Thursday 23 June 2016


So this is going to be a very random post. I know I owe you big, but let me just do this for now, okay? Thank you.
Peek-a-boo :D
So have y'all heard? Single Nigerian is now a Married Nigerian!! And yep, we turnt up!!!! It felt so cool and weird, like I was giving my brother out to my sister (Don't ask. I know it sounds incestuous, but leave it yeah). To think I was sorta kinda there when it started :D Love still exists people. I even found me a cute puppy at the wedding lool. I gave the toast and totally disgraced myself. Again, don't ask. So here's wishing my Friends like family/blood a fantastic married life.

So y'all remember my lover from the "love found me" post? Yeah, I saw him again. I went shopping with a friend at a mall and was waiting in the car when I noticed some guy just leaving the mall with shopping bags. He was staring at me. Each time we had eye contact, I'll notice the guy staring. So I smiled awkwardly in that "guy you're staring" way (because I figured I looked familiar or something). That was how he went "Toooiiiinnn"

I was so shocked because for the life of me, I could not remember who he was. He then went "oh, you don't remember me. How will you? When you no longer pick my calls"

I have to confess here that I'm really bad with calls. I know. I know. My mom raised me better, but please manage me. I'm working on it.

Anyway, I apologised and asked again where we met and that was when he mentioned his name. William McCrazy. Of course! He had grown a beard, probably trying some #BeardGang stizz. After realisation dawned, I legit told him "Ah, yooouuuuuu! Of course I won't pick your calls"
I was with a friend who reads my blog (so he already knew about the guy) and that one just started laughing. I had to harass the McCrazy like guy, why did you do me like that? McCrazy had the guts to tell me it was "love". Please no. Keep your something. I don't want that kind of love, thank you.

He called much later, I didn't pick then he sent an SMS saying he was just checking up. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

So y'all know John Legend is my bae right? Well, I found another bae and it's Chrissy Teigan. Bring on the threesome! Whooop! I know, I know. I beef her yada yada but you know how there's a thin line between love and hate, well, that line got obliterated in our case. I truly and madly love her. You can blame Lip Sync Battle for this love. And it does help that she has nice breasticles you know. Y'all know breasticles make me happy, doncha? Wait, you didn't? Oh well, now you do *batts lashes*
My new loverrrr
So Happy new year! (dodges shoe)
I think the Igbo's have a saying about the time a person wakes up being the person's morning or something like that so yea, happy new year. Please don't bite me.

The show of love I get on this blog is unreal. This week, I have been badgered from so many angles to blog, it's crazy. Rockstar, you know you're first on the list. This lady begged, cajoled, threatened and darn near dragged me by my chicken hair  (I kid, I kid, but she's mean when she wants to be). Girl, I'm sorry and I promise to try to do better. Luanna, Duru, This Lagos girl, Sykik, Rhapsody, Kelsey, oh, the list is long.

I won't promise to be regular but I can promise that I'll always be back as long as I'm breathing.  I miss this space and I super duper miss you guys. Love you guys.

P.S: Beautiful, did you post something? Cos I saw your new post, rushed to read, but you apparently took it down. Stop teasing girl and come back.
P.P.S: A lot about my life is changing I think, but a lot is remaining same too. I don't know if that made sense.
P.P.P.S: I took a month-long vacation last month, so I don't have any leave days left. Cry with me :(
P.P.P.P.S: That month-long vacation did wonders for my body o! Goodness, several parts of my anatomy have increased and lets just say "Amen" for me. Sykik, I might be leaving you in the club soon mama.