Friday 27 June 2014

Things To Consider When Buying A Smartphone By Sage Harman

This is a guest post. I figured it would help if you, like me, find it tasking to make a choice when it comes to phones. I remember my mom bought me a Samsung Galexy (Yes, Galexy. This is not a typo *tears*) S4 phone earlier in the year. I wanted to cry. I'll talk about it in my next post. I'll even post pictures loool. Enjoy the post.

Considering what give the men in your life as a gift? If you're thinking ties, handkerchiefs and shirts boring, why not go for gold and give him a smartphone if you can afford it? You know he deserves it. But before you run off to your nearest store, take time to review your options. Mobile phones have come a long way over the years and with manufacturers constantly inventing new features, the choice of which phone to purchase can be a bit confusing. Here are a few things to consider before buying a smartphone.

Android, iOS and Windows Phone seem to be the most popular options. You can make your choice of operating system based on what's most important to you, or in this case, your the recipient - versatility, user-friendliness, security and customization.

In this day and age of selfie, there is a lot to consider. While most smartphones come equipped with cameras capable of taking 8 megapixel pictures, these days, also take account of resolution, optical zoom, shutter speed, ISO and other capturing settings and features.

When it comes to physical appearance, more and more people lean towards the thin and sleek design. Don't just consider the form factor, though, think about the screen size, weight, keyboard, Retina display, and portability.
It's important to consider the phone's compatibility to apps. Apps are programs that perform different functions. Almost all smartphones have the ability to support applications. Health monitor, GPS device, scanner, TV and video apps, digital wallet, and mobile hotspot are just some of the popular ones you can install on your smartphone. 

Battery Life
Smartphones, with all the amazing things you can do with it, are like mini computers. Of course, you'd want to get one with a long battery life. But you might also want to consider the option of replacing the battery when you're unable to charge up. Some phones have built-in batteries that you can't remove for example. So if you require a lot more power, go with one that has a replaceable battery.

Storage Capacities
Most smartphones carry an option of 2GB to 64GB built-in memory. If you think you would need more storage space, consider buying a phone that supports memory cards.

Since smartphones are portable gadgets, you should take connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile hotspot) into consideration. 

Most major phone companies now offer smartphone plans that fit every budget. There are a wide variety of models and features to choose from. But I guess what it will all come down to is the price you are willing to pay. You don't want to spend a lot but you don't want to miss out on important features for a small price difference either. It's best to take the time to research and consider all your options so you can make an informed decision.

A frugal living enthusiast, wife and mother, Sage Harman runs, a site dedicated to providing free information to consumers trying to find viable no-contract phone and internet plans.

Thursday 19 June 2014


I just read Atoskin's How Forgiving Are You post and I was typing up a response, but discovered I had done a mini post. So I decided to come on here to share and then link to her instead. Good idea, right? I thought so too, particularly since some of you don't know if I'm still breathing. I thankfully am. Tongue out to haters. I'm not sure I have haters though. I haven't gotten any hateful emails or anything but I just wanted to feel like a gangster with haters and shii. I hear you haven't "arrived" until you get hateful emails. It'll be so cool :D

Ok, I digress. I think I've just been blog-lazy. Life is busy and all but...sigh. Totally off topic, can you believe Charlie Boy is 64?? By the way, please google Vera Sidika. She's Kenyan and blessed. Do not do this in public though or at work. This is a stern warning! Do Not! But if you're by yourself, google away. I don't know how one person gets to have all that when I'm still struggling to grow my own. Life as we know can be several wraps of rotten Amala and stale Gbegiri and Ewedu *deep sigh*

Anyways, so Atoskin mentioned how she ignores whoever offends her or believes that the extent of the offense is directly proportional to the silent treatment the offender will receive. She thinks it's a huge problem  most especially because its not "christainly".
I have actually touched briefly on how I handle anger in this Elevens post. (You'll enjoy that post if you missed it) I think I'm a little like her in the silent treatment thing and yea, it depends on the gravity of the "sin". I don't gripe much and I try not to  take things too seriously. I usually give people a very long rope because I can't be bothered to carry all that emotional baggage around. It's exhausting. I actually make excuses for other people's bad behaviour which I have been told is enabling. *sigh* Most times, I forget these bad behaviours until the next time the person does it and I remember that they've done something similar. If I see that it's a pattern and it's really grating, I let you know.

Anyway, so when I react, you'll probably see it coming. In my case, though, the ignoring time is not exactly used for planning revenge, although revenge can be more satisfying but see en, I'm trying to make heaven. The ignoring period is more about processing what happened and how it went down. I need to cool off and process. Did I react appropriately? Do you get why I'm angry? Did I overreact? Would I have said the same in your shoes? Etc (Very reasonable girl like me ba? Don't be fooled o. I'm not always like this) Other times, it's just that i need space from the situation. There's no way you'll piss me off and you won't notice my silent treatment (as a chatterbox like me)
If you're a confrontational person, I'd prefer not to talk to you at that point because if I do, I won't hold back. I would probably explode and say worse things. Now, when I'm ranting, please don't tell me to calm down.
I also think being sorry is a process so you can't just say sorry to me at the time. I won't take it seriously, again, depending on the gravity of your "sin". I'll think it's just a way for you to shut me up. Forgiveness is the ultimate thing though, because like I said earlier, I don't care for the emotional baggage plus I have requests with God and I wouldn't want to be in a precarious situation with God. Plus, there's a Yoruba saying that says: Ti a ba gbagbe oro ana, a ni r'eni basere which roughly translates to: "To Err is human, to forgive is divine"

So that's how I mostly manage anger :D How you manage yours?

I'll be back soon.
P.S: Thanks for the concerned emails, calls, SMS and DMs to check up on me. *sloppy kisses*