Friday 25 April 2014


You guys are my rock! The absolute best *sniff* My head was just swelling anyhow when I was reading comments to my last post. Kilode, see washing. Forget washing, that was a brand new Laundry Service. Thanks a lot for indulging me. It's fun to see me through your eyes. Except HD and Gretel who are my nemesis. Those who said I'm mischievious/naughty though, I don't gerrit. Me? Innocent/harmless me? *hides laugh*.

So I was in Lagos for Easter and I had informed my sister's neighbour that I would be coming. I even shamelessly chipped in that she should feel free to wake us all up with peppersoup (face-palm). Unluckily for me, she was too busy so nobody woke anybody with peppersoup *sigh*. This life is just somehow. She sha finally promised to deliver it to me #Winning

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Let me quickly gist you guys before sharing the toasting story. Wait, y'all didn't think I was pregnant for reals, did you? That was just to get you here asap lool. Anyways, that was how one of my friends said she dreamt that she came visiting and saw I was preggies and I gisted her how it happened. I apparently told her we did it just once lmaoo. I also told her that my baby daddy was madly excited . I told her to please wake up. Me that I am Usain-Bolting from temptation. Alakoba.

Here's a quick shout-out to Kazini Daily who gave me the Sunshine award. It's been a while I did anything like that but I will get to it in due time. Thanks sweets. I appreciate.

So here is the gist I promised. Not the indecent proposal o. That is not ready for sharing yet but all in good time. I've shared some crazy proposal stories in the past so you can check here and here.

On that fateful day, my dad came to pick me from work and my sister (Prim) was in the car. My dad was driving and Prim was sitting in the passenger seat. I was famished. Not peckish feeling o, the real body-shaking, I'll-die-if-I-don't-eat-right-now, hypoglycemia hunger so we stopped to get something from a fast food. I wasn't waiting to get home before eating so I opened my pack and was unstylishly (yea, unstylishly) wolfing down my food. I was still grubbing and there was some traffic when I heard someone say "she's beautiful". I looked up briefly to see who was admiring my sister (because Prim is gorgeous) only to see a guy whose car was just beside ours point to me. Me bawo? With food in my mouth and looking very un-tush?

Anyways, my sister said thank you on my behalf. Not like I could have said anything with food in my mouth anyway (sorry for that visual) I smiled and continued grubbing but Mr. Admirer wasn't letting go easily. He kept staring and pointing at me saying "please tell her she's beautiful". See me feeling fly like iyen, emi naa? (meaning na me be this?) Next thing I saw, he shoved his phone at my sister. All these drama inside traffic o. Prim turned on this incredulous look like, erm, what's going on. She didn't take the phone and he dropped it on her lap. I briefly fiddled with the thought that my dad would drive off or something but he didn't. The guy apparently had some nerve, but my dad is kinda cool so he was just watching the drama unfold.

My dad pulled over and the guy got out of his car, apologised to my dad and asked for my number. I gave it and he called immediately. After satisfying himself, we drove off. My dad was just looking on amused. In fact, the only thing he said with a smile as we eventually drove off was "so this is how things are done now. Interesting".

I was flattered but the guy put a kibosh on our romance by suggesting I resembled one of his ex-es. I wasn't going to be some kind of replacement for anyone so I stonewalled and that was how that story ended. It was funny though because imagine someone giving a toast at the wedding recounting how we met lol. So yea, that was how it went. I have bumped into him about 3ce after that incident, usually in traffic lol.

All you hawt and smoking, drop-alive gorgeous ladies are trying though. So these are the kinds of things you people endure? I mean, I'm not scary looking or anything but I'm not like you know, stop-that-car-cos-I-have-to-get-her-number kind of person.

I actually have more gist but this post is getting long so till my next post, be good.

I'll be back

Tuesday 8 April 2014


Early Sunday morning my people

I told you I was back! I even replied all the comments on my last post. As in en, i'm balling. As for the Indecent Proposal gist, things are still unfolding so I will bring you the gist as soon as it is all baked and ready to be shared. Which reminds me of a funny toast I got during my service year. I will share that in my next post so stay tunedlool. Who deserves a kiss? Me right? Right. Love you too *grin*

First things first, I need new neighbours. The current ones are of no use to me. Those people are just occupying space. I'll tell you why at the end of this post.

There's one thing I wish people would learn to stop doing. Please stop judging people you have not spoken with for a while because as much as you think you have a lot going on, they might be going through worse. They might also be protecting you from their issues or they might feel safer keeping it to themselves. Judging them or using that as an excuse is just poor judgement. Someone said assumption is the lowest form of knowledge and I know this is something we all do from time to time. I know I've done it as well. My point is, always try to clarify before you make decisions based on your assumptions.

“And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.” ― Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me

“We all make assumptions every day. Some more important than others. Some more damaging than others. And things, very often, are not at all what they seem.” ― B.B. Shepherd

Moving on. I saw something amusing while reading Kitten's blog and I thought to bring it on here. Humour me please and do this little exercise. Please be straight with me. Go anon if you have to. Of course you don't completely know me, heck, even I don't completely know me yet so feel free to answer with no holds barred. I promise not to come hunting you with a cudgel hehehe

Question: What comes to your mind when you think of me? How do I come off on this blog? Tell me what you think about when you hear/see/read me. That's it. Easy peasy. Thanks.

Oh the picture of Pepper soup? Well, my sister's neighbour who is a chef woke her on Sunday morning with a steaming bowl of pepper soup. So please, this is why I need to chase my current neighbours. New neighbours are desperately needed. 9jafoodie, Lohi, any takers?

The plate of Amala, Efo riro, Stockfish aka panla and Snails was what I consoled myself with later that Sunday. Delicious compensation I must say.

And don't forget, when you get, give; when you learn, teach.
I'll be back