Monday 29 August 2011


I lost a friend.
I saw him last about a month ago and we were messing around and he kept harassing me to come around more often. I was my cheeky self and i told him i was going to try.

He died in the Ibadan flooding last Friday. He was already in the house by the time the rain started with his 2 daughters and his wife’s nephew, who came to visit them. The fence close to their residence fell on their apartment and the place got flooded, killing everyone in the building. His wife, who returned home after the downpour, was said to have discovered their bodies. I don’t even want to imagine the state the wife must be in.

A lot of people lost their lives and properties last Friday. Many people drowned. A Doctor friend told me that drowning death is a very horrible death (not like I didn’t know). She explained that it is really a painful type of death because the more the person tries to gasp for breath, the more he takes in more water and the vicious cycle is continued till the person has water filling up d whole lungs. And the person chokes to death.

I shudder to think about their final moments…him being so helpless to help himself, least of all his kids.

Truth is I have never really thought about it like this before, probably because no one close to me has been affected but this past weekend and the gory/horror stories I heard is making me think about it. The last time Ibadan was flooded this bad was around this time, 31 years ago (Omiyale; August,1980)

I’m grateful for the life of my wonderful friend. He lived a good life and was an extremely nice person.

Flood, bomb blasts, hurricanes, riots…the list goes on. Life really is short. Always let the people you love know you love them and be thankful for everything; even the seemingly small things because we tend to take a lot of things for granted.

I’ll be back.

Much love

Tuesday 23 August 2011



Hey blogville, decided to clear all the cobwebs around here today. Cobweb clearing is serious business. I have been in hibernation for too long and I’m not even gonna blame work this time. Been a while I put me out here and I had to do something before the bug that bit Carlang and Miz Cynic bites too deep. I’ve been battling the voices in my head for a while now. Seems they are getting impatient about my lazy attitude towards writing.

All I seem to hear (in my head, in a stern voice) is “Toinlicious, you need to write”.

And when I go “but I’m content to just follow and read other people’s blogs and I don’t know what to write or where to start”

I hear “how about you finish up all those half stories on your lappy en, or write about how your family could easily be a better Keeping Up With The Kardashians cos you got more drama in your house, or about your mom’s weirdness and acting hip by watching TV shows like 24/Greys Anatomy/Desperate Housewives and calling Dare Art Alade cute huh, that happened last night”.
“Or about that lady, that you are sure needs to get laid paid cos she’s always blowing hot and cold or about that creepy story you read that really reminds you of NIL’s Super Heroes or Super Zeros post, or your current BFF (Mo) who is the prettiest thing and who you think is the bravest person even if she doesn’t realize it yet or about the guy that BFF wana hook you up with who is creepy(no thankyouverymuch), or about your experiences about how the heart of man can be desperately wicked or about the guy that’s asking you out, who already is sooo cute you wana cry but has mommy issues or about another one who has weird family history (trust me, the voice in my head is putting it mildly, that family is beyond weird).

Anyway, the point is, I need to start writing again. I used to talk a lat. No, you don’t get it, az in, I taaaaalk alat (even I know that and my sister thinks I should get my lips sown together) but I hardly talk anymore so those things just generally stay in my head with no escape route. Blogging was supposed to be a way for me to let it all out without bugging anybody. I have so much to say but not quite gotten round to saying them out loud and I know it’s gonna get crazy soon cos these voices are getting desperate.

I guess I’m just lazy. I need some kind of ass-whooping (no pun intended) to get going. I procrastinated about starting this blog for almost a year…not a good thing I know. I’m here now though so baby steps here I come.


Friday 19 August 2011

Erica's Crazy Christmas Pregnancy Dance

Please let me know what you think and how possible you think this is because if this is real, this lady is superwoman!

Thursday 4 August 2011


Here is a story I want you to think carefully about and let me know what you’ll do if you were in the same situation. Please be honest. I found it very tricky.

You have this friend since you were young and both of you lose contact with each other. She however is someone really special to you, and you're someone very special to her too.
Ten years later you receive a phone call from her.
"Hi, just stumbled on your number and address. It’s been sooo long. I'll visit you" she says.
"Hi, Sue, when?" you ask her.
"I’ll make time. Just wait for me" she replies.
It seems weird but you prepare for her coming anyway. One rainy night you hear a knock on the door and you're surprised to see that it's your friend Sue. Losing touch for ten years is so long and you start talking about everything. Then both of you even go to your room upstairs. Suddenly there is a power outage, but the two of you continue talking by candle light. Then the phone rings.
"I'll just get the phone downstairs" you say.
"No, don't get it; we're in the middle of our talk," she says.
"It might be important" you say.
"Okay if you say so, but promise me you'll be back and don’t keep me waiting" she says.
You promise her a million times that you'll be back. Then you run downstairs to answer the phone.
"Hello" you say.
"Hello" says the person on the line.
"Yeah?" you say, wondering who it is.
"I'm calling on behalf of Sue's family. They had an accident and her parents are in the hospital right now" he says.
"How are they?" you ask.
He continues, "They are injured but stable. But I'm sorry to say that Sue died. We found your name and phone number in Sue's purse..."
His voice trails off as you look up at the long stairs.


I sent this to some of my friends and I got one very interesting reply from one of my bffs.
“I would. Would definitely be getting the last and probably most memorably time ever spent with her. What if Sue was you - won’t even go to pick the call anyway!”
I felt soo loved but I’m just wondering how many people would honestly go back.

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper

I don't know why but this video makes me laugh so much. I don't exactly get what it is about the sound of a ripping paper but this baby can't get enough. Enjoy