Monday, 2 March 2015


Oh lord!

Hey lovelies. Happy New Month and Happy Monday :D. First things first: I miss Beautiful! :( 
I want to start this week off right so I decided to be a good girl and shake something. Shout out to Lily for giving me the versatile blogger award. Thanks girl. I've done some before here, here, here and here and you can check up more stuff about me here and here too. Oh wow! I've revealed a lot about me though #VeteranBlogger lol. I also got interviewed by the the lovely Sophie. Check it out here.

There's plenty gist but let's start with the weird shall we? I think I got myself a stalker. Listen, I promise it's not my fault. Honest. You remember Adam from this post, right? Go catch up if you haven't read that. Apparently, Adam and McCrazy should be twins (although McCrazy is older than me). Anyway, let me gist you how we got here. I went to see a movie with a friend and met this dude, I've named him McCrazy. He seemed harmless enough. I know never to judge a book by its cover, I swear I know that but he seemed cool. We had good conversation so we swapped numbers. Dude calls me the following day, we talked for a bit and I mention I was going to have an extremely busy weekend. Fast forward to the weekend and McCrazy leaves me several missed calls. I was mildly pissed. I mean, I legit mentioned I was going to be busy so if you wanna act cute, SMS and ask if I'm not too stressed or something. Anyway, I eventually pick his call and he goes "why are you not picking my calls?" leleyi. Ko fe gboran lero. Until you buy me a phone and pay my phone bills, please do not ask me why I am not picking your calls. After that episode, he chilled and continued calling, occasionally leaving me a few missed calls. Cute ba? Not really.
So this fateful Monday morning, while I was chasing sleep from my eyes, I saw guy calling but I ignored it. Laaro kutu kutu ojo aje (early Monday morning). After calling a few times, I sent him a message that it was a little too early. He didn't stop. McCrazy legit gave me 87 missed calls at 7:05 and 9 more. Someone do the calculation for me please. On a Monday morning; all before 8am!! I kid you not.

Dude is crazy #Simples. I eventually sent an SMS telling him to lose my number asap. Dude had the nerve to ask if I meant that day because I was busy but I replied with: No. Forever and ever. Now let me state categorically that this happened in less than 2weeks after I met him. So I have jejely put his number on silent so when he calls, my phone doesn't ring out. Dude is either retarded or persistent, both very creepy and scary. Thank God I didn't mention where I work *shudder* So now, he calls almost every day and sends messages too. I will continue to ignore his calls because I do not want to end up being locked up in a wardrobe with calabash on my head forever or till a Soka-like discovery is made. Yes, Africa Magic Yoruba has messed with me.

This is all John Legend's fault. Dude is still messing around with Christy Teigan #BeefAlert. I mean look:
#HaterAlert #SomeoneHasToTakeTheBlame #EverylyCrush Urrggg, they're so hot for each other, it's disgusting. She apparently is rocking my bae's world *rolls eyes* breathe Toin, breathe.

Where was I even?
En en, as I was saying, so advise this not-so-confused girl in 2 paragraphs or less what should be done. You better not say pick his calls before I pray for all your baes to turn out like him! Eezz nor a funny something. Seriously though, do you know any number blocking app? I use a BB10. In the meantime, how was Valentime? I know how Cherry's went though lool.

This post was supposed to end with the previous paragraph but he called me with a strange number and used God to beg so I won't drop the call. I listened and the first thing dude said was can I believe he was sick for almost a month when I stopped picking his calls lmao. kill me now! I said, naa, he must have had malaria parasites in his body way before he met me & dropped the call. Ema womi n'iran o

So yea, I got me a stalker. "Love" found me but I'm running from this one #FML

HD, Coy and Parols, please stay away from commenting, teinks. You too Single Nigerian *major side eyes at y'all*

P.S: All the spammers that leave weird random messages like in the picture below make me laugh. I do not want anyone man/woman running after me or tied to me forever. I mean really? A McCrazy for life??? Biko, Mba.

I'll be back soon