Friday 15 July 2011


I watch Big brother. Some people are probably going "what!" "Why? It’s totally crap and evil" bla bla. We're all entitled to our opinions but I like bba. The show entertains me. This post however is not about defending bba. I also watch bachelors/bachelorette & I find it particularly annoying but I can't help watching. Crazy right? I know. I don't get it either but I can't seem to stop & yea, I eat corn in d car too (covering my face). I also dance when I see food as in, serious grooving (can't believe I just said that out loud lol) Anyways, this post is not about my bad habits either, bba is, so let's get back on track.

Now I know Karen & I started our relationship on a rocky note because of the "return ticket" and “first task reading” episodes but I can truthfully say I've found another level of respect for her. You know that saying about never judging a book by its cover? On point! Karen is very selfless. She does not have a hurtful bone in her body and is totally entertaining. She truly has a huge heart. Truth is, I don't know if she's playing them all or using "craze" as her strategy. Whatever it is seems to be working perfectly.

I'm not a fan of Vina. She's cool too but i prefer Karen. She is soo real & you can tell what she'll be like if you meet her on the street. She's down to earth, playful, funny & handles her biz like...that! (Snapping my fingers) The only little problem I have with her is, I sometimes wish she would just stop talking, you know. Not all the time though, just sometimes. Zeus is good for her although I don't really trust him. My sister thinks he's er you know er *coughs* gay because he has big breasts, a big butt and looks “rumu rumu” (that’s Yoruba for chubby hihihi). I was beginning to agree before he hooked up with Karen but my sister insists it's because Karen is erm *cough couch* (this cough en #wink) masculine. Whatever it is Zues, I'm watching you (two fingers pointing to my eyes & following you)

Luclay on the other hand is probably on crack or has serious withdrawal issues (although I think its def dope) because the way he goes on & on en...smh. He's been kinda behaving himself lately until last night with the "gun" story...still smh.

Weza weza. That is one vewy sexy smoking hawt chic. Her stats would probably be 34-28-42! Alright, let me stop before I start drooling but if I ever decide to swing "both ways" she may be on my "to-do" list along with Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, & Kim K (in that order. Ok, stop daydreaming Toin!). I'm a little sad she's gone tho. Would have preferred Sharon leave so I can see how Luweza would handle themselves with Alex & Miss P gone. Love quadriangle :-).

Kim, smh, no words.

Mumba who? (Karen’s sense of reason)

Hanni…love ur personality girl but you really are boring #justsaying.

Don't even get me started on Vimbai & Wendall. Can't even roast the beef I have for them. Mshew.

Sharon, please stop with the tears jor. She’s usually the most composed and ready to mention names when it’s time to nominate o.#youaren’tfoolingus.

Lohan, Lovina, Losharon Lokim...getting dizzy just trying to get all the names right. Dude's fun. Remember the eviction day where IK was trying to put him on the spot by asking who exactly he liked. Guy started with "girls, if you hear your name, stand up" lwkm. Hihihi. Sharp guy.

The show's beginning to bore me though. I actually miss the Mr. & Mrs. Otono days when the Tails house really rocked without the divas from Heads. I guess we'll have to see how it'll end soon but I'm putting my money on Karen else there would be Aluta o. :-)

Hopefully, it doesn’t take me another month to come back here. Mwuah