Tuesday, 23 August 2011


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Hey blogville, decided to clear all the cobwebs around here today. Cobweb clearing is serious business. I have been in hibernation for too long and I’m not even gonna blame work this time. Been a while I put me out here and I had to do something before the bug that bit Carlang and Miz Cynic bites too deep. I’ve been battling the voices in my head for a while now. Seems they are getting impatient about my lazy attitude towards writing.

All I seem to hear (in my head, in a stern voice) is “Toinlicious, you need to write”.

And when I go “but I’m content to just follow and read other people’s blogs and I don’t know what to write or where to start”

I hear “how about you finish up all those half stories on your lappy en, or write about how your family could easily be a better Keeping Up With The Kardashians cos you got more drama in your house, or about your mom’s weirdness and acting hip by watching TV shows like 24/Greys Anatomy/Desperate Housewives and calling Dare Art Alade cute huh, that happened last night”.
“Or about that lady, that you are sure needs to get laid paid cos she’s always blowing hot and cold or about that creepy story you read that really reminds you of NIL’s Super Heroes or Super Zeros post, or your current BFF (Mo) who is the prettiest thing and who you think is the bravest person even if she doesn’t realize it yet or about the guy that BFF wana hook you up with who is creepy(no thankyouverymuch), or about your experiences about how the heart of man can be desperately wicked or about the guy that’s asking you out, who already is sooo cute you wana cry but has mommy issues or about another one who has weird family history (trust me, the voice in my head is putting it mildly, that family is beyond weird).

Anyway, the point is, I need to start writing again. I used to talk a lat. No, you don’t get it, az in, I taaaaalk alat (even I know that and my sister thinks I should get my lips sown together) but I hardly talk anymore so those things just generally stay in my head with no escape route. Blogging was supposed to be a way for me to let it all out without bugging anybody. I have so much to say but not quite gotten round to saying them out loud and I know it’s gonna get crazy soon cos these voices are getting desperate.

I guess I’m just lazy. I need some kind of ass-whooping (no pun intended) to get going. I procrastinated about starting this blog for almost a year…not a good thing I know. I’m here now though so baby steps here I come.



  1. blessings......
    thank you for stopping by and contributing to my gratitude journal. Please stop by as often as you link and share your gratitude so that it may inspire those who read it including myself.

    Sometimes in life we exprience waves, waves of "I doh wanna," "I doh feel like it," "Maybe tomorrow that stretches into more tomorrows," the best way to triumph over those moments is to take each moment by moment, if you love writing and experiencing block, start by doing short pieces, even something as expressing the moment feeling like, "I don't feel like writing however I have convinced myself right here write now to write this much, thank you." Once you begin to do this the rut you are in begin to transform and clarity settles in. The idea is to not let the "lazy" moments eclipse all of your for any great lenghts of time.

    Peace and stay blessed.

  2. Your mom sounds cool, lol...

    Do write more, OK?

  3. @Rhapsody, thanx soo much for that. I'm gona try to take it little by little and not get too overwhelmed. Thank you and God bless you for the gratitude journal. A lot of times, we for get to be thankful for even the seemingly little things (yours truly is guilty)

    @Myne, the woman is unbeleiveable. i lurv her tho. i just wish she was more regular...by that i mean just interested in the news stations and not E! (so we won't fight over the remote) and not be the first person to tell me Will& Jada have split up...lol

    I'll try to write mo starting with finishing up my half stories.

    Thanks again for dropping by

  4. Someone who writes this well has to be writing more. Also like it that you got voices in your head.

    Think you got lotta cool stuff going on in your life, that's so awesome. Will check more blogs and delight myself more.

  5. @Anon, thanx for dropping by and d compliment *she blushes*
    Thank for the encouragement. I'm gona keep writing

  6. Tointomaato,Really u have too many things on ur head,anytime am around I have to snore so u realize am tired nd wanna sleep so that you can stop talking,u talk too much hanhan and even force Daddy to listen to ur stories back in dose days.
    And thanks for giving us a trendy mum,cos I blame u for her new ways,we still miss our old Iyandammy,I can't believe I hardly watch all dose things and Iya is even more current dan I am,did toyin remember to say she is a Grandmother?
    Toyin have told u,u still owe me a book and am not joking,before u start paying me charges for nt delivering and u knw dat will be tough,do the needful,besides u need to proof to me Prof Ope all ur degree and how u can suddenly speak Oyinbo hahahahahahahaha,Write more.
    Love u my curie,sweetypie,honeyporaro little sister muah muah muah

  7. Ok annoymous 2 is mee u knw Ope Badru nee kareem

  8. Your mom sounds really hip. she must have rocked well in her youth. she is a funky grandma. lol. my dear, i understand the laziness part o jare. sometimes, i wish i could just be talking and the things i want to write will automatically appear in my blog. :-), but we have to get our bums off the lazy couch. i like your style of writing

  9. @Ope, i dont know how av been able to cope with u as a sis walahi. c as u summarised my life..hehehe lurv u too sha.
    as per d book, i hope i'll get there

    @Che, thanx sweetie. i like your style too...very easy read. and yea, she's very hip o. u shuld hear her singing along to Marvin's "Sexual Healing" lol
    about the lazy ish, wish i culd be video blogging...wuld b soo easy


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