Tuesday, 22 December 2015


So I'm back, I'm here, I'm taking over. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm as clean as ever...
These are not my nieces but they could be. If only twins stayed this way. But no, they'll destroy your stuff and talk back. Sigh
I just went back a couple of decades with that song. My old-age is showing; let me tuck it in properly. So how have you all been. I didn't want to leave 2015 without posting something this December so let's see, who shall I blog about....

So, let me gist you about my twin nieces; Tim and Kim. Those girls are 4 going on 30! Double Trouble is what I call them. They are way too smart and sassy but I love them. I have another one who has been re-named Benadryl by HoneyDame (don't ask!) who climbs everything with such passion. I would share pictures but my brother would kill me so I'll save them for now. I might share later though.

This could easily be Benadryl
Or this
So back to the twins. I think they should get a reality show of their own. Things those kids say make me go O_O.

Chronicles of Prim and her twin daughters
Take One
Tim: Mummy I want pissa (pizza), I want pissa, I want pissa (in a whining voice)
Prim: Tim, if you say that one more time I'll park this car and come round and flog you.

30seconds later
Kim: Mummy, what "park" mean?
Prim: It means I'll stop the car
Kim: Right here mummy? and then we stay here? forever and ever? on the roadside?
Prim: (in my head) girl shut up. I'm trying to instill discipline here

Take Two 
Prim: Bo aso e Kim, what does that mean Kim?
Kim: Hum remove your clothes
Prim: Wow how did you know that?
Kim: By thinking

Take Three
Tim: (crying) mummy I bit my tongue
Prim: Sorry baby, how did that happen
Tim: I used my teeth

Take Four
Kim: I want bread and butter to take to school for lunch
Prim: Do your class mates bring bread and butter to school?
Kim: No
Prim: No, you can't take bread and butter to school
Kim: But Mommy, nobody brings dodo too (like, what's your point mommy)

Kim is the ultimate Diva. All she wants now is to be 5years old. She thinks 5 means adulthood. She tells Tim all the time that if she doesn't eat well, she'll stay 4 looool.

So when I say I don't want twins, I know what I'm saying. I'd rather one trouble at a time. Double trouble ain't my thing.

Kids have been so irresistible to me lately though. I just love their innocence. Too adorable. My ovaries have been jumping upandan anyhow but all I need to calm them is to remember something my nieces say or do and I'm all fixed lol.

Hope you guys are preparing for an amazing Xmas. I have no plans yet so if you don't mind feeding me on Christmas, holler!

It has been a really long year but I'll be back soon :)


  1. Oh wow!! Welcome back from your hiatus! Twins are so cute!

  2. Awww, I actually want twins!!!
    Merry Christmas in advance Miss. :)

  3. Lol, Kim sounds adorable and too smart for her own good.
    You've really been missed on blogsville ma'am :)

  4. Lol I just rolled over from laughing hard! Awww I loooove twins!They're just amazing. I'd love to meet Tim and Kim tho hehe :D

    Looks like we have the same plan of posting before the year ends. Welcome back, momma! Happy holidays!

  5. Aww. Kids are actually adorable and funny to listen to when they aren't being a pain.


  6. Toin it's awesome to see you back... I love my girls but I am thrilled I didn't have twins... that would have pushed me over the edge...lol

    Have an amazing and Merry Christmas xox ♡

  7. Lol. Abi oh. They can be adorable. Twins is not a bad idea sha :)

    Merry Christmas dear!!!


  8. Take 3 got me in stiches. Lol.

    Merry Christmas.

    Yes o, face your work. The woman who left a maid with her husband made a choice, so leave them alone to bear the consquences.

    But I sha be waiting for part 2 shaaa.

    How I ruined my friend's relationship

  9. Oh I so love and want twins.
    The pics of the climbing child got me laughing.

  10. Twins are adorable but serious trouble.

    This one your ovary is jumping upandan, hmmm, it is well oh.

    Happy holidays.


  11. But you already know the kind of kids you are going to end up with, dont you?...Ok!
    ALL your nieces....ALL of them are special. I know this, you know this. Which is why it is funny to me when you say still that your ovaries are jumping....*claps hand conspiratorially*

    Ehnehn! I invited you for Christmas chops, you didnt answer o! Oh oh o! LEt me just hear you make noise about matters like this again!

  12. lol. i still want twins badly........... Merry Christmas Toin

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    1. Blessings young blood.
      happy Sunday....

      Marvelous week to you.

  14. time will tell
    Blessings and happy new year.
    May you have more triumphs than trials
    More joy than sorrow
    More support than judgement
    More Inspiration than discouragement
    More resources and access than obstacles
    and may you know through it all
    That you are blessed and a blessing (by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody)


  15. As always, ye got me giggling all over. So 2016...be a good girl this time o Toin, else I'll-find-you

  16. Ovaries are jumping up and down eh? lol

  17. Children can be so adorable especially if you don't have to live with them. Your nieces sound like a comedy duo already and Benadryl reminds me of my youngest brother, that one was almost becoming a little monkey.
    Your opening line took me back to the 90s when Seyi Shodimu was ruling the airwaves. I loved that song and could sing every word! Oops! I just exposed my old age.

  18. blessings miss T....
    Where you be?
    MIA so early in the year?
    I trust that you are fine and enjoying life.
    Just popped in to see how you doing.

  19. Toin, so i used to sing rubbish ehn...your opening song... are you sure it is I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm as clean as ever...na lie... i used to say *covers face* my pretty lover...haha. Kai...Thank God I've not sang it to my crush o..hehe. Aunty Toin, Its like both of us are doing first to come back to blogsville competition shey? Let's see who will win.


  20. I saw you commented on Rhapsody's blog and thought you might be back to blogging, I hope you are doing well xox

  21. Sisi, carry your ikebe come here oh......

    How are you doing?

  22. I love this work, hope you are good sis?

  23. Adorable indeed....love twins a bunch.wish I could be blessed with them

  24. Adorable indeed....love twins a bunch.wish I could be blessed with them


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