Friday, 19 August 2011

Erica's Crazy Christmas Pregnancy Dance

Please let me know what you think and how possible you think this is because if this is real, this lady is superwoman!


  1. .....and she headed straight to the hospital afterwords.

  2. na wa o. this woman has lots of strength and a sense of humor. she was probably trying to induce labour in a humorous way. lol

  3. loooool.. i have not laughed so much in my whole life lmao

  4. hmmn... she may be superwoman afterall, but i don't think that's responsible behavior.

  5. @MsNana, i just had to post it mehn, too funny. with all d MJ moves. Glad it made u laff too

    @Ugo, ur kinda right tho, not very responsible but hilarious

  6. OH WOW... AM IN AWE...

    She is really good even with a preggie...

    well she is definitely weird..

    But it love weird things... lol..


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