Friday 27 July 2012


*Ignores cowebs* How have y'all been? Well, Posh hasn't discovered my last post yet so everything is alright with the world and i'm awesome (*eyes 9jas Great) I know y'all missed me. I missed you too (please don't burst my bubble). Can someone uproot Coy Introvert and get her to blog? And Honeydame too plix. I'm guessing she's under YY someone's Abe abo still.....

So i have been skittish about posting my creative work's on here (poems and short stories) but when Da Injurer asked me to do a guest post, i decided to write fiction for his blog. So please check it out here and show your girl some love let me know what you think ;)

A friend sent me this and i'm sharing. I wish i could take the credit for this but i can't. Only the words in italics are mine.

Smile: It makes a world of difference. It’s the most beautiful make-up ever. Mine is usually measured in mega-watts :D
Dance: who knows when you won't be able to. I know all about this. Trust me on this one, life might not always play the music you like but you should dance anyway.
Cry: Holding those emotions in is bad for you. Sometimes we need to cry to be able to see clearly again. I don't mean you should turn into water works though ;)
Kiss: Kisses are the most wonderful things in the world. (ask Gretel about this one lol)
Laugh: What's the point in hiding happiness? It’s the most wonderful feeling ever. Share it.
Frown:Why not let him know you're unhappy? (Him huh? They're usually the culprit. No? Not always though) Frowns give you ugly lines on your face unlike the fresh ones you get when you smile or laugh. Frowning is such a waste of time and happiness.
Apologize: You don't want to lose friends. Make that call. Send that SMS. Reach out. Apologise. Hang out. Make time. Live life. Enjoy it. Don't leave it until later. Just do it
Hug: There's no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love. Just Hug it out. It's free, simple, means a lot and it feels wonderful. I’m a serial ‘hugger’ :)
LIVE: because life is truly beautiful and all you have is the here and now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I'm giving a sharrout to MsTizzle. She did a give-away for her bloggerversary earlier in the year and i won Myne's book: A Love Rekindled. I'm still excited. Thanks girl. *hugs*

Have a fantastic weekend. Love y'all muchos
I'll be back

P.S: Each time i get a new follower, i dance azonto :D

Tuesday 3 July 2012


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So, this is a short post. If my friend sees this, I’m dead for sure. I hope I come back here alive though because I’ll really miss you guys.

Do not read this at work. If you are at work or a public place, close this window and step away from your computer or phone now! I repeat, DO NOT READ THIS!

Now go ahead and read hehehe.

I read Honeydame’s last post where she shared one of her most embarrassing moments. I thought it was hilarious, so I sent the link to my friend (lets call her Posh) who in turn decided to tell me about hers.

Posh: I was coming back from somewhere one day when I was about that age, then shit was catching me. I was sha tryna hold myself. When I was a few houses away from mine, I couldn't take it any longer
Toin: Oh oh!
Posh: There was a lil bush beside a family friend’s house & i quickly squatted to do my thing
Toin: Berra
Posh: Dunno where this boy sprang out from. He was a year ahead of me in primary school
Toin: Nooooooooooooooooooo
Posh: He chased me with half the poo dangling out my shithole and my pants down my ankle
Posh: He chased me all the way to my house
Toin:  rotflmao Tears
Posh: I ran like a common criminal
Toin: hahahaha
Posh: Needless to say by the time I got home, I didn't feel like shitting again
Toin: I swear, I have tears in my eyes
Posh:  It wasn’t funny o. My brother nearly died of laughter
Toin: I’m dying here. Water is coming outa my eyes and nose

Now let’s pray she never ever sees this. Fingers crossed.

Please share your embarrassing stories in the comment section. (It can't be as bad as Posh's or can it?)
To my new followers, thanks guys and welcome to my crazy fun space.
Happy new month y’all. I’ll be back #wink