Wednesday 5 October 2011


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*She walks in wearing a Versace dress with lovely Christian Louboutin shoes. She looks smoking hawt (I know y’all can’t see the shoes but it’s Louboutin).  Blows air kisses with pursed lips and waves, just like Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Brings out the paper on which she’s written her well rehearsed Oscar-like speech. In a perfect British accent, she reads…

I would like to thank my fans, my father, my mother, aunty Seki, aunty Suli, not forgetting…lol. Ai, leme get serious. But this is what I look like sha. Honest. Definitely younger, bigger boobs and butt and a berra smile. Less paid too at least for now You don’t believe me? Fine, be like that. I love that dress tho, very pwerry.

I got the Versatile Blog Award from 4 sweethearts. Lovely Myne, sweet Priscy, sweetest Luciano and adorable Duchess (updated this cos of Lue and Duchess. Even after giving Lue the award she thought to give it back to moi *hugs* and Duchess...lurv dat just awesome) I’d like to thank you all for giving me this award. This is my first blog award and it means a lot to me. I hope I’m able to continue sharing. You guys rock.
The Rules are: - Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

Rule #1 is done, now, 7 things ko? Here we go.
Un: I love sleep a lot. Az in, I sleep well. I’m kinda nocturnal but when I hit the bed, I’m gone. My siblings say I could sleep for Africa in a competition. I call it a blessing that I’m thankful for.

Deux: I love reading.  Novels, magazines, blogs anything really. Even when the end of the novel is torn off, I’ll still read it.

Trios: I seem to remember the weirdest things…like how the nephron (kidney) works. You know, the Bowman’s capsule, distal convoluted tubule, loop of get my drift. I can draw it too.  And I am an art student. Remember that Michael Power advert where a lady was drowning “are you ok? I don’t even know. I think I need another kiss, Mr.  Power”. Just weird random stuff. Prim-not thinks I have what she calls “uncommon brain”

Quatre: Moi has got a beauriful/wonderful smile. Really, I do (at least that’s what I’ve been told). My smile is usually measured in megawatts so you berra be wearing shades when I let it loose. (In the Joey voice: Hey, how you doing #wink)

Is it just me or is my eng really getting bad with all these abbreviations. I find myself abbreviating almost every word. I’v had to stop myself from sending “pls” to my boss a few times. I mean seriously? I have to start paying more attention to eng o. C, I just did it again. Crap. Smh. Make that nombre cinq:

Six: I currently have about 268 movies (as at d last count) on Pearl (that’s my external. Pearl is red, sassy and really cute). Don’t even get me started on series. From SYTYCD to Desperate HWs, to Greys Anatomy, Boondocks, 90210…list is endless. Needless to say, I lurv watching movies. Good movies tho. Mostly comedy but if it’s like Devil’s Advocate, Sweet November, My Sister’s Keeper, Law Abiding Citizen, Nothing but the Truth, I’m game too.

Sept: I am a music junk. From Barrister to Pink to Brandi Carlile to James Morrison to Melanie Fiona to Gavin Degraw to the 90s to Band Perry to Jason Mraz...list is endless. I have about 11 gig of music on my lovely Pearl.

Another thing is, er, wait, that’s seven already. Oya leme add small jara. I love French. I wish I could speak fluently. I studied it for some months and i loved it however no speaking partner is currently dwindling my vocabulary so help me God. There you have it.

I have recently discovered so many fun blogs but the following are just a few of them.

Merci beaucoup. Muah.


  1. and you just had to write it without receiving my own sha...............
    im giving my next post.......oya add my name there
    i love movies n music too....... what am i going to write in my post now?
    ehen, tanks a loooot for the so flattered

  2. Aww, pictures pls. I think the lips are sexy though(mean it in a non-creepy-lesbian way, lol) Just saw your comment on Oroque's and I was laffing my ass off. Love you and your blog Toinlicious.

    268 movies? damn I have about half of that all unwatched too. Its such a burden nowadays to sit down and watch. real life is mad.

    Kelly is just oozing some sexy stuff on X factor. And you say you are finer? you go girl.
    Thanks for the tag :)

  3. LOL,you are so funny...I think I've found someone to compete with on sleep fam says I do 2 things..write and sleep,lol...and I'm nocturnal too and I think it's a blessing too :D
    so you learnt french..I just finished my A2 and I actually have someone to speak with and you didnt spell "trois" right lol
    congrats hon

  4. What of boda luku,iya agba lol,have told you to wake up becos you look like me and not that picture except u re saying we look like that howty then I will agree.
    Well am beginning to dream you may be knowing book o,toinlious,#tongieout#

  5. Thanks babe...will do justice to it soon. Thanks a bunch....
    ha...oh sleep...what would I be without u?!!

  6. Prim-not
    Love ur Blog

  7. Congrats on your award. I see from your blogger pic that you would have a nice smile. Keep it real, gurl

  8. wow! is that u? on the huge pic above? u look great lolokay you guys look alike am seroius #nojokes. and thanks for picikn my blog. am gonna return the favour soon. have fun!!

  9. Thanks for the award hun :)

    I am with you on number 1. I have some trouble getting to sleep sometimes but once im there...

    And i too am a music fanatic. I just discovered Gavin DeGraw about a week ago. That "not over you" song...pure genius!

  10. Like your Trois, I joke to my friend that my mind is a treasure trove of useful and useless information. I find it really impressive that you can remember something like that though.

    I am with you on the reading and watching movies. Series, I try to stay away from because I seem to be unable to do anything constructive until I go through an entire season. I have been known to watch 3 seasons of 42 minute episodes in 4 days which is crazy when you calculate how much time it takes to go through 24 episodes.

  11. 268 movies? 268? That's all I see! Life is too short to live those unwatched! Ah, u would lock my self in for days if u have to and watch the heck out of that number! 368? Wow!

    And oh, gracias...for tagging yours truly! Mucho gracias!

  12. Yay for LEO's. (just saw dt on ur prof, lol)

    fun blog u got here...

    Before my mom woke me up with slaps and water for almost burning the house...I could sleep in fire...LOL!

    U do have a lovely smile... ;)

  13. Awwwww, you must be really hawt...congratulations on your award.

    I'm new here and following, lovely blog

  14. @Lu, sweetie, just edited my post so ur name's there now lol. ur welcome darl

    @Ginger, of course i'm finer *flips Brazilian hair* lol. No pics yet cos i dnt wana oppress...yet. Aw, she thinks i got sexy lips merci. lwkmd@ d Oroque thing. Luv u too Ginger.
    As 4 d movies, yea, but i'v seen about half and i refuse to delete.

    @Gretel, honey, i'm probably gona win that competition but it's gud to know i'm not alone. Vous parle francais? bien. u c, u can sooo b my teacher..ur correcting me already. oya be my teacher na? pwetty pls?

    @Anon 6:45 aka Prin-not, dnt burst my bubble o, i do not look like you so go away. bydway, iknw more dan book o. want me to refer u 2 dose places again? & thanx, luv u too...oh wait, did i just say dat out loud? must be hungry

    @HoneyDame, ur welcome swts. so happy the "sleepers-club" is getting more members lol

    @@tilola, thanx gurl.

    @Teboy, lol, thanx luv. Some pple actually say we look alike too. Ur welcome

  15. @LadyNgo, ur welcome swts. Gavin is just it. try "in love with a girl and she holds a key" awesome

    @Natural Nigerian, OMG!!! & i tot i was bad with series! i get y u stay away, wish i culd. i try not to start new ones tho...just follow thru on d ones i'm addicted to already. i dnt know hw i rembr those stuff. stuff just gets stuck to d brain...thanx dear.

    @Hazel, yea, 268 as at my last count. i've downloaded more *coveringface* i'm waiting (impatiently) for my annual break to do some serious damage

    @Aseni, thanx for coming and Yay 4 Leos. We're special arent we. Thanx 4 following & for s compliments *fluttering lashes*

  16. Congratulations on getting the award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me.

    LOL @ Aunty Seki and Aunty Suli...You left out Uncle Mufu...

    LOL @ the details of your physique (still laughing). Sleep for Africa in a competition, ke? Hilarious! I haven't heard that one before.

    Oh my gosh! You just took me back to those Biology classes in secondary school, trying to draw a kidney. Your memory na waya! And Michael Power? I wonder if he still has the gorimapa head ...

    It looks like Pearl is housing some precious files. Please keep her safe o! I enjoyed reading this.

  17. these abbreviation thing ehhh, the other day I sent my dad a text talking about how "skul is stressful" I meant "school is stressful", he asked me what is wrong with my "skull" lool.

    number 3, lool. how do you do that? i need to learn.
    sleeping for Africa in a competition??? roflmao

  18. Awwww, congrats on your award

  19. It shows that you love your beauty sleep. People who sleep well tend to have good skin.

    I love Kelly Rowland in that dress. I love Kelly Rowland. Period.

  20. lovely blog. i love movies they are my other world. x

  21. aawwwww...I'm so late! just gave out my own awards and you didn't receive it... :(

    and I absolutely love sleep to, just dont get enough of it..

    check out your award here:

  22. congrats on your award dear. Can i also be a part of the sleep competition. Sleeping is sweet o jare. I also love watching movies (although I have reduced the rate @ which i watch them). I love listening to music too. As par the abbreviation thingy, let's not even go there. When using the office chat, i abbreviate a lot, but thankfully, my boss and colleagues understand :-D

  23. I was wondering why you were numbering in French till the last one, :)

    Congrats on the awards, and I loved reading about you.

  24. I think we might be kindred spirits as sept of the heuf equally apply to me especially the reading anything part as well as movies, series(i so love series).. Maybe when i finish constructing my blog(got on blogger in Nov 2010 and had only 1 post on it till last night.. I should get an award for the least visited blog by a blogger)...Lol.. anyways i got directed here by a rec from a blogger i respect so much for his views cos he is simply Oroque and reading through has been a worthwhile experience...
    Oh, congrats on thy award..(in best 50cent's imitation)Go Go Go Toni, its ya awrd, we gonna party like its ya award.

  25. great post n blog bdw come by n check awt my fashion blog n lets follow each other lyk twitter :)

  26. i see you dear............*big hug*

  27. interesting! i know someone that would give your pearl a run for her money o!

    talk of film and music addicts.

    do you watch Vampire Diaries?

  28. @RB: Thanx and ur welcome me darl. As4 my bory, i'm hawt like dat ni jor hehehe*sidewaysglance*, Pearl's Yoruba name is "Kikelomo" #wink

    @Coy-Introvert:Yep, for Africa & i'm proud of me too *widegrin*

    @Dayor, thanx for dropping by and following. Following urs too

    @Adura Ojo: the girl is smoking! if i wasn't hawt myself, i'll be soo jealosing *fans self*
    About the skin thing, that's true. My skin is fresh

    @MsNana, thanx sweetie. Movies are my guilty pleasure

  29. @Duchess, thanx sweetheart *hugs* Gona edit the post and put u on there too for awarding me the award...hmn, ur right, sounds weird

    @Che, ur welcome to the club hon. where have u been? u been MIA. trust ur cool.

    @Myne, I soo lurv fench. #sigh# thanx for the award again and for dropping by.

    @Da Injurer: Interesting name. You really deserve that award. So by the power entrusted in me (as a versatile blogger hihihi) i hereby award you the award of "the least visited blog" (but not for long cos i'm gona be stalking)#wink

    P.S: d name is Toin not Toni o. (now dancing and moonwalking to 50cent)

    @Chulala: thanx. going over to ur blog in a min

    @Lue #wink

  30. @TOINLICIOUS... sorry bout that.. was a typo.. was forming fastest fingers first..

  31. @Da Injurer, it's ai #wink

    so we have all those things in common huh? r u sure ur not my twin too?

  32. lol.nice read. i love to sleep too and watching movies. 368 mehnnn. that's a lot. have watched so many but not sure it's up to that.

    your blog is really nice. definitely following too

  33. Wow! @ the kinds of things you remember. Lol.
    Congrats on your award and thanks for coming by my blog and following.
    My first time here on yours and think I'm gonna stick around. ;)

  34. LOL at the sleeping competition..Lady we are in a league of ours..I just love sleeping oh...
    Nice blog and thanks for visiting..will definitely come back

  35. Congrats on your award .

    I'm new in blogville and I'm following you.

  36. And Toinlicious just received another award:D Visit my blog and pick up your Toin-scar :d

    I like your intro for this post.. lol.. Picture on point

  37. visit my blog

  38. awwwww, tanx for the award hun. and tanx for asking after me. I'm cool, just really busy with work. Will respond to the award and pass it on soonest. I just updated my blog after such a long time.*hides face*. :-)

  39. @PET, thanx ma'am
    @Stelzz, Sleep is just the real ish o. thanx for dropping by and following. *hugs*
    @MsBuki, thanx for dropping by and following too
    @Unveilinggold, u gerrit. thanx dear. P.S, when am i gona get my gold?
    @Travel buff, welcome to blogville and i'm gona check urs out too
    @Nightingale, trying out my fiction writer talent ni lol. Thanx soo much for the award girl. lurv my toin-scar!
    @Realkid, Sir Yes Sir!
    @Che, ur welcome darl

  40. I heard about a lady prettier than Kelly Rowland so I came, saw and 'enjoyed'. You write so well Toni. Sleeping for Africa in a competition definitely cracked me up! LOL

    - LDP

  41. @LDP, Glad u enjoyed it and thanks for the compliment. u know how it is. Very humble girl lol. thanx for checking out my blog. heading over to yours in a minute

  42. @Doll, sorry i'm replying this late, ur comment turned up in spam and i have no idea why.

    So you know som1 wmore addicted dan me? Niceeee. Wuld love to meet him/her

    and yea, i saw season 1 of VD(d end was banging!) and immediately started looking for 2 but i wasn't too impressed by 2 so i stopped. A frnd is telling me i'd luv 3 so i might continue. u?

  43. Wow, his is such a wonderful post Toin, truly we will never be young forver. I am so going to have fun with whats left of my youth, cause tomorrow, i will just be a day older :(. I am seriously stalking your every post oh Toin, you can write for Africa ehnnnnn**Smiles


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