Monday 17 June 2013


Hello lovelies. So i did a post for the3six5ng project which was posted on the 15th of June, 2013 and i thought to share here. It is a project that hopes to get 365 Nigerian views about the Nigerian life whether writers are resident in Nigeria or not.

The post should have a maximum of 365 words, including an appropriate visual which you have created. The intent is to create a crowd sourced diary, so it is important that your post reflects a day of your life and to give our readers a sense of ‘you’.

Here's my post:

Cute shoes, yes?
I have a high school graduation to attend at Adesoye but i'm feeling lethargic. My friend called to ask about my trip. He also asked if I had breakfast and I said no then he launches into a story about how his wife made moi moi for breakfast and he wanted to take one only for her to say she made just enough for her and the kids. She figured he always took care of himself besides, "Toin (that's me) should sort you out."


See, a wife who thinks i'm 'sorting out' her husband is very worrisome. Even more so because we don't have that kind of relationship. I never 'sort' him out and I don't know how my name came up in that conversation. What is more worrisome is, a few days ago, his girlfriend (yea, he has a girlfriend) who is getting married in November to a guy she says she doesn't feel anything for, asked him if he has feelings for me. You see, she feels insecure and is wondering if he is already trying to replace her with me. *RME*

A wife is worried about her husband's ordinary friend when there is a legit girlfriend she should be worried about and a girlfriend is worried about an ordinary friend of her married boyfriend. It would be funny if it wasn't ridiculous. Nollywood all the way, no?

See,  I generally mind my business. When I see you entering a ditch, I tell you and if you insist on sinking, I let you sink. After all, it's your life. Mr. Married-guy made some moves a long time ago but I shut it down and consequently and firmly brother-zoned him.

I remember him saying he would get a kiss, probably when he does something mind-blowing for me.
Me: In your dreams.

What worries me now is that I hate drama in my life. In someone else's life, totally but not in mine. How do i even get myself mixed up in these situations?

I'm not complaining about my shoes. It can be fun...mostly but this isn't quite funny anymore.

Time to lose the closeness.

Another day in my drama filled world. #DeepSigh 

You can check the post out here too. To be a part of the project, check here and here for more details.

Kisses. I'll be back.

Friday 7 June 2013


I guess i should be ashamed O_O

This is true *grin*

It's true *batts lashes and pats afro*
Like seriously? How hard can this be?

I hope this is not the look on your face when you read my blog *looking suspiciously around*
I so much dislike this "k". Same with "Sup" Arrrggg
Hey, it's the weekend. Cheers!
I can't stop laughing at this one lmao
This is dedicated to all my blog lovelies

Thanks for always coming around here *Shakes small ikebe outa here* (Stap smiling HoneyDame and Overly Verbose)

To my new followers, welcome to this mad fun house :D
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