Wednesday 26 March 2014

Sneaking In

Let me tell you how I know the world is coming to an end. The Ibadan House of Horror, that's how. My mind is still trying to conceive the kind of inhumane treatment meted out to random abducted people going about their business. To think people are capable of treating fellow humans like so is horrifying. Starving them for weeks and months *shudder* You can read about it here and here.
So I was watching Cheaters TV show 2 nights ago and there was a 31years old lady who suspected her man had been stepping around. She investigated and guess who he was getting it on and doing the nasty with? Her aunt! Her elderly can't-walk-properly aunt people! Like warrahell??! That's just wrong on all levels. When mama aunt was busted she said she was doing what her niece should have been doing. Like seriously? She had the impudence to be singing "it's my business" in front of the darn cameras. When she was asked why she did that to her niece, she said it was no big deal. Absolutely no shame. I'm just done with dark and twisted people. At least the guy looked like he was caught taking a dump in a pot of stew.‎

*sweeping away the gloom*

How have you all been? Let's just pretend I wasn't away for the longest time and carry on like I don't owe you an apology. *stares at feet*

Did it work? No? Alright, alright.
Je suis vraiment desole = I'm really sorry.

You all forgive me, right? Right. Thank you so much. I know you take me as I am with all my curves and all my edges. All my perfect imperfections :D

So I'm back and a lot has happened. Nope, I didn't have a baby nor did I get married. I didn't take over the world either. (Still working in that one lol) More like a car accident, more indecent proposals, new challenges, etc. I would  have given details but this post would be unnecessarily long. Most importantly, I'm winning.

Somebody wants to put me in trouble though. In this rainy season no less. The devil is a liar and I'm fleeing from temptation. This battle has been won sef so the devil can please swerve.

I'm currently reading the Famished Road by Ben Okri and it is quite interesting in a weird way. Maybe I will do a review.

HD, SNM and Coy are my nemesis. I don't know how these people can make me laugh and want to pull out my hair out of their roots at the same time but they do it. Day in, day out.

Tizzle my nizzle (ok, that sounded much better in my head) you are a blessing *kisses*
Atilola, Sykik, Atoskin, you know I love you right? You too Naija wife. Aya rere loode Naija Husband. Thanks so much guys for checking up on me.

Y'all should head on over to Bimpiziel Arena. She's fresh and raw. Unedited literally. Plus she washed me clean here so yea, ilike.
P.S: How's my new blog look? You like?

I'll be back. *kisses*