Thursday 17 January 2013


 *Crawls in, dodges thrown shoes and hides under a table*

*singing* "First of all introduction, (go down low). Na me wey get toinlicious blog and i been dey run away before but i don come back..." Kai, this my remix no try. Anyways, hey y'all! Happy new year everyone! I love every single one of you guys that checked up on me. You know yourselves *muah* my love for you is like diarrhea, i just can't hold it in lol.

I got razzer (can you tell already? hehe) i even have this Olamide's song on my phone. On my phone people!! hehehe. Razz is so much fun. My vacation was fun. I hooked up with old friends, made some new ones and generally enjoyed myself. In the midst of that, my monkey brother got married. I tested my hate-relationship with alcohol again and let's just say we are not likely to ever be friends. I also spent some time babysitting my nieces. You know them, Princess and Angel (trust me, angel is only an angel when she's sleeping) Let me just come clean here; I'm happy i don't have twins yet...what! did i just say twins? Ahhh my enemies are at work! I meant kids not twins. I don't want twins please. Awon alakoba. So i'm glad i don't have kids yet. They can be such a handful. A typical conversation between Angel (she's 2) and i would go like this:

Me: Angel bring my charger from the living room. You know where it is, don't you?
Angel: *looks with disinterest* (Emphatic) No!
Me: Angel! My charger! Now!
Angel: *a look that says, why is she shouting* Nooo
Me: (deciding to soft-pedal with a smile) Angel PLEASE bring my charger
Angel: (renewed interest) Again
Me: (mouth open) Angel please bring my charger
Angel: Again again
Me: Angel please bring my charger
Angel: Shout
Me: Ah, iyen emi na! (meaning Me?)
That girl is my absolute nemesis and she looks so sweet you'd never guess.

I missed blogsville even though i tried to keep up. I didn't forget my password o. *side eyes @Skykik*. I tried to blog but shame on me for not setting up the email thing before now. I had a lot to say (probably too much) but i just wasn't really interested in putting them up.

So last year was a year of growth for me. I made some interesting discoveries about myself. I opened myself up even more, tried new things, almost got a dildo, ignored my boundaries and cried (oh yea i cried my eyes out) I hit rock bottom. No, that's not right. There was rock bottom, there were piles and piles of crap, and there was me :) I literally turned into water works. Hard core gangster like me. Just a look would set me off and it scared my folks shitless. As it happens, when i break down (which hardly happens), my family breaks down so it feels good to know that a lot of people find strength in me. That realization makes me happy and not in a burdensome i-have-to-keep-it-together-because-everyone-is-counting-on-me way. It is more of a my-existence-is-not-in-vain kinda happiness. Anyways, I'm a fighter. I'm just praying for a drama-free year. I love drama actually, i just prefer it be someone else's life lol. I don't understand why drama follows me around even when i make it clear for drama to stay the ef away #sigh. I guess it's God's way of letting me know he loves me (that's the story i'm sticking with) so enjoy i must.
2012: I lost some friends, one very good one to death; others to circumstances and i made some amazing new ones. I tried, i lived, i loved, i learnt, i hoped, i trusted, i believed, i achieved, i lost, i hurt, i cried, i laughed, i endured, above all, i'm thankful for everything because i'm still standing. God is awesome.

2013: I have no resolution. I'm not going to forfeit a chance to smile today for the promise of laughter tomorrow because no one is promised tomorrow. I'll keep working on being a better, healthier and happier me. With lovely friends (you guys inclusive) who actually care about me and an amazeballs family; what more could i ask for?

So Ginger, i am finally headed to the Nunnery. I was actually on my way there before i got distracted by some lips fellows but this time, no more. I'm sure some monks come to visit sometimes *cough* It is not only in the White House that Scandals happen people lol (who's watching Scandal by the way?) And please don't beg me because i won't budge. Waits for someone to beg Oya you people beg me before Sister Alexis (that's me by the way) starts a scandal at the Nunnery lol.

Have an amazing year ahead and look out for a give-away. I need realistic ideas on what you'd like to receive. I'm in a giving mood so please email ideas to:
A special shout-out to Tizzle babay. Thanks for the award sweetness. Love you girl. Another shout-out to my girl Atoskin who can now officially bang/have sex lol got married. Here's to an amazing 2013. Cheers!

P.S: Could someone get runaway Honeylicious Dame to blog? I know she's jogging to NY busy but she could spare a few minutes for her blog, no?