Wednesday 5 October 2016

#30day Writing Challenge

Okay, I know. I know. Just bear with me. So Cherrywine tagged me in a tweet about this 30day writing challenge by a writer Nicole Blades. Nicole Blades suggests writing for 30 minutes non-stop without editing. It's about commitment and consistency. For those who need it, she will tweet out a 1-word prompt every morning on Twitter and you can write your hearts out. I'm not sure about doing Twitter every morning for the word prompt so I might be using another prompt for mine. I found this on google which i think could be useful too so....

I don't know how this would go yet but lets see. I don't want to overthink it so I won't find an excuse not to do it.

So all ye runaway blogger can join in too. I know I'm starting late but here we go

I'll be back

P.S: Are y'all reading Atilola's Journey to Marriage series? You aren't? Oh, you really should.