Tuesday 28 February 2017

Lovers and Friends

Cue Usher’s Lovers and Friends song

And Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me

Before this month of Love passes, I need to do this post. I could actually do it anytime but why wait?
I spoke with my sister (Prim-not) over the weekend and I mentioned a few people I felt I owed and needed to “pay” asap and babe was talking about “are you dying?” SMH. Anyway, there’s no better time than the present to let those you love know you’re crazy about them.

Cherrywine actually inspired this post. She had a galantines day and did a giveaway. You can read all about it here. For the giveaway, she asked us readers to tell her what our friends mean to us and how they've impacted us.

Here’s what I wrote:  

My friends are simply put, a blessing. When life knocks me down (as it is wont to do from time to time), they're my happy place. They share my worries (Oh lord, this they soooo do) and help me with anything I need; a smile, a hug, vodka or proofreading lol. They're also resourceful and they generally make my life way easier.

As for how they've impacted me, they have shown me to be open-minded (seeing as how I met the crop of friends I'm referring to in this post is pretty erm interesting). So yea, they've basically shown me (over and over) what love means.

However, this got me thinking even more about how I sometimes take friendships for granted. I’m not sure I say enough to my friends how much they have impacted me/how much they mean to me. I mean, my friends are basically always there when I need them. Let’s not forget how much of a lazy “caller’’ I am, so it’s not like I do a lot of checking-up but my friends totally don’t care. They know me and love me, curves, edges and all. They legit always have my back, no questions asked. There are some I don’t talk to for months and when we eventually talk, it’s like no time has passed.

I need to talk about my stress, broke, work, weight, hair, edges, skin, nails; the most seemingly inconsequential, they’re ready to jump in. And laughter, OMG, they make me laugh so hard and loud. Amazing stuff.
For real for real

So here goes, to the most amazing lovers aka friends aka sweeties aka backbones ever (y'all know yourselves), you guys rock. I might not say it enough but you make life so colourful and beautiful. I know life gets in the way sometimes but believe me, I love you guys so much. Here’s a huge sloppy kiss from me. Xoxo

And nope, I am not dying…yet :D

I'll be back.

P.S: I have a rant but leme keep that for my next post
And i started watching The Bachelors again. Yea, i know. I judge me even more. I'm obviously a glutton for punishment

Tuesday 31 January 2017


Hello peoples! Happy New Year. Wishing you guys a fantastic 2017. I have a really good feeling about this year. I pray we are granted favour in everything we lay our hands on this year and all the lines fall for us in pleasant places.

I hope we’ve all set our goals, made vision boards and we’re steadily working towards achieving them. If you haven’t, that’s totally alright. Here’s a link to help you start. It has 40 sites to learn something new. This is the year to DO things.

I’m almost done with my second book of the year so I guess I’m not doing so badly in the reading department. I can’t believe I’m just reading The Alchemist. I have heard so much about it and I have not been disappointed so far. So yea, check it out if you haven’t.

I can’t believe January is over! Stop the clock!

Let’s keep slaying and winning sweeties.

I’ll be back xoxo

P.S: I miss Obama already and I have stopped seeking Nigerian news. I’m on Twitter so news filter thru eventually but I have stopped actively seeking news. I like my peace of mind.