Friday 4 May 2012


Last week Monday, I got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Relentless Builder aka K *cough* Someone suggested this new name to her: Ileayooluwakiishukiishakiite (don’t even try to pronounce that) but i think she's still considering it. Hi HoneyDame *waving* lol.

That weekend wasn’t restful enough and I had been looking forward to the next public holiday in Nigeria. You see, Mondays and I don’t really get along. I try but Monday is just not pulling his weight (yea, Monday is a He). I even tried using Mike’s method of yay-ing Mondays but who am I kidding? It did not work and then I got a message notification of the award and suddenly, Monday wasn’t looking too bad. I almost almost loved that Monday.

Thanks Relentless for making me almost love Monday.. The award made my week. Awards make me excited. *moonwalk* If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog. She blogs about everyday stuff in a down-to-earth style. She's passionate about education and she reviews gospel music too. She has a spot-on sense of humour and you’ll love it there. She’s amazing.

Just in case you were wondering what the Liebster Blog Award was, here's some information, courtesy of JostWrite: "This award we’ve discovered is given to bloggers who inspire you and have less than 200 followers. The Liebster Award takes its name from a German word meaning 'Beloved, Dearest or Favourite.'

Now for the terms and conditions:
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you and thank them. (check)
2. Post the award to your blog. (double check)
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value. (just 5? *breaks out in a sweat*)
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have received this award. (hmn)

Ok, I am going to break rule #3. I have a lot of blogs that i love and 5 just won't do so please (getting on one knee) if i read you, follow your blog and you have less than 200 followers, you have automatically been tagged! Please pass the love around.

Congratulations to the following bloggers: 
1.     Rhapsody
2.      Inyamu
3.      Simplyme
4.      Lue
5.      DestinyYNC
6.      Miss.fab
7.      MsJB
8.      Lara
9.      9jasGreat
PET Projects

Please know that if you read, follow, comment on this blog, I appreciate you very much and I would have named you all but my eyes would ache, my neck would suffer, my fingers would cramp, i'll get dizzy then hungry then sleepy... (you get the point)
Love y’all muchos. I’ll be back.


  1. am not on the list!? this na wayo!

  2. Hahaha ah, no be wayo o Sisi Yemmie, you know i love your blog but you be Veteran with over 400 followers and counting. *scratches chin* there should be awards for Veterans too sha

  3. Hey hun, hope you are well. Pls visit my blog. YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. YAY.

  4. Congrats on the award and I'm definitely claiming the automatic tag (for those not on the list). lol. It's a honour well deserved. Keep up the good work, sis!

  5. All the blogs I stalk & comment on are auto-tagged & that means you too @DOHK.
    So another tag? Yay! I'm going over to check

    @GeeBee, your blog is amazing. Looking forward to your post :)

    @Didi, thanks Didi. You're auto-tagged too :D

  6. Wow,congrats dear!!! I am honored to have been tagged,thanks a million.

  7. Toin: LOL! You and Honeydame ehn! So, what would be the short version of that name now? Kiishi, Kiishu or Kiite? Or just Ayo? *laughing*

    You're so welcome. I like the way you just fashi'd the 5 person-limit. I should have done the same, honestly. I am glad the award "almost" made your day. Thank you so so much for the kind words about my blog too *blushing and cheesing*

    P.S. I am gradually warming up to this new name. It beats Kehinde hands down.

  8. Congrats ma dear, since you no tag moi, make I quickly find ma way go front. ;-)

  9. Aww thanks a lot love.
    I really appreciate it xo
    And congrats :)

  10. congrat!al have been said.may your pen keep moving,i like it.

  11. Congrats dear. You totally deserve the award.

  12. Thank you very much dear for this award.
    Indeed, you are one of my fav blogs and i do appreciate your love for my blog.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Congrats on ur award darling!,

  14. Congratulations on your award and thank you for giving it to me also. Hence, as a show of my appreciation, i hereby TAG you in what i call the ' do the catwalk to my blog babe and find out the rules.

  15. You're a darl! Thanks, and congrats!! :)

  16. congrats on ur award toin!!!!!!!
    ojare!!!...u broke the rule
    dnt worry, we understand abt d neck aching and stuff and so ure safe..**smiles***..***wink***i guess so, right?

  17. Toin Toin, congratulobia!

    - LDP

  18. thank yu so very much honey

  19. Don't we all despise mondays...

    This is one odd award looking at its terms and conditions. The things people come up with for awards these days are getting more and more interesting.

  20. Congrats Toin. Unlike you, I love mondays :)

  21. Now I don't like Mondays :)

  22. hahahahha....@ Kiite, sorry, The Relentless Builder, Kiite for short is a good one...just dont try to fill a form anytime soon.
    Thanks for the award, Toin, *sideeye* lol
    Congrats jare.

  23. so Honeydame, when are you cat walking to my blog to thank me also ehn? #jealous# :D

  24. WOW i cant believe u read the blog posts ooh and commented on virtually everything.

    Thank you for the love becose (them posts are lonnnnggg ohh).

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Had a huge grin reading all the comments.


    Happy smiles.

  25. oo btw I like Mondays ( i guess am In fact I like all the days no quams for

  26. A-9ja-Great, you're welcome buddy ;)

    Kiishu aka Relentless *innocentface* Honeydame, Please what did we do o? I'm kinda feeling Kiishu tho, try this "Kiishu, ishu yen ti jina o" lol

    The award made my week o. What i said was it 'almost' made me love Monday...and that is a big deal *grin* and you can keep blushing cos your blog is lovely#nowash. So you really do hate Kehinde huh? ok now lol

    @tilola, Tamie & Lily, (Lohi, been a while you came around) thanks ladies

    Priscy, ah, my MIl, no talk that kain thing o. Auto-tagging got you na. In fact, for you, i shall edit my post and post your name sef. This is bribery o en en, in case you thought it was me playing nice lol

    MsJB, thanks love and you're welcome

    Sadiq, thanks for the compliment man and for dropping by.

    Che, thanks babe. Oya time to update before i start harassing you again :)

    Ibhade, thanks ma'am :) You're just so down-to-earth. And thanks for the tag too and i did the catwalk to your blog over the weekend...naughty woman lol

    Miss.fab, thanks sweetie and you're so welcome

    SugarSpring, thanks love and thanks for the tagback too

    LDP, thanks very much

  27. Lue, you're welcome girl

    Afronuts, that's what i thought. Apparently, some people don't #shrug and i thought the award was weird looking too especially since it wasn't in English but hey, don't spoil my feel-good moment jor lol

    Okeoghene, thanks and oh well...i guess i should be ashamed for not liking Mondays right? i'm not lol

    Myne, lol me too.

    HoneyliciousDame (see remix lol) thanks and you're welcome *sideeye* (this bribery gasto work) hope you have catwaka to Ibhade's blog o

    DOHK, girl, i'm on a mission o! and yea, those posts are looonnngggg, in fact, there should be another word for them cos long just doesn't cut it. I'm having a good time reading tho *grin*
    God bless you too *hugs*

  28. chei! this bribe na serious oh! se as my name dey top of the list. Honey_Dame! where you @?!!! see enjoyment! in fact, its good to have a fyn boi for a son ooh.

  29. Just saw this, will make sure to post on this soon.

  30. mademisellee....i have answrd d questions o and i have mine fr u on my bog. dnt worry, tis not hard at all...#biggrin#

  31. I'm late but thanks for the award... yayy. Now i pray for grace to carry out the instructions :)

  32. LOL! I love the way Relentless' new name is gaining grounds. Lovely one jare Toin. Congrats too!

  33. Awards also get me excited! Lol at u almost loving Mondays


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