumbles* to Ogbono *more rumbles* to fried rice and chicken in some kind of delicious sauce, back to egusi or to the random pot of jollof that I drive all the way from work to her house to obtain, fadaludd needs to epp me! Can you tell that I shamelessly like food? I'm don't even currrrr! I honestly don't know how people are not falling over themselves for this hotness and her skills. Oh wait, I think they are lool. There's absolutely no harm in falling harder is all I'm saying. The girl can throw down in the kitchen!!!

So I went to Port-harcourt for the first time with HD!!! Yass! I also ate bole and spicy fish *relishes the memory* I think I had white soup too. Plus there is this child that I fell in love with since she was born. Her smile makes everything alright. I've had her as my lap top wallpaper since forever. I finally met her. Baby girl is just cuteness all round. Oh wait, they're are actually two of them. Too cute. I met 9jasGreat too. You can head on over here to read a brief recap. Oh, and Single Nigerian almost got us straight passes to hell for almost slapping a church usher (which I would not have minded much really loool) but that's story for another day.

Lately, there's been a something about babies and I. I'm not even sure I understand it anymore. First, I hung out with HD one time and during our meal, there was drama with a couple and their twin babies seating close to us. The boy twin would take one look at me and start giggling. I mean, I'll remove my face but once he caught my eyes again, the boy would break out into this huge grin. Every darn time! #NoKidding. It was so freaky. A while back too, I went for a friend's birthday party and this little baby girl munchkin decided I was her playmate and proceeded to freak everyone out because apparently, she usually does not play with strangers. Sigh. God, is this a sign? I haven't met my Alhaji yet so I don't know how I'm bringing one of these into the world. #NoTwinZone

My hair people! My hair! Atoskin, I'm sorry but this has to be said. God has shown his glory. My hair is long yo! Long! As in, my hair that was re-christened chicken scratch scanty is now long! Miracles happen people! By the way, I finally met Atoskin too! Hi Atoskin and her hips. I see you both!

So on to my nails. Here is what they used to look like. 

Lovely and things but brethren, I can't even show you the "after" picture because it is disgraceful. I maintain that HD stole them. Don't tell me noth'n. Plus, I never used to bite my nails. I still don't but you'd never believe me with the way they look at the moment. I remember wishing/tweeting my hair would grow as fast as my nails did at some point last year. To now add salt to injury, I tried to henna my hair. I wore gloves as prescribed but my hair didn't even show any hint of colour but guess what got dyed? My darn nails, that's what. *breathe Toin breathe*Anyways, God is finally showing mercy. My nails are not there yet but they are definitely on their way.

I don't want to overload this post but I just needed to tell y'all I'm breathing and in one piece. I have to give the loudest sharaouts to Duru! This guy is the most annoying but adorable aburo ever. He legit checks in on me almost every week. He drops comments on here too. If you don't believe, just check how many comments in dropped in my last post. And that's excluding the ones he told me not to upload on here. Rhapsody has also been amazing. She legit checked up on me most after Duru. You're both amazeballs *muah* To everyone who checked up on me, I love you guys with my whole growing butt. Forever family, you all are. To my new readers, I see y'all and I'll be stalking soon.
Oh, and I'm going to reply all of your comments on my last post. All 64 of them *sniff* You guys are the bestest. I tried my best to read you guys but lets play catch-up. What have I missed?

P.S: Is anyone watching So You Think You Can Dance? I love that show!!! This season is definitely different with the stage vs street thing going on. There's something about dance that makes my blood sing. It's just so groovy.


  1. Aunty. Good to see you are fine. I do check on you but since I'm impatient I stopped.
    Keep living. You are amazing baby girl. 😘😘😘😘

    1. And she finally awoken and failed to mention me.
      Missed you, Toin.
      Visit DNB Stories Africa

  2. Happy new month and enough update. Great to read that you living life and making sense of all the experience. Babies have an inner radar, I bet they sense something in you that makes them comfortable in your presence and maybe God is telling you something. It might not be having your own kids right now, but doing something with kids. Glad to have you back

  3. LMSAO! Even before u sent the link, I got here!
    Good to know U are doing okay Lurv, wish I can say the same. The job hunting on my end is real & Service in October feels like 5years.

    I missed U Hon, phone stolen so no way to ping. But U really came to PH without seeing me oh. *wipes my name from your friends list* Maybe I should go & born baby, U go visit me. Lol

    Welcome Back Sugar!

  4. Toin... it's good to see you back... I checked in on you from time to time. I figured life was just getting super busy. I think we need a break from time to time. I hope you had a good blogging break ♡ xox

  5. I yaf miss you oh, Atoskin hips used to cause confusion back in secondary school.

    Good to have you back.

  6. We are officially enemies. You know why. Abeg, go back into hibernation joo.

    Shop through my punchline story, and win a jewelry set

  7. August is here and Toin has rolled in... #LeoSeason
    Welcome love, I see you've been busy.
    It woulda been a crime to come to Ph and not have bole n fish! Hope you enjoyed it.
    How so we belive you that the hair has grown when we see no pic eh?

  8. Toin! Rolling gists!
    Glad you are good :-)

  9. Blessings....
    I won't take it personal that i didn't get a mention.
    Welcome back.

    1. I'm kicking myself right now because you definitely checked up on me the most after Duru!!!! I'm so sorry but you're definitely getting the biggest shout out next. Thank you so much for always checking. It means a lot *kisses* Now off to your blog to binge

    2. A wonderful week to you young blood.
      Hope you manage to find a blessing at the end of each day and a reason to smile


  10. heheheheheheheheh @i am not Dead..... and the labels are just hilarious... **Clears throat.. From the bottom of my heart yeah... I say this.. no i shout This... "Sheeeessss back!!" kai! Egbon Toin you ehn! god will "legit" judge you! Aha WaRRapin ni?! as i am typing this comment nah ehn.. Afraid and fearing is nah catching Omolomo... cause i dunno when the next post will be... :(

    Kai! You just gotta love Toin! Aswear... heheheheh I kuku smiled from the beginning of this post to the end... Kai! ToyoN for the frigging win yo!!! Thanks for the mention Egbon... Blame it on Mama.. She trained me well..

    So what did you miss?! Ehhmm **Scratches head.. I Think i got heart broken again by the same geh last night.. heheheh After drinking all night to solve my wahala's and then doing PDA via text at 2: 01 Am.. She replied with an "It is well" 2 minutes later.. heheh AyAm finished :(... Inshort aYav fex.. I think amma get married soon..

    Mehhnnnn... You just gotta loF Toin.. hehheheheh be safe Egbon.. I lof you more than i loF **Thinking deep** Okay! GoRRit.. I loF you more than I lof Ikebe.. Ya the one that spoilt me shaa.. Oya bye bye.. :)

    1. You this boy and broken worries, bring the heart here..lemme super glue it for you....hehehehe....thanks for always checking on me.....hugs

  11. Abeg abeg abeg,stop with this your growing ikebe.I have seen it and there's nothing there.But you can ask Eru...i mean the person very close to you for some,cos "that girl she garrit,mehn she garrit" *in Orezi's voice*

    So HD can cook that much huh? Oya help me ask her to be my second wife na,since i have not been able to locate a Kalabari man yet. *huge grin* You say you want an Alhaji? Were you not the one that was quarreling with me for a kalabari man? Why una like to cause confusion for Nigeria like this sef
    ? Abeg i'm leaving!!!

  12. it's good to have you back with these funny stories of whats been happening.
    How are you really doing??
    Happy New month dear:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  13. Look who is back on planet blogger! Our runway Toin, wohoo! It was really refreshing reading this tear rubber post from you. Chai, you and HD are balling big time you know.

    Lmao at my hips, side eye to Lara A. You need to see it now, e don evaporate finish.

  14. So you think you can just disappear and appear again?!!! Nor try am again! LOL.

  15. I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance, but then I stopped. I'm definitely resuming it now.

  16. Great thoughts, and welcome back. Greetings!

  17. Welcome back dear Toin! I am inspired.Let me go and dust the cobwebs off my blog and be back again (for the millionth time) myself.

  18. hahaha...glad to know you are alive. But where you dey since? Haba

    It's always good reading your posts.... very refreshing

    Jealous of all the numerous bloggers you've been meeting one on one... I'm green with jeloxy :)

  19. Blessings my friend.
    Just doing a quick check in to see how you doing and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Have a blessed Friday and a wonderfully inspired weekend.


  20. *Looks and unlooks*...all this noise making and no update over a month after?! tsk tsk....hahaha the hypocrisy isnt lost on me.

  21. blessings my sistah.
    Just pass by to wish you a splendid week.

    1. Good day to you as you read this.
      Have a fantastic week.

  22. Long hair is a luxury! Nails grow all the time lol you will be fine! It's good to have friends who have you back constantly! You are rich when you have good friends! Welcome back and stay back! Lol if that English makes sense.

  23. I wanted to drop by and thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog... have a lovely weekend xox (I hope you have time to write soon xox )

  24. I wanted to drop by and thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog... have a lovely weekend xox (I hope you have time to write soon xox )

  25. And shes gone again !!!!!!!!!! If youre not dead then prove it

  26. I am beginning to think that maybe you really "your post title"

  27. Toin! All this play you are playing with my heart ehn. In the words of Aloe Blacc, "here today, gone tomorrow". Not like I'm any better but emm...We need to talk about this baby thing. Our people will say "omo n run lara e" (I think I butchered that but you get my point). Maybe it's time for me to officially submit my application for the post of Alhaji.

    Oya lemme log out before I give you a reason to throw your shoe at my head.


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