Thursday 23 August 2012


So when I’m about to whine to God, I come across another story that makes me feel a little ashamed of my ‘whiny-ness’. I absolutely love my life and I hardly complain, well, except to God. I know some people have it harder, which doesn’t take away from my complaints. It just makes me more grateful with a thankful heart. I was talking to a friend a while back and he mentioned how bubbly I always seem and how he wished he could be like me all the time. I remember laughing and telling him i have my “off” days and how annoying it would be if everyone was like me. I know my ‘happy’ is sometimes so fierce and bright, it hurts people’s teeth but I’m not even sorry lol. Why should I be? My outlook to life is cheerful. I choose to see life like that. I laugh a lot and i don't take myself or life too seriously unless I absolutely have to. Situations might change in a heartbeat. Do i always see life through rose-tinted eyes? Not even close. Am I always happy? Hell to the N to the O. Do I think life’s fair? I’ve been told all’s fair in love and war. And Life.
Ellie & Oscar

Oscar Pistorious is one man that has inspired me. The South African was eliminated from the 400m 2012 Olympics, finishing last in his semi-final, but his being at the Olympics will always be more important than his feats.  He won the hearts of many and inspired even more. It was the first time a double-amputee would participate in Olympics sprint category. I saw a picture of him with Ellie May Challis. Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorious, 25, was just 11 months old when doctors discovered he had no fibulas, requiring below-the-knee amputations of both his legs. 

8 years old Ellie May Challis lost both her hands and legs at 16 months, after contracting a severe case of meningitis. Ellie has a twin sister, Sophie and older siblings Tai-la, and Connor. Although Ellie was originally fitted with standard prosthetics, the toddler found them difficult to walk with. More sophisticated carbon fiber legs (the kind worn by Pistorious) were expensive, but Ellie's community rallied behind her, raising the $15,000 needed for the replacements. Now, Ellie can go to school with her new ‘legs’ and feel comfortable enough to participate with her peers.

Nick & Kanae
Now imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around someone, no hands to experience touch, or to hold another hand with. What about being born without legs? Having no ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand on two feet. Now put both of those scenarios together: No arms and no legs. What would you do? Well, Nicholas James Vujicic is living the life and making the best of it. Nick Vujicic is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker born with Tetra-amelia Syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Nick now inspires and motivates people from all walks of life, touching lives all over the world. Through his amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life and his incredible sense of humor, he captivates children, teens and adults alike. On 12 February 2012, he married his fiancée Kanae Miyahara.

At their wedding
You really can not prepare for trauma but you can learn to deal with it because when life happens, sometimes, the life you know is over forever. When life happens however; it is who you choose to be after the incident that matters. Life can and will throw you curves but only you can decide what you do with those curves. You can put those curves in tight fitting clothes and strut around like Kim K or drown those curves in horrible clothes like a candidate for ‘How Do I Look’. Make them a barrier or triumph. Entirely up to you.

Oscar, Nick and Ellie are beautiful people with inspiring and amazing stories. What's your story?
  1. Do you wake up each day with a sense of purpose or you just roll out of bed and do whatever comes to you?
  2. When are going to start doing the things you love that make you happy and living your dream?
  3. When will you stop worrying about things you can not change?
  4. When are you going to start appreciating the moment without stressing over your past or future?  Next year? Next month? Next week or today?
If there is something you’ve been meaning to do, just do it. Don’t stay in that rut longer than you absolutely have to. Keep it moving. Every second lost is gone forever. Whatever you do, live life and give 100%. Be amazing. Be strong. Be awesome. Be courageous. Be outstanding. Get inspired.  JUST.DO.IT
I can’t believe it’s mid-month already. Have a BOLT-ed rest of the month. (Lame right? I know lol. I just had to throw that in. The guy’s a legend)

P.S: It’s my birthday tomorrow (16th) Yay!!! Same with Didi. I receive early presents so you can deliver the cars, Ipads, books and stuff asap. Late gifts are frowned upon but accepted too lol. This is going out to August babies: Yellow Sisi & Aseni (where is she by the way?)
P.P.S: I met Rita of Eroinspirations and the meeting was amazing though short. I finally met a blogger :D. Che, ayam no longer jealous of you and Amaka or Even Myne and MsTizzle :D
P.P.P.S: Pray for me people. Ayav been lusting after something I should not even be looking at. This lust is a serious marra o. Sha pray for me biko. Thanyouverymuch.
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