Wednesday 30 March 2011


So a friend sent me a bbm message yesterday about our childhood escapades and I laughed so hard, I almost pissed my pants. I mean seriously, I had an interesting childhood. Remember the Alo Apamo and Alo apagbes; our very own tales by moonlight. I can’t even remember most of the stories but I do remember “ijapa” (the tortoise) used to be the most mischievous culprit of most of the stories. I just wish there was a more formal form of documentation of stuff so we could pass on information properly to the young ones. I know there are some books but I don’t know if they are made compulsory in schools. I can almost see children asking what you use “Alo” for 3o years from now. I honestly wish I had a journal for everyday of my life since I was born. Here is the bbm message
“If as a child, you didn't eat okin biscuit, alata biscuit, coaster biscuit, gogo, sisi pelebe, chocomilo, baba dudu, goodygoody, big bite, oyakaka, Nasco wafers, kokoro, condensed milk, m&k, pako biscuit, ptit, eyin alangba, ekona gowon; or drink- solo coke, Krest, Fanta chapman, lolly, fan ice, black currant, tree top, tandi, afri cola; or watch, Spiderman, superted, robin hood, tom and jerry, voltron, power rangers, danger mouse, sesame street (lol) tales by moon light, Speak out, Erin ke ke, village headmaster, Bata wahala, Feyi kogbon, Behind the clouds, The new masquerade, checkmate, Mirror in the sun, Days of rage, Palace, Supple blues, jaguar, kunta kunte, Dr Who, Rentaghost, the rich also cry, secret of the sand, wild rose, No one but you, Isaura the slave girl; or read Ali & Simbi, Eze goes to school, Sugar girl, Sade and her Friends, Second Chance, Time changes yesterday (kofoworola Odu lol), Folu and his dog, Ade our naughty little brother, Things fall apart, Bottled leopard; or you didn't indulge in mummy and daddy, Idi ore mi lemi o fisi, X and O, mother may i, rolling of tyres, police and thief, Tinko tinko,  ten ten, suwe, Who stole the meat from the cooking pot,  All those are born in January, Oba ni ada owo jo, hide and seek (boju boju); or didn't listen TV commercials like eeeh Joy girl, or didn't wear Cortina, Shaba skirt or listen to Patra,  dance butterfly and flex or afro juju by Sina, then your childhood was totally LAME! Forget say you be 'AJEBO'. You no enjoy reach us wey do am. Take us back memory lane by adding urs and pass it on. Only PAKO o”
I laughed sooo hard. I mean, I used to soooo love Tales by moonlight. Even “ten ten” was so much fun and if u were a pro, you will 'yose' lol. I remember we used to sit in front of the tv set (President brand) I’m sure most of us had that) and wait from 3:30pm till 4 when cartoons will start. I also remember when the TV started misbehaving, we just hit it on the head and it behaved. Lol. Kids of now, na so so serious cartoon like Ben 10 dem dey watch. In fact, my 2year old niece has a Ben 10 wrist watch she wears all the time even to sleep. And when you ask what that is, she’s quick to tell you with young pride that “it’s my Ben 10 wrist watch”

We sure had fun growing up.

Wednesday 16 March 2011


Last year was short for me; for things I needed and wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to achieve 60% of my list (yea, I have a list) which is pretty darned good enough. I just wish I had more time in every 24hours so I could do everything I planned to do for the yearget fluent in French, (oui, mon ami et ca va? hehehe), learn Arabic or at least be able to read, get into radio, go to India, learn to drive, watch all the movies on my laptop er, about 150 of them(I kinda sorta knew that wasn’t gona happen actually), start my book, plan a trip with friends, get a job with United Nations or Chevron (a girl can dream now, can’t she?) and the list goes on. (And yea, it’s a long list. You don’t wana know what my bucket list looks like!)

It was a year of so much laughter and love and pain (which only few knew about) and gain, of tears and joy, of scars I’m proud to wear. It was a year of giant steps…making moves I never thought I could and letting God take the wheels. I’ve lived in my head for so long, and let me tell you, it’s not as bad as it sounds…ok, maybe a little…but I swear I’m not schizophrenic (although my sister thinks different). See, I like living in my head, it’s easy and very conducive and I don’t have to pay rent or apologise to anyone for having an opinion. I don’t have to shout at myself or anyone for that matter. I have conversations, speeches, arguments and even jokes and laugh about them all. (Ok, so maybe I’m a little nuts but aren’t we all)

So last year, I dared to leave my comfort zone…my head that is, and I ventured out. I found out a lot of things. Those scary thoughts I had in my head…some were real and some were just there…in my head. The minute I ventured out, I discovered it wasn’t that hard. Oh, there is still the fear of the unknown but it’s really not as bad as I thought it would be. One of the things I found out last year was that my brain ain’t bad after all, contrary to popular opinion and by popular opinion, I mean my crazy family (this is gona be another story for another day). They can’t seem to forget about my archived past (well, you could actually do a series on my archived past. Let’s just say I was an interesting child). So I gave them reasons to doubt I was given a brain from heaven, en en, so what, we all have acted crazy at one point or the other. They remain the only ones who still can’t believe I can change. (Forget that I’ve been acting weird since I popped out of my mama’s bory)

Anyways, it was been a year of lessons learnt. This Carrie Underwood chic is eerily creepy. She’s one of my favourites (I’m actually listening to her right now). I feel the girl knows me and sings just for me I swear. I know we haven’t met (maybe someday) in the meantime, it’s as if she knows me and exactly what I want to hear and she delivers. Each time I listen to her it feels like she’s trying to let  me know she gets me and wants me to know it’s not all in my head and I am not the only one going through ish.

Here are the lyrics to Carrie’s Lessons Learnt:

There are some things that I regret, some words I wish had gone unsaid, some starts that had some bitter endings, some bad times I’ve been through, damage I could not undo, some things, I wish I could do all all over again, it don’t really matter, when life gets that much harder, it makes you that much stronger, some pages turned, some bridges burned, but there were lessons learned.

For every tear that had to fall from my eyes, for everyday I wondered how I’d get through the night. For every change life has thrown me. I’m thankful for every break in my heart. I’m grateful, for every scar. Some pages burnt, some bridges burned, but there were lessons learned

There are mistakes I have made. Some chances I just threw away. Some roads, I never should have taken. Been some signs I didn’t see, hearts I hurt needlessly. Some wounds that I wish I could have one more chance to mend. But it doesn’t make any difference. The past can’t be re-written, you get the life you’re given. Some bridge burned, but there were lessons learned

And all the things that break you are all the things that make you strong, you can’t change the past, cos it’s gone. You got to move on because it’s all lesson learned.

Alright, enough with the wise girl crap. I’ve punished you enough for today and if you actually enjoyed reading and this somehow made sense to you, we might actually be from the same planet and that is a good thing (i think) or you might be getting little nuts too.

Mwuah!  “Wink” I’ll be back.

Monday 7 March 2011


Yay! so i finally make good on my dream of starting a blog. Stumbled on blog-ville about a year ago and i've been following some for almost a year. I find this world totally addictive. Blog-ville is fresh and absolutely amazing. I hope this blog of mine turns out to be everything i've always dreamt it would be. I also promise not to turn into Carl with a C who disappears wen we need him to update (at least i hope not). I can't wait to start putting my thoughts up (i swear, my brain needs a break) and gisting y'all about my juicy life..OK, not so juicy actually. I'll be back..."wink"