Friday 16 August 2013


So the day is here. Whoooop Whoooop! God has been faithful to me. I'm grateful for my amazing life, beautiful family and worthy friends. Please free free to pop something on my behalf and don't forget to say a prayer for me as you read this. Thanks to you all for being a part of my life. We're shutting down this city for some Ajayi Bem Bem style party cos *In Beyonce's voice* "we like to partaaaaay eh eh" Atoskin and HoneyDame please sing along lol.

Happy birthday to Didi and Ayo. I didn't have a lot of birthday mates growing up but *singing & twerking in Chris Brown's Voice* "look at me now...look at me now". Have an amazing year ahead guys xoxo

 I love this Wings song by Little Mix. Enjoy

Kisses. I'll be back

Monday 5 August 2013


Happy new month everyone! So you all know my birthday is coming soon, yea? What? You didn't know? OMG! What kinds of friends are you people? You just shattered my heart into a million pieces *tries to glue heart back together and fails miserably* You just killed me you know.

Alter Ego: Girl, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Me: *Pinches self to reality* Alright fine, so my birthday is on the 16th of this month, same with my twinny Didi (#ProudlyTeamLeo) I forgive y'all but try not to forget again okay? *wink*
So i decided to make things real easy for you all who might be having difficulty thinking up gifts. Yea, i'm nice like that.
Cute huh?
I found these adorable shoes on A4dables so i sent them to Mo (bestie) and she stopped talking to me so i poked her on Facebook lol. Then she sent this:
Mo: The next time you do something as silly as poke me on fb, imma hunt you down in your sleep! Meanwhile, I saw your mail and I refused to acknowledge because you referred to a 25k shoe as affordable.

I mean, what is wrong with her? What sorta cheapskate is she turning into? Thanks to 9ja's Great and his Camaro runs, I'm hoping a friend would buy me a car as a birthday present in this life-time, preferably before i hit 35. Does this mean i need to change my friends? Who can hook me up with them PSquare or Wizkid please? #ikid. Anyway, those shoes are my numero uno on the list of birthday gifts (tongue in cheek)

It's not too early to send the gifts in because i'm already receiving gifts. Mo gave me a pair of adorable shoes. I love them! She tries so hard to pretend she doesn't love me and she fails terribly every time lol. So Mo, I'm kissing you when next we see hehehe (stap ew-ing jor, i'm a great kisser ask erm cough erm never mind)

Bless Ms Sting for pointing out NaijaHusband's blog. That man and his wife (NaijaWife) are hilarious. They are very generous too especially NaijaWife. Or how else can you describe someone you barely know offering to give you her husband's ipad mini as a birthday present? She is the absolute best #Washing. Please say thank you to that good good woman.

On to my gifts. I love books. I never say NO to books so you can keep them coming. I read almost anything, yea, Americanah, There was a Country etc. I have a thing for perfumes too, i mean, who doesn't? I'm currently craving Clinique's Happy, almost as much as CK's Crave. I got CK's Contradiction and lets just say never again. If you intend to remain friends with me, skip it when you see it on the shelf ok? Thanks boo.
I want this lovely blazer. I know i'm low maintenance (this should be a whole bundle of wife material, no?)

If your spirit leads, I'm not going to say no to a phone. I really want the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's on too :D You know what, just because i care and i don't want you to stress yourself, let me just drop my favourite sites on here so you can go crazy with your credit cards. Muah....oh, and it's honestly not too early to send gifts. Happy shopping ;)
In a totally unrelated matter, who has heard anything about Thuraya? Yea, the phone. It was the most amazing thing in early 2000s. I was gisting with Mo and it came up. I wonder what became of them.

P.S: Please who has seen Tizzle?
Kisses. I'll be back