Monday, 29 August 2011


I lost a friend.
I saw him last about a month ago and we were messing around and he kept harassing me to come around more often. I was my cheeky self and i told him i was going to try.

He died in the Ibadan flooding last Friday. He was already in the house by the time the rain started with his 2 daughters and his wife’s nephew, who came to visit them. The fence close to their residence fell on their apartment and the place got flooded, killing everyone in the building. His wife, who returned home after the downpour, was said to have discovered their bodies. I don’t even want to imagine the state the wife must be in.

A lot of people lost their lives and properties last Friday. Many people drowned. A Doctor friend told me that drowning death is a very horrible death (not like I didn’t know). She explained that it is really a painful type of death because the more the person tries to gasp for breath, the more he takes in more water and the vicious cycle is continued till the person has water filling up d whole lungs. And the person chokes to death.

I shudder to think about their final moments…him being so helpless to help himself, least of all his kids.

Truth is I have never really thought about it like this before, probably because no one close to me has been affected but this past weekend and the gory/horror stories I heard is making me think about it. The last time Ibadan was flooded this bad was around this time, 31 years ago (Omiyale; August,1980)

I’m grateful for the life of my wonderful friend. He lived a good life and was an extremely nice person.

Flood, bomb blasts, hurricanes, riots…the list goes on. Life really is short. Always let the people you love know you love them and be thankful for everything; even the seemingly small things because we tend to take a lot of things for granted.

I’ll be back.

Much love


  1. Sorry about your friend. I never knew there was a case of flooding in Ibadan. I am just vfinding out from your blog. May his soul rest in peace

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  2. @Ilola, the flood was terrible. hasn't been this bad in about 31 years. Thanks for checking out my blog and following. I'm going over to your blog in about 2 minutes.
    Thanx again for dropping by

  3. wow..we hear and joke about floods everytime, but it's different when someone close to home loses his life. Sorry luv!
    I cnt help but be disgusted with Nigeria as a whole

  4. @kitkat, you know. we make jokes about floating cars and all smh. thanx sweetie. :-(

  5. its sad to loose a loved one in a disaster like this. life is really short. Have my sympathy and may the departed souls rest in peace. Do stop by my blog sometime:-) cheers

  6. @Priscy, thanx for your kind words and for dropping by my blog. going over to yours too.

  7. So So sorry about your friend

    This Ibadan flooding has been happening since I was a child. I really dont understand this.

    Regarding valuing life, I was in a serious car accident in 2009. After that, I re-assessed my life and decoded to devote my energy to those / things that matter. I consciously avoid negative people and negative situations.

    Like you said, life is toooo shirt.

    Stay blessed

    PS - I'm loving the font you've used. Soo beautiful

  8. so sorry about your loss dear.

  9. @NIL, thanx a lot. just tot to spice d page up a lil.
    Regarding your accident, thank God u were saved. would av missed your interesting posts. :-)

    @Che, thanx a lot dear. @ thanx for following

  10. so sorry bout ur friend...........we should always bless God for their lives, he knows best.tanks for dropping by...following already

  11. May the departed souls rest in was terrible...can't imagine it either...yes, WE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL TO GOD TO BE ALIVE.

    p.s thanx for always commenting in my posts.

  12. SO so so sorry for your loss. I heard about the flood and that some people died, but hearing a recount from someone closed to one of the deceased just makes it so real. May God grant u d fortitude to bear the loss. Take care...

  13. SO sorry to read about your friend. My favourite cousin and her 2 day old baby escapped narrowly, talk about being saved by an undelivered text!

    May God rest the soul of the departed!

  14. @Lu, thanx dear.
    @IB, u always write interesting stuff. thanx for dropping by mine too.
    @Deolascope, thanx a lot. Ani fi irue gba o
    @PET projects, Narrow escape....2 day old baby!? Thank God for your cuz's life.

  15. Sorry for your loss, May his soul and the souls of the others rest in peace.

  16. Sorry about your friend! Thats very sad! I can't believe how bad the flooding was. hmmm May their souls RIP

  17. Hi Toin, thanks for all your delicious comments on my page :)

    So sorry to hear about your friend and kids. So sad. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.
    I am just hearing about the flooding in Ibadan. Had better call my Sis there and find out how far.

  18. Secondly - following

    Thirdly - Can you change back to the former font or something more readable than cursive pls?

  19. @9ja foodie, thanx a lot for dropping by. May God keep us all
    @Nightingale, Hope it never gets this bad again. Thanx for dropping by too.
    @Ginger, thanx for every. I'll change d font asap..sorry abt dat, was thinking to try somthing a lil different

  20. :(. I hope you are feeling much better.

    Dont know what else to say....

  21. @GOHK: i am now. thank you very much. The shock is over...


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