Thursday, 4 August 2011


Here is a story I want you to think carefully about and let me know what you’ll do if you were in the same situation. Please be honest. I found it very tricky.

You have this friend since you were young and both of you lose contact with each other. She however is someone really special to you, and you're someone very special to her too.
Ten years later you receive a phone call from her.
"Hi, just stumbled on your number and address. It’s been sooo long. I'll visit you" she says.
"Hi, Sue, when?" you ask her.
"I’ll make time. Just wait for me" she replies.
It seems weird but you prepare for her coming anyway. One rainy night you hear a knock on the door and you're surprised to see that it's your friend Sue. Losing touch for ten years is so long and you start talking about everything. Then both of you even go to your room upstairs. Suddenly there is a power outage, but the two of you continue talking by candle light. Then the phone rings.
"I'll just get the phone downstairs" you say.
"No, don't get it; we're in the middle of our talk," she says.
"It might be important" you say.
"Okay if you say so, but promise me you'll be back and don’t keep me waiting" she says.
You promise her a million times that you'll be back. Then you run downstairs to answer the phone.
"Hello" you say.
"Hello" says the person on the line.
"Yeah?" you say, wondering who it is.
"I'm calling on behalf of Sue's family. They had an accident and her parents are in the hospital right now" he says.
"How are they?" you ask.
He continues, "They are injured but stable. But I'm sorry to say that Sue died. We found your name and phone number in Sue's purse..."
His voice trails off as you look up at the long stairs.


I sent this to some of my friends and I got one very interesting reply from one of my bffs.
“I would. Would definitely be getting the last and probably most memorably time ever spent with her. What if Sue was you - won’t even go to pick the call anyway!”
I felt soo loved but I’m just wondering how many people would honestly go back.


  1. My dear friend, I won't go back o. And even if Sue was you, the person who came to my house is not Sue but a ghost seeking whatever. The biggest question on my mind would be why the ghost chose to come to me.

  2. Honestly, I will go back. Sure I would be scared like hell, but I will go back. If she meant to harm, she would av done so a long time. Moreover, I don't expect her to still be in the room anyway.
    Corny story!

  3. @Ime, yea, i guess its a scary tot but wat if it was cos she just wanted to spend d last minutes with you?

    @Shai, so u'll go back? i wish i culd say the same. she probably doesn't mean any harm truly cos she culd av done dat since she stepped into ur house. still a scary tot tho

  4. Go back ke?
    Not on your nelly.

    Real life is wierd enough and you want me to have a conversation with a ghost? LOL

    No, sorry, I'm toooo chicken

  5. @NIL, lol. so ur liver no reach that side abi. i feel you. i'm pretty sure i'm more than chicken myself.
    Thanks alot for dropping by. Have a great week

  6. I'll go back and continue the talk especially because she has my contacts inside her purse.

    Most guys like that will go back, trust me.

  7. @Anon, dats cool. i'll have to take your word for it. Thanks for stopping by

  8. hey, I hv heard lots of stories like dat frm ppl, d recent one is frm a roomie in sch, his bro was killed bt appeared 2 a frnd who ddnt knw abt his death & left him a msg 4 his mum.
    Back to ur questn, I guess i wld go back coz if d person is spcl or vry dear to me... I use to feeel dsame way abt my Dad, i wish he wil appear again coz there lot of things i wanna tell him now.... Hey! Its gettin lengthy. Thnx anyway.

  9. Ameeynu, Omg! really? dat must av been weird. probably left a sweet message for his mum. scary thot tho. Aww, sorry about ur dad. so u wish for that "dance-with-my-father-type situation huh? well, i like to think they'r around us, watching us all the time...and knowing we love them. thanx for stopping by my blog. mhuah

  10. I doubt if I will ever go back ohh...

    As in really?? But the curious me might just want to go back,but then again the power cut will put me off..

    Anywoo, can this happen in real life??

  11. NNe na to Run oh! This one e haf pass Friendship ni. Human being and Ghost dont sit down to gist nah. Haba! As na only her waka come, na only me go waka RUN!!!


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