Thursday 28 February 2013


You know those dreams you have that are so silly and don't make any sense? Yea, this wasn't one of them. This happened clear as day.

My Pals lol
I dreamt I saw Beyonce & Jay Z. I know, right!!! *flips braids* I'm actually not a huge fan of Bey for 1 simple reason. She's always in my face. You know how you tend to lose interest in something when it's always available yea? Exactly. Sometimes i wish she'd just let me miss her for a bit. Her voice is tres powerful though. Anyway, Bey performed and I was there (get it? i know i'm cheesy lol). It was powerful as usual but the usual mad crowd was absent. Just cultured people like moi lol. So after the show, she sought me out (sought me out people! Am I a bawse or what? Hehe) We had small talk as i walked her to the car. I wondered why her body guards weren't around and why she didn't bring her car. She mentioned Jay was picking her but he wasn't in d car. I looked around, saw him 'pissing' urinating by the wall (Jay is such a boy smh) Why do guys like urinating by walls anyway? So i told Bey I'd see her later and walked off. When I got to where Jay was, he was hurriedly trying to adjust but his fly was open. Wish I saw the equipment rocking Bey's world but I didn't see anything. Er well :( I just walked on by and said "fly's open" :D

So all dream interpreters, what does this mean? If you ask me, I'd say it means Bey and i are going to be best friends forever. We'll braid each other's hair (good luck to her on braiding my chicken scratch tho), we'll go shopping, i'll make her try Boli and epa, we'll double date and do so many other amazing stuff together but that's if you ask me.

I also think it means i'm going to be besties with Halle Berry . You're confused because i dreamt about Bey right? I know, but i'm dreaming celebs y'all. You know one, you know all. It doesn't work like that? Oh, ok. I know Halle's a lot older but that isn't going to get in the way of true friendship. Besides, age aint nothing but a number. Surely, you know that. I know EricDane aka McSteamy would fight to meet me. Simon Baker aka Patrick Jane and Jesse Williams too. (Hi Ryan Gosling!) I've been crushing on them for too long i'm beginning to think it's real love. I know I'm going to be great, i just need to meet Bey for real or one of these awesome people. :D. Maybe Obama is who I'm going to see next *lovestruck* although Mo (bestie) seems to think I already met her (she thinks she's greatness, vain fish)
My soon to be besties
So people, what do you say? Great or great?

P.S: This shout-out goes out to Dammi for yet another Leibster award. Thanks sweets.
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Friday 22 February 2013



I love Chimamanda and her books and in the spirit of love and sharing, i decided to give out 2 of her books. I'm giving out The Thing Around Your Neck and Half of a Yellow Sun. Participants can be resident anywhere on planet earth :D. I doubt NIPOST will get to Mars or Venus (scratches head). I'll also give out 1500 credit from any network to 1 person resident in Nigeria. Please leave your contact email in your comment and indicate which of the items you would like to receive. 9ja's Great, i'm still working on your Camaro. I would have to wait till i get funding from a willing Alhaji. In the meantime, enjoy the picture :D. Tizzle, your iphone 5 too ok? *Muah*
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You see, i'm a simple girl. No facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, linkdin ect follow :D (Is Sisi Yemmie catching her sub yet? :p)

If there's something you've been wanting to ask or to know about me, now is the time. Send your questions to or leave them with your comments. I'll answer them to the best of my ability. This giveaway runs from today till 4th of March, 2013. I will be using to pick the winners. Thanks for participating and good luck

P.S: My blog is going to be 2 in March (she's such a grown-up bawse lol) and i'll be doing another give-away then.
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