Thursday 23 February 2012


Hey lurvlies. A lot has been happening in my hood lately but I had to do this pictures post first then I’ll be back with gist, serious issues and gossips. I swear, I had it in mind before Oroque did his. (I think the guy’s psychic or maybe it’s the twin thing going on) Anyways, enjoy.

First of, i can't believe i missed this program. (grabs head in mock-horror) I wonder when the March special will hold (tongue in cheek)

         Baby ask them, how much is the chips if we bring our chicken...

                                         Honeydame please show yourself lol
                         Choi, David Evans don vex. Na simple proposal na (tongue still in cheek)
                                         Honestly, i'm still waiting
                                         Need i say more?

 I definitely do not Mod. Destiny YNC, do you? Ginger you nko? Relentless? Che? Lue? Pet? Coy? MsNana? 9jas Great? Didi? UG? Crazylife? Miss.fab? Mike? DOHK? Seriously, none of you? Smh
                                           Life was definitely less complicated

                              You have to understand Yoruba to get this. Yoruba can be mean :-)
                                          What do you think?
                                         Whatever mehn :-)

Have an awesome day as you prepare for the weekend. I'll be back soon.

Tuesday 7 February 2012


Yea, i know lol

My brother in-law made that. Future husband please take note. Thank you lol (a girl can dream right)
So 5weeks of sleep was bliss (did I just rhyme? ok now) I read a lot of books and saw lots of movies (before nko). I almost didn’t forgive my bil for making me watch “Sucker Punch”, but the image of his culinary skills melted my beef. It didn’t help that I saw “I do, I did” and “500 days of Summer” on the same night. To think I didn't sleep until 4am just because of these terrible movies and do you know what was worse? I could not rant at anyone because everyone else was sleeping! Something I should have been doing myself. That morning, my 1 year old niece promptly woke me up at 6am.

Angel: (do not let the pet name fool you, that child is totally mini-me) Antoin (that’s me in case you’re wondering), wake up. Shand up. Open e door. Leggo oushide.

And I dare not go back to the room to sleep. SMH. Things we do for love. I actually enjoyed playing ‘mommy’ to my nieces although they are such a handful. I totally understand the reason Prim-Not is slim. I miss them so much already. By the way, I had no idea kids consumed that much tea. Darn!

So i started my reading with An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers. That was my Xmas present to me. Someone gave me A Voice in the Wind and I desperately wanted to know what happened to Hadassah. The big book of Ifs 123 by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell is another amazing and thought provoking book that I came across. The book made me THINK. I’m going to be asking some questions from that book and I hope you can honestly answer them.

I am currently on Jackie Collins’ Poor Little Bitch Girl. I loved the Santangelo series but I hadn’t read Jackie in ages. This brings me to the story of one of my new found friends. He saw me with the book and mentioned that he had not read novels in over a decade. We were chatting much later about the wonder of books and he sent me this:
O_O James Hardley Chase? Romance? Ok o
In a totally unrelated matter, is it weird that I’m following Kola Boof on twitter? Prim seems to think i’m crazy *shrugs*

I found this amazing card that Prim gave me when I was like 8 or 9. I absolutely love it. I laughed soo hard and almost peed my pants. I remember she always bought me something for my birthday. Always. She always took her “big sister” duties seriously. She wrote: From Big Sister To Little Toin :-)
From Big Siser
So cute. I love Prim but this Toin aint so little anymore
And at the back of the card she wrote: 2good 2 4get = 8me not lmao
I was going to post the following as my favourite holiday song but it skipped my mind in December but I’m going to share anyway.

Went to the store, sat on Santa's laps
Asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap
He said all you need is to write them a song
You haven't heard it yet so don't try to sing along
Don't sing along

Monica Monica, have a happy Hannuka
Saw Santa Clause, he said hello to Ross
& please tell Joey, xmas will be snowy
Rachel & Chandler...@@#$U@&*$&%@*&&(Y$Y&T$^@

Happy holidays everybody (This song was done by Phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yu gotta love Phoebe)

I’ll be back.