Tuesday 22 December 2015


So I'm back, I'm here, I'm taking over. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm as clean as ever...
These are not my nieces but they could be. If only twins stayed this way. But no, they'll destroy your stuff and talk back. Sigh
I just went back a couple of decades with that song. My old-age is showing; let me tuck it in properly. So how have you all been. I didn't want to leave 2015 without posting something this December so let's see, who shall I blog about....

So, let me gist you about my twin nieces; Tim and Kim. Those girls are 4 going on 30! Double Trouble is what I call them. They are way too smart and sassy but I love them. I have another one who has been re-named Benadryl by HoneyDame (don't ask!) who climbs everything with such passion. I would share pictures but my brother would kill me so I'll save them for now. I might share later though.

This could easily be Benadryl
Or this
So back to the twins. I think they should get a reality show of their own. Things those kids say make me go O_O.

Chronicles of Prim and her twin daughters
Take One
Tim: Mummy I want pissa (pizza), I want pissa, I want pissa (in a whining voice)
Prim: Tim, if you say that one more time I'll park this car and come round and flog you.

30seconds later
Kim: Mummy, what "park" mean?
Prim: It means I'll stop the car
Kim: Right here mummy? and then we stay here? forever and ever? on the roadside?
Prim: (in my head) girl shut up. I'm trying to instill discipline here

Take Two 
Prim: Bo aso e Kim, what does that mean Kim?
Kim: Hum remove your clothes
Prim: Wow how did you know that?
Kim: By thinking

Take Three
Tim: (crying) mummy I bit my tongue
Prim: Sorry baby, how did that happen
Tim: I used my teeth

Take Four
Kim: I want bread and butter to take to school for lunch
Prim: Do your class mates bring bread and butter to school?
Kim: No
Prim: No, you can't take bread and butter to school
Kim: But Mommy, nobody brings dodo too (like, what's your point mommy)

Kim is the ultimate Diva. All she wants now is to be 5years old. She thinks 5 means adulthood. She tells Tim all the time that if she doesn't eat well, she'll stay 4 looool.

So when I say I don't want twins, I know what I'm saying. I'd rather one trouble at a time. Double trouble ain't my thing.

Kids have been so irresistible to me lately though. I just love their innocence. Too adorable. My ovaries have been jumping upandan anyhow but all I need to calm them is to remember something my nieces say or do and I'm all fixed lol.

Hope you guys are preparing for an amazing Xmas. I have no plans yet so if you don't mind feeding me on Christmas, holler!

It has been a really long year but I'll be back soon :)