Monday, 19 December 2011


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Last Friday was my last day of work for 2011 so yay me! I was decked in native with my nicely configured head-tie and looking gorg. (I know you’ll say #humblemuch but it’s true). I got my Christmas package and bonus too. I’m so excited but I don’t actually have any concrete plans yet but I’m sure I’m going to have fun. My current plan includes lots of sleep, movies, food, more sleep and more movies and more food lol. The fact that I don’t have to wake up early for the next one month except if I decide to, rocks!

I’m grateful that I’ve had a pretty good year. Some ups and downs as usual but the ups seriously trump the downs. Even in d midst of chaos, God was faithful and I’ve been able to smile through it all. I’ve definitely made good on some of my plans for 2011 and I’m glad I kept to my resolutions. I’m thankful to God for the gift of life because I cannot begin to recount how many bombings, accidents, rapes, suicides, kidnappings etc I have heard about this year. A lot of young people also died this year and none of my family or closest friends did and for that, I am truly thankful. My heart goes out to those who lost family and friends and I pray that the grace of God will be with us wherever and whenever we need it and may He also give us the strength to move on. (ojo a jina sira won) I have a lot of reasons to be thankful which are too many but below are some of them.
·        The air I breathe which many people take for granted. Some people need oxygen mask to breathe.
·        The bills I pay even if they’re minor like phone and DSTV bills.
·        The water I drink even though I think it’s tasteless and always go for BerryBlast instead which I’ve been told several times isn’t healthy.
·        The fact that I can open my eyes in the morning and see the harmattan mist and the way my mom has arranged stuff I warned her not to touch.
·        My functional nose even if it perceives the bad breathe of the person next to me and my colleague’s perfume that makes me sneeze.
·        I’m thankful for the hands typing this and blogging among other things. A lot of people are quadriplegic.
·        I’m thankful that I can feel my boobs. If you also can feel all your body parts, you have no idea how lucky you are. I don’t know how Guiliana Rancic feels at the moment but I pray she’s okay and God will ease her fears and pain.
·        I’m thankful for my job for thousands are jobless even if it means working with difficult bitches and ass wipes people I don’t sometimes agree with.
·        I’m thankful for all my ‘toasters’ even if some are 20years old and make me feel like a cougar.
·        I’m thankful for my smile which I consider my best feature. I swear, it’s infectious and melts hearts. I just smile and people get addicted. They can’t help it. My smile is that potent lol.
·        I’m thankful for my personality. I don’t dwell on things I can’t change so I focus on the things I can and let God deal with the rest. I’m also an extrovert and I seem to make people laugh and feel better despite life’s challenges that I deal with everyday. I don’t know how that is but I’m thankful for that too
·        I’m thankful that i finally learnt how to drive and it feels good. I even have a sharp retort for every messed-up driver who crosses me. I’m gangster like that lol. I’m sure I’m pretty good but you don’t wan to be my passenger. Not just yet.
·        I’m thankful for good health. I went to University Teaching Hospital (UCH) and met a lady who had an Okada accident about two months ago. She was on an okada and a car hit them from behind. She’s now paraplegic and she’s been inconsolable ever since. I did everything I could to reassure her that God has a reason for everything and it’ll be fine. We talked for over one hour and I finally got her to smile and even laugh out loud several times and we exchanged numbers. When I left her bed-side, her mom gave me a big bear hug and I understood every unspoken word. As I was passing the nurse’s station, a Nurse stopped me to say “what you did today was wonderful, thank you”; I felt like I won a lottery. The world could be so much better if we all did something for the next person. I’ve spoken to people who think they have to be a certain age with lots of money to give back to the society but sometimes a look, a smile, a hug or a word is enough. Anything and I mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G can happen in a minute. We most times don’t get a perspective of how precious life is until it’s too late. If you want something, don’t wait. Go for it. This is the only life you have and the next minute is not guaranteed. Make every minute count for good. People may forget what you said or did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

·        I’m thankful for my friends who make me laugh when life throws me mean curves. RK and Mo are amazing. RK’s always there when I need him and he always has my back. Mo is just awesome. She says I inspire her but she has no idea how much she inspires me. My mom actually thinks she’s the prettiest thing. (Whose side is my mom supposed to be on anyways? I mean, considering the fact that I look like her you would think she’ll be on mine) Mo also claims I am crazy but I think she is. Or maybe our crazies are rubbing off on each other. I’ll post one of our conversations so you’ll know the crazy is not all me. Did I just admit to being crazy? Oh well.
·        I’m thankful for my family. I talk about them constantly (like you haven’t noticed) and I couldn’t have wished for any better. We have this Mafia-like bond going on. I tell Prim-not a secret and make her promise not to tell anyone and Prim calls me 15minutes later to ask me for the details of the secret because Prim-not just gave her the basics of my supposed secret smh. I think my brother and mom were sent to this world to annoy me but I love them all the same because they’re amazing. When we’re all home, it’s always a certified mad-house fun-house. Each time I tell Prim “I love you” she goes all suspicious and asks what I want and when I tell Prim-not same; she asks if I’m trying to “dagbere” (give a farewell). They are not getting rid of me that easily mehn besides I have this endless bucket list. I’m thankful for my Prime brother in-law (daddy factor) and my Paddiest in-law who are just the ‘bestest’. My nieces; Princess, Angel, Tim and Kim who make my life more colourful than the rainbow. I don’t even understand how I can love them this much but I do and I’m thankful for that.
·        I’m thankful for my blog family. I’ve not met any of you personally but I love you guys you have no idea. I feel as if we’ve been friends since forever. I read anonymously for a long time before deciding on starting mine. I however procrastinated for so long until it eventually entered my resolution and here we are; 60 followers and counting. It’s been wonderful and I love you guys. I’m not giving a farewell speech because I intend to be around for much longer God willing. (Y’all aren’t getting rid of me that easily either).

Finally, as this year comes to an end, the only thing I ask from God is Favour. If life decides to hand me a dirty stinky he-goat, I’ll ask Prim, 9ja foodie and Lohi o, Myne (even Coy Introvert has some extroverted culinary skills mehn) for pointers and make a badass Isi-Ewu, Suya, Kebab and everything nice you can make with goat-meat and ask life: whatchagondobouurit huh? Or want some?


  1. Lmaoooo....I really loved this,Your fam is fab...and I'm so happy for you,may life give you an oily fat full bellied he-goat and yea...I want talk

  2. awww this is touching. i am also grateful for a lot of things. My life, my adorable son who says am the best mum in the world plus so many other things that God has done for me. I really envy you on your holiday thing, wish we had the same but the flipping organization wont hear any of it. Enjoy your holiday dear and best of the season for you and yours.

  3. Truly loved this post, now go sleep and enjoy the festive holidays....thankful for you too, knowing you via blog world has been great.

  4. Am also thanking God for the tops am gonna be acquiring from u on this Xmas period,and I sincerely know u won't be angry.
    And I always love ur blog I mite be ur biggest fan

  5. I envy you ooo on your last day at work thingy. Can you give me a few days from your break. Pretty please...I love your list of what you are thankful for. Indeed God has been good to you and your family. Enjoy your holiday, don't overeat oooo. :-)

  6. *raising glass* to a life of no regrets... Cheers!!! Happy holidays.

  7. What a truly heartfelt list, indeed there is so much to be grateful for, God bless you and have a happy holiday!

  8. I love this post because it relates a heart of gratitude. For such heart, God will be pleased to do more. Thank God for His mercies that endures forever!

    - LDP

  9. I thought this piece was pure fiction after reading it was your last working day for 2011...that would be a vacation where I work. The break you get is the period you spend on your way home. My GM must read this.

  10. It's amazing how those little acts in innocence are usually the greatest show of love.

    Thanks for putting a sun in someone's night.

    Nice blog.

  11. U sure have a lot to be thankful, I Thank God with you. Enjoy ur holiday (eventhough i must say, it goes so fast)

    First time here & nice blog u've got

  12. What an inspiring post Toinlicious. I stopped at the UCH story, hug/kissed you in my mind then continued. You are a blessing. dont change you hear??

  13. "I’m grateful that I’ve had a pretty good year.
    Some ups and downs as usual but the ups
    seriously trump the downs. Even in d midst of
    chaos, God was faithful and I’ve been able to
    smile through it all."

    What else is there to say?

    God will continue to bless you and your wonderful family and of course, all the members of your blog family!

  14. LMAO. You crack me up...I love your spirit and you seem like a really fun person. Enjoyed reading this post, we should definitely always be thankful. Its a great thing what you did in the hospital...keep on blessing people and God will bless you too.

    Enjoy your holidays lady!

  15. Do they actually give u guys a month break? Na wa oo, see enjoyment.

    We have to be thankful always o, no matter how little we think God has been good to us. No matter how bad it is, it could be worse, so we will always be thankful.

    Good to know you have a great family and set of friends

  16. very touching.....................
    its so sweet how yu made that person smile......keep doing that.
    ermmm, i wish i can go on leave now too, wld love to sleep and eat and sleep.
    enjoy dear

  17. haha.... you are way tooo funny... i stared at your post looking for something smart and on topic to reply.... but studying for finals has got my brain like mashed potatoes.... though, on a serious note, its good to see how appreciative you are about all the good positive things that are happening in your life, not to many take time to realize or acknowledge that fact. side fact, i didnt know that you were an Ibadan Girl, i kinda grew up in Ibadan, so im certain we might have crossed paths in prymary or grammer school (im almost certain you are familiar with some grammer school or another, lol).
    im glad am included in your blog family sha.... makes me feel more special than i actually am. thanks for the birthday wish doll. :)

  18. @Gretel, thanx luv. My fam is the best and as for the oily-fat full bellied he-got, we shall demolish 'tegun-tegun' (meaning, bones inclusive)lol

    @Priscy, thanx swts. Keep being the best mom to ur adorable one. Sorry about the no-hols situation. i'll be having fun for u too lol.

    @Tesa, thanx.

    @DYS, thanx luv and i remember you also have some enviable culinary skills.

    @Anon aka Prim-not, i shall be the one stealing ur stuff so don't get it twisted. Hope u maintain that smile i had n ur face wen i delivered your birthday gift today. Happy birthday luv.*hugs*

    @Che, as ur new sister, of course you can have a few days lol. wish it was transferable. oh, i plan to eat o but i hope i wont be too fat before i resume tho.

    @PET, *raising my glass of berryblast too* to a life of no regrets!! thanx sweetie.

    @Jemima, thanx sweetie and have an awesome holiday too.

    @LDP, Amen! thanx a lot.

    @Adebrsrk, check dis out: i get to add the end of the year break to my annual leave as well. Dint mean to rub it in tho. Who am i kidding? i love rubbing it in hihihi *runningaway*

    @Dammy, thanx a lot. Gona go check urs out too.

  19. @Beulah, thanx a lot for dropping by and commenting. Gona go snooping on urs too.

    Ginger, my love *receiving the hug/kisses* thanx sweetie and as for changing, i pray to God i won't ma #wink

    @Emeka, Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! thanx sweetie.

    @OriginalMgbeke, thanx darl. My spirit is addictive like that lol. Have a wonderful holiday too and update pls *hugs*

    @@tilola, i don't exactly get a month but added to my annual leave, it is. ur one of my 1st followers who gingered me.(no offense Ginger) so ur one of them wonderful blogfam. *hugs*

    Luciano, i'll be giving updates on my leave at our usual "hangout" but i wont rub it in to much okays? lol

    @LLFS, of course you're special lol. Aww, pele, all the best with your finals. Ace/smash it ok. that'll be your way of making up for not showing me perfect abs on ur bday lol. Nice to know u grew up in Ib too & altho i know a lot of grammer schools, i'm a feggo babe ;-)

    Thanx everyone and happy holidays (working or not)

  20. I totally dig your thankful notes. Merry Christmas to you

  21. Wow am green with envy.. one month free to lazy around?! Gosh don't i wish!
    Have fun.

  22. Happy Holidays dear.... May all your dreams come to past this upcoming year. we shall have a virtual culinary

  23. Really nice note full of so much gratitude. Your workplace sure rocks o.
    Wish you a fruitful 2012 anyways!

  24. okay, if you didn't say one more word about how glamorous your smile was and how it staved off world war 3 and how it was the next best thing after toast would still be saying too much! LOL.

    i'm thankful for you're one very good thing that has happened to me. Compliments of the Season! RQ

  25. @Okeoghene, thanx babes. Hope u had a wonderful holiday.

    @Tamie, sorry love. Wish i culd transfer. So how did ur 72hour shift go?

    @9ja foodie, yay for party! I'm such a grub lol. *coversface*

    @Michael, thanx dear. How's ur keyboad aka my bf? Wishing u a prosperous 2012

    @RQ, aww my sweet blogtwin. Soo sweet. Thanx boo. Hope u had a wonderful holiday. Been enjoying every bit of mine & dreading going back to work #lazymuch

  26. Awwwww nice post...

    It is great to be thankful and I pray you will always be thankful now and forevermore. AWESOME POST..


  27. This was amazing. I hope life gives us a reason to always be thankful

  28. @Anon, whoever you are, thanx swts. I wish you so much more as well. Thanks for visiting

  29. Really lovely thankful post, I esp loved the way you were able to console the okada accident lady... such a sad thing to happen but thank God for using you to at least brighten her day.


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