Monday 26 March 2012


Hey people. My weekend was supposed to be quiet but it turned out more fun than I hoped.
1) So I kinda sorta maybe lost a friend over the weekend. No, the person's not dead but I think our friendship is. It was drama filled & juicy. I wish I could share here but I can't. You people would have said Toin has come again lol. We were getting along pretty well but the person took something I said too seriously. I sincerely groveled apologised & tried to make peace (valuing friendships & taking the high road ish) but...

2) As bubbly as I am, I can also be maddeningly calm (is that even a word? Wole Soyinka berra watch out for me lol) I think I'm obsessed with making peace. Is that a bad thing? I hope not.

A conversation between Prim & 1.
3) Prim: U know u get craze small
Toin: I know but my craze still dey bearable
Prim: Who tell u dat. We no get choice ni hehe. Y u think we dey always wan sell or trade u?
Toin: (light bulb moment) en en! Me? Sister dearest?
I don't like Prim very much at the moment :) *sideye*

 4) Another friend gave me a card just because. How sweet is that? I'm awesome (ok maybe not always but I try) #trumpetblowinginprogress. I love cards & I used to buy them for no reason. It still trips me when I get them & I appreciate it. Xoxo TC

So we kinda got robbed.

Yea, by thieves...
Ransacked more like actually. No one was home & these people used no less than 2hours up-turning every nook & cranny of the house. When I say every nook, I mean mirco-wave and Danish cookie jar inclusive lol.  They were apparently looking for money & handy stuff. I know this is in no way funny but couldn't stop laughing. I found the whole episode hilarious & maybe it's mild PTSD. Anyway, i felt bad for them. Such waste of time. If I know them, I would probably offer them 10k for their trouble. They upturned everywhere. My old books & stuff I thought I threw away/burned. I pity my mama 'cos she’s going to be arranging till kingdom come.

And can you believe these people refused to touch my expensive fashion accessories? Are they trying to say i'm cheap? *flips ghana weave* The nerve!! *bb-angry-face* You see that Opia (no idea who they are by the way) silver bangles? It's all of £1 in Primark! Odidi £1 & they did not have the common sense to steal it *rollingeyes*. And my beads? Fashion Earings? Books? And tissue? I mean, what sorta thief doesn't need tissue or read books? *scoffs* Anyroad, imma keep rocking my Expensive (yea expensive. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it) stuff like that.
Stuff were strewn everywhere. They (probably in anger) tore the net in my room (the part facing the courtyard) making it easy for mosquitoes to swarm in but God pass them. Na to vacate the room (it's been fixed so i'm back there). I am however grateful nothing much was stolen. They got a few things including my lovely purple wristwatch that i got last December *bawling* but I'll be fine *snif* Mo can testify that I love me that wristwatch. I can't do purple combination anymore unless someone blesses me with another or those shoes that i named 'Toin'.

I didn't sleep too well that night. I kept waking up almost every hour but I'm good now. It's unsettling to know someone invaded your privacy and went through your stuff in your absence. Thank God it was during the day so no one got hurt.

And, Che is back!!!

This is so random. I'll be back. Love you muchos *muah*


  1. Awww...thieves?? I know how that family was a victim many years back...Thank God no one was home and that everyone is safe...and sorry about your purple watch too.

    I feel for mum too, she's going to be arranging for a long time to come.

    Thank God for his mercies

  2. Thank God the thieves didn't meet you guys, though that is unsettling too. I hope more Nigerians have the sense not to keep cash around these days.

    You're a funny lady sha..:)

  3. Wow sorry to hear that. Thank God you an your family are safe.

    LOL @ expensive fashion jewellery..Maybe they are market sellers, so they know which one will sell quick quick lol

  4. Sorry to hear about the burglary, i can relate to that....but you made a joke out of it, which shows you have over come the shock.

    I laughed when have a sense of humour i like.

    Well, what to title the post? Hmmmmm, RANDOM THOUGHTS? qui? :D

  5. Sorry about the robbery. Glad to you see some humour in it. I love the shoes in the picture

  6. You will not kill me with laughter after such a sad event with your flipping your ghana weave and such. But thank God none of you were hurt and they left your stuff at least.

    Sidenote- i could bare read this. I didn't even know there were words here as the letters and the background were both black. If not for me reading the comments i would've just thought you were showing us pix today!

  7. wow!!! sorry about that. probably people who know you guys. Thank God no one was hurt.
    and the nerve of them to snub a whole primark accessory... lol

  8. Kai and I really wanted to steal dat watch o,I felt it was too early.
    And abt d friend dat u lost,too bad at least u apologized which is d best u could have done now,u can't be it all so don't worry and that's why u have plenty of us I won't give u up for anything in d world or would 20b USD be a good bargain.tink abt dat heheheeheheh
    Life is beautiful jare.

  9. Eyah, Pele o. I know how it feels 2 have been visited by the real owners. Thank goodness, nobody was around to entertain them as the afermath would not have been funny.

    As 4 the lost friendship, maybe you guys were not really friends in the first place or the value you placed was not the same as said erstwhile "friend". In life, we win some and lose some.

    Take heart, kiddo!

  10. Random and thanksgiving would have been a good title. Thank God the thieves didn't cause any harm. That's the thanksgiving part. prim wan sell u cos ur wahala too much. lol

    And I love cards too. the words in ur cards are amazing!

    - LDP

  11. wow..glad to know you are safe and no one was harmed.

  12. Wow!!! That's very unnerving! Choi.... I cant even imagine! Thank God you people werent home sha.
    Yes, it is nice to be peaceful but dont let people use that as an excuse to walk all over u. I am sure u get the gist of that one....
    That robbery story is giving me shivers sha!

  13. First off toin, you are one very funny chic...had me laughing amidst all the robbery that took place at home...

    Purple wristwatch, whyyyyy? so beautiful....I bet one of them stole it for his chic and he may probably claim he bought it at a high price...YEYE

    Chic, thank God none of you were present when the thieves arrived...they might have done some physical harm or tell you to raise up your hands and close your eyes (lol)...

    Lmaooo at you flipping your ghana weave...whip 'em braids girl...I have got them on too (looong by the way) and I act ''joor ohh'' by flipping them back and forth

    About your friend and all the groveling, you have done your best by apologizing...Ooooh, a thought just crossed my mind..You could appear at his/her doorstep with a chicken wearing glasses on your head just like Monica did in FRIENDS... If that won't get her laughing and expel the grudges, mehnn forgerrr

    Name of post - RANDOM WEEKEND HAP'NINS..I think it suits!

  14. Blessings.....
    Keeping your head up and moving

  15. Thank God you are safe. May God continue to protect you and yours!

  16. awwwww sorry.
    so they left the books and *expensive* beads and bangles.....they gats no class jare
    i love love those shoes

  17. oh dear, sorry love,i can imagine how you feel, sorry about that and what lovely wristwatch and glad you can see humour in it..humour is a priceless gift o..and i dey see you fr my blog o lol!

  18. thank God nothing major was stolen and no one was hurt. Toin! you have your own way of making things look easy and funny!! *hugs*

  19. you and your hilarious ways of making things look and sound easy and better! am glad nothing major was stolen from the house and everyone is safe.
    The Lords protections is sufficient for you and your family. #hugs

  20. AH! Sorry dear, stupid hungry thieves’ ooo... God shall make you guys bigger. Awww.. Your card is cute. Go make things better with your friend, I am of the opinion that you can talk through most problems in life.

  21. Awwww dont worry, maybe you should leave a note explaining to them where the expensive items are... lol. just joking. thats such a sad thing, when thieves steal, its a huge invasion of privacy of every level. But glad you are able to smile and laugh about it.
    Hopefully, you would get an All Purple outfit before summer, so you could be play dress up with.

  22. Thank God for life o.
    lol @ "expensive" jewelry..

  23. ooohw woow,
    Thank God everyones is alright
    I had a similar expereince when I went Ghana, some people did the same to out house, but they only got one room, which had most of my mum suitcases
    they stole her expensive perfumes and shoes, she was raging bull and i felt sick.

    How people can take someone else hard earned items is beyond me

  24. Jeez! The thought of strangers and their dirty hands crawling around your stuff when you're not home make my skin crawl.

    Sorry that they invaded you guy's privacy like that and Thank God they didn't find much to take. Ah! Na wa o!

    I think the word you wanted was "Maddeningly"?
    Wole Soyink should watch out for you indeed! lol!

  25. Thought i posted a comment here...(seriously)
    sorry bout the robbery and your watch.
    its good you can laugh bout it

  26. Dayor: Thank you very much dear

    @Myne: We were kinda lucky 'cos my dad dispensed all the cash he had to some people who were supposed to start work on some stuff. I can be funny abi? lol. Life is more fun that way ni

    UVG: Thanks sweetie. Expensive ni o. lol@market seller but you're making sense sha

    Simply me: my sense of humour shay, thanks ma'am. One of my fav. sayings is 'If you can laugh at it, you can live with it' apt abi?

    Atilola: Thanks dear. I love me those shoes too. They are totally drool-worthy. Sometimes i stare at them & smile (i should get a life ba? lol)

    LadyNgo:*singing* i whip my hair back and forth lol. Thanks for the side note. i guess i have to start hunting for another template *sobs*

    Fantasyqueen: exactly! Primark for that matter *still fuming* Thanks for dropping by dear

    Prim-not: lmao. i can't believe i'm saying this but i wish you had stolen it. I would have stolen it back this weekend now. Stealing from each other is way more fun jere. And did you say you won't give me up for anything in the world?? that's like saying you love me right? Is it my birthday? *scrambling to laminate comment* hahaha

    DI: I guess you're right. We win some and lose some

    LDP: Thanks man & i love the words too. En en, aren't you supposed to be on my side ni? Prim's just fronting ni sef. We're stuck together like glue lol (pls who knows wasap with Sean Paul?)

    'Lara: thanks dear

    HoneyDame: I know right#shudder. It still creeps me out a little when i think about it. Thanks for the advice luv & i get it. I am sooo far from a door mat it's just that i usually give people enough rope to hang themselves with so when i flip, i flip

  27. I'm so glad they didn't take any valuables (except your lovely watch though). Thank God for life and giving you reasons to laugh and make us laugh inspite of the ordeal.

  28. OddNaijaChic: hahaha i swear, you could easily be my new blog-bestie. Glad i made you laugh hon. lmao@ raise up your hands & close your eyes. I don't even want to imagine other physical harm they could have done. By the way, still whipping my ghana weave real good o a la Willow smith (long too) lol

    For my friend, i don't know yet but we'll see. I so remember that episode tho. I don't know if i can put raw chicken on my head (ew) but that chicken dance hahaha i could totally try that...jiggle to the left and right lol

    Rhapsody: thanks ma'am.

    Atoskin: My twirra twin, thanks sweetie and Amen!!!

    Lue, Abi o. no class at all. and yea, me lurrrvvvv them shoes too

    Jemima: thanks dear. They didn't steal my homour lol. & as for your blog *coversface* you got yourself your very own blog-stalker lol

    Priscy: thanks sweetie. Life is just so much more beautiful with humour in it. Life is beautiful.

    9jafoodie: Amen! thanks luv but how about you make me a virtual meal to make me feel better *eyelashes* As for my 'friend', did you miss the "grovel" part? I swallowed all my pride, ate eba to be sure it went down pata pata & drank berryblast to clear my throat before i apologised. I don't know sha but i swear, i tried.

    Lovelifeforsale: lmao but my EXPENSIVE bangles were lying there and they did not touch it. The Danielle Steel is 2011 too(altho my friend would have killed me anything ad happened to her book lol) IMO, they wanted cheap stuff and i don't do cheap so they left hehehe (that's my 2nd story and i'm sticking with that too)

    Nikkisho: thanks doll. Expensive o *claps hands*

    MsNana: Oh, sorry about your experience too. It can be very unnerving. And your mom's stuff? sorry about that too.

    Enkay: Thanks and yea, i was going for "maddeningly". It still makes my skin crawl too when i think about it (which i don;t do often)

    Cee: thanks sweetie. I hope God continues to give us reasons to laugh through life's madness.

  29. Sorry about the robbery attack love. No mind those yeye hungry thieves. E no go beta for dem. But, thank goodness no one was home. It's still scary though. It's amazing that you can see the humor in it. :-)..The card is cute and me like the shoes.
    Thanks for the shout out hun. Much love dear.

  30. Aww sorry love, about the robbery and about your friend. I'm one of those bubbly friendship people as well so I think I know how you feel albeit a little and I'm glad u have a fantastic sense of humour! That 1 pound opia accessory should have been treated with more respect. LOL.

    I pray God replenishes all you lost.

    It is well.


  31. Okay...I supoose say sorry for getting robbed but I can't just resist this...


    Those guys were not thieves...they were idiots!

    In fact if they had been caught on a security camera they would fit to feature in that show titled 'What were they thinking?'.

    And na wah for you oh're angry that they did steal some of your precious jewelry indicating that they thought you were cheap? crack me up seriously!

  32. lol...this is not supposed to be funny - getting robbed, but with the way u described it, one can't help but laff...Good to know u r well though.

  33. Toin Toin Toin!! You got me laffn wella! Kai!

    Sorry abt the robbery incident.
    But bia,wat did U̶̲̥̅̊ want the robbers to do wif U̶̲̥̅̊я tissue?huh? Lwkmd!

    I also love cards...both giving n' receiving. Buh,somehow its not so common these days.

    And those red shoes are.......

  34. I'm supposed to feel bad for you but you got me holding my tummy through out. What kind of girl are you? Tissue ke?
    Thank God you guys were not around and no one was hurt because those thieves seem like they were really hungry

    And I've also had those kind of conversations too, don't mind them it's all love :)

  35. OOOOOOOoooooo u have changed ur background.. i guess I havent visited in a while covers face.

    Wow @ the story.. see how u shared it effortlessly without any swear words etc (i commend u for that)...

    Thank God that nothing major happened. I pray God will continue to protect you and your fam including your home. AMEN.

    wow scary @ some1 invading ur privacy and going thru ur items...

    I wonder they got in?

  36. I always like the random nature of your posts and you've had me laughing my pants off yet again. Those thieves are truly amateurs jor! I'm sure they're the ten-ten-naira thieves like a friend of mine used to say. lol @ ur point on thieves that don't read books. You ehn! Nice one.

  37. late as always here. Sowwwy Toin. I cant even laff though your tone is so cheery. That's terrible.
    I'm so happy they didnt take away anything precious. Most thankful no one in the house met them. May our eyes never see bad things. You are blessed my sweet. And may the girlfriend's wrist get craw craw when she wears your fine watch. yeye.

  38. sorry about the robbery, glad there was no one at home. it would have been more horrifying.

  39. Oh dear re: the robbery. Definitely not a good feeling

    Hope you are okay?

    BTW...I loved the randomness of this post

  40. glad no one got hurt sha. but i still feel a little suspicious that they ransacked every nook and cranny all because of what? i think they were lookin fr something spetacular...cos if they could leave ur jewellry and all,,,well the main thing is u were all safe
    as fr d friendship stuffz..nt easy to let go, understanding is important in a relationship but what can u do when the strain in the relationship starts becoming conspicous.
    some friendships last and some don't. experienced such and all you can do is pray and move on, not letting anything get in ur way

  41. Thank God you guys weren't home. I'm so sorry about what happened. My dear sometimes in friendship, people might find themselves in the situation you are in now, distant from each other. They might find themselves together again or they may not. That is life. You tried to make it work so you have done your part honey. Allow God to do the rest.

  42. Thank God you're all safe. I love your expensive stuff. hehe

  43. wow! thank God you were not at home o!

    Na wa

  44. Sometimes, friendships have their highs and lows. Thank God you are safe and they didn't cause more damage. Thanks a lot for following my blog. Loving your expensive

  45. Blessings....
    Just checked to say HAPPY EASTER.

    stay blessed.

  46. Sorry to hear you were robbed. Thankfully you and your family are safe. I'm sure in due course you'll be able to replace the stolen items. :-(

  47. Sorry to hear about the robbery incident. Took the spice out of the other gists. The way you told the story, one won't understand the gravity of what took place.

    Thank God for your life and safety (and expensive things :-) ). It is well.

  48. OHH....After all the story..sweerie sorry you got robbed ...but hey the nerve of them to steal the purple watch..!!! a whole purple watch!!*snarling*
    If my purple bedside lamp sef miss kperen I will be angry for a week..
    abt ur friend I think I can relate..i am going through something like that at the moment..
    keep ur head up..xoxo

  49. I can't even imagine what getting robbed would feel like. ThankGod you guys weren't home. And see me I love the purple watch!!! If na me sef I for thief am. ThankGod you and ur family are alright!

  50. Yikes! So NOT cool o :-( I am really sorry to hear about this unappreciated visit, but I am glad you guys were fine and no one got hurt. That's the koko! And you were still able to laugh at everything? You're one special lady! *wink*

    By the way, loving cards might say something about your love language(s) o, she you know?

  51. Now you can go partying in your bangles.
    Good thing, no one got hurt or slapped in the face.

    I want those shoes, but I bet the thievies stole it. lol

  52. Nice info. Thank you.
    all face the problem. finish with a calm heart and brain cara membesarkan penis are cold and are trying so hard ...

  53. @ "If I know them, I would probably offer them 10k for their trouble." hhehehehehehhe Kai! Toin! With all due respect yeah.. ya not feel fine sam sam.. Aha! WaRRapin ni?! I mean How can 1 person take life so simply and be so much fun?! Interesting.. hehehehe

    In other news.. Oh heavens Whyyyy.. **Tears Cloth.. i mean where was I when Toin was in her glory days on Blogger?! Oh I remember.. i was in Final year trying to not get an Extra Year.. :( Cheers Toin.. **In Adele's voice.. Hellooo From the Other side.. More like from the Future :) xx happy new year 2013, 2014, and 2015 :)


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